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Hope everyone is well, I just woke up and have stuff to do but it's rare I'm up so early... So here's a photo!
Something dunno #fashion HAHAHAHA hope you're all well.

Gooooood Morningggggg!

So a few months ago (when I was having a break from my exhibition at @australiandesigncentre ) I was super lucky to have gotten filmed by @viceaunz for @vodafoneau #Upsiders campaign!

The episode is called 'The Good Vibe Guys' and I talk about both my artistic work and charitable work!

So thanks guys for having me, especially @mschristinara and @ryanalexanderlloyd for directing me!

The link is in my bio!

#vice #Vodafone


So you may have noticed I haven't posted as frequently lately BUT I've still been making things! This year I'm focusing on making more things for me to wear out, because it's one thing to have a hat but it's another thing to have a matching outfit!

So I'm trying to slowly sort out my construction, so I'll be showing everyone what I've been up to so you can see my evolution!

Hope everyone had a good Easter.

So I've been #WorkingWithFANTA to make a #FANTA hat! I figured not only should I just be having the usual shimmy, but I should also shake this can up! So thanks @Fantaau for asking me to help out! #thebigshakeup

Hey guys!

So I made this rice bowl hat because this year I'm an official ambassador for Oaktree's Live Below The Line Campaign! I'll be participating by living on $2 a day for 2 days.

Live Below the Line raises funds for education initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region to end poverty and empower youth! If you wanna join, head to and sign up!

If you wanna donate to me, hit the link in my bio!

Thanks everyone!


So I've always wanted to do a peach hat! I just never gotten around it, but on the last episode of @rupaulsdragrace my new fave @nina_bonina_brown had a peach head and figured it was time to bite the.. Peach(?) and make one!

So totally rooting for you @nina_bonina_brown and I hope you go far!

Hope everyone is well.


So @slurpeeAus asked me to get creative and I ended up making this teacup hat to to match my teapot for BYO Cup Day! So TODAY, for $1, you can fill up anything you want over at 7-Eleven! Go do it!
#byocupday #sponsored


Remember when my mate @valerie_hex and I were taking promo photos for the first ever @feeling.yummy? HA

Well lucky for everyone in Sydney, the cabaret is here at the Red Rattler in Marrickville tomorrow night! It starts at 9, which gives you plenty of time to get there after we finish up Cocktails and Crochet up at @australiandesigncentre!

So hit up @feeling.yummy for their tickets!

See you all tonight/tomorrow!

Waking up bright and early and joining @nataliacooper_ on @thetodayshow.

Tune in now! HAHA


So I had the best time over the weekend @gaytimesfestival! We were all wrecked afterwards but I had time to make this whole hat and have a mini hat party in a space in a closet called Narnia!
So thanks to @maisondemason and @frillylily for everything, we all loved it and we are all so lucky to have you guys as friends!

I'm back in Sydney for some more programs and then for Mardi Gras!

I'll be seeing ya'll around.

So the guys over at @SlurpeeAus got me to make a hat based on their favourite flavour Zilched Mango, with less than 1% sugar! Given how hot it’s been in Sydney while I've been there, this is pretty much needed right now! Anyway, hope everyone is well!
#aussiefaves #sp

Did anyone just hear me having a good ol' chat on the radio? Thanks @lewishobba abd @veronicamilsom for having me!! But more importantly thanks to @australiandesigncentre and everyone who came to my exhibition opening last night! I had so much fun seeing and catching up with everyone!

The last few weeks in Sydney have really reenergized me in the sense of making new work, and I can't wait to show everyone what I wanna do!

Anyway my Artist Talk is at ADC at 2pm so come if you wanna ask me questions HAHA

Anyway TGIF, have a good weekend everyone! (Thanks @jesshallay for the pic!) 📷📷📷📷📷

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