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Phil Ferguson  Melbourne artist, and Satellite Foundation Ambassador. Enquiries:

RIBBIT RIBBIT PHIL FROGUSON IS HERE TO.... Dunno 🐸🐸🐸 I made this the other week for French themed night and I lit up the dance floor!

Anyway here's me doing my best @peppermint247 impression (@tylerfinn). I realised I look more like the Pokemon Zygarde but that's another story.

Hope everyone is well.


So just like my last light up post, this hat was inspired by the game #MonumentValley2 and the games stage design! Everything lights up so vividly, so I tried to achieve that in this hat! The link is in my bio if you want to check the game out!


So anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big sucker for a red, and lucky for me I got asked by @liquorlandau to make a red wine hat! Now that its colder, not only is a red great to have out but it is also fun to have at home for a night in!

Anyway, hope everyone is well!



So I was asked by the guys over at ustwo to create some work inspired by their new game #MonumentValley2. It's a really stunning game. I loved the visuals, especially in the lighting and shading effects!
So here's a hat inspired by Ro, one of the main characters! If you love art and creativity like me, you have to check it out! Download link in my bio.



Haha so if anyone was looking at my story over the weekend, you would have seen me rocking this... Flamboyant lion look out the other night! @babyslutxo @andrewwest28 and I decided to be all Wizard of Oz 24 hours before we went out the other night so that's why I made all of this!

Anyway I had heaps of fun wearing this and flicking my emo fringe. I'll be trying to upload a new thing every Tuesday morning, just so I set myself a regular day to make stuff!

Hope all is well


SO I actually made this m8 months ago, as in, January before my exhibition even opened!

I even brought it over to Sydney to do a video while I was over there which I never ended up doing!

SO HERE IT IS! It was inspired by @cocomontresediva entrance tag line on All Stars, so it is definitely dated now haha

Anyway hope everyone is well heading into the weekend.

WHAT A MELON?! Everyone still really loves this guy and I made him over two years ago! I think it's due for an update!

Anyway, hope your morning is going swell!

Photo courtesy of @kristofferpaulsen
#140isperth #140perth #peachandpineappleco #thelodge140

Hey hey!

So if you haven't been looking at my Insta story, IM IN PERTH!

I'm here to do a free masterclass over at Brotzeit to celebrate THE LODGE @140perth pop up on Saturday!

I'll be uploading the awesome photos @kristofferpaulsen took of me over the next few days because I really love them!

ANYWAY, hope everyone is well!

#140isperth #140perth #peachandpineappleco #thelodge140


Ever since I knew I was going to Dark Mofo and my friends @maisondemason @frillylily were going to run a night, I set my mind on making this all sorts look to wear so it could light up under the lights!

So thanks guys for having us!
I had lots of fun and I had lots of fun at MOFO as well! I haven't been to Hobart since I decided to move to Melbourne so it definitely a nice throwback moment being there again!

Anyway, hope everyone had a swell weekend!

I'm just heading over to see @kristofferpaulsen to take some new photos for something I'm working on in the next few weeks and I figured this was an appropriate #FBF to post today!

This is the cover of @epicureattheage from almost two years ago with me on it that Kris shot!

Anyway, hope everyone is well!


I always wanted to make a Klaus Nomi X corn chip outfit, so I managed to knock this m8 out over the last few days. Hopefully I find something I can wear this to!

Anyway hopefully I get making more food outfits over the next few weeks.

SAH #fashion #food #nacho #art #chips #crochet

In celebration of today being the day to watch @rupaulsdragrace I figured it was appropriate to post my @katya_zamo inspired outfit I made when she and @trixiemattel first came Australia ages ago.

LOLOLOL this photo is so obviously old with my hair, the mo, the beer and the awkward camel toe but hey, I'm sure I'll re do it sometime soon again.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

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