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Children's Hospital L.A.  We provide the highest quality healthcare for children in our region & beyond @childrensla. Refer a patient: 888-631-2452.

Come WALK and PLAY in support of the kids at CHLA on June 2! Register today: [link in bio]

Having your child lay before your eyes and fight for his life is something no mother ever wants to witness. Yet some of us have had to. We have held hands, rubbed backs and legs, caressed a feverish forehead and kissed owies that no child should ever experience. But we are truly the blessed ones. We mothers are the ones that have fighters and warriors for children. We get to stand proud and say, “My hero calls me mom.”
The not knowing, the uncertainty of what each day and night may bring with a seriously ill child is the hardest part. But as a mother, having the love, care and unwavering support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is the greatest gift I could have ever received. I will forever be grateful.
My son Aiden was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when he was 2 years old. The odds were stacked against him, but with the help and care of the amazing staff at CHLA, Aiden fought like a true superhero and beat the odds.
Aiden is now 5 years old and has been in remission for over two years now. The time we spent in the halls and rooms of CHLA were some of the most difficult you could possibly imagine. But the memories, friendships and bonds that were created have left an ever-lasting impression on him, as well as myself.
A new normal is created by force. You adjust, overcome and adapt to your new life and surroundings. Just remember to open the windows and let the light shine in. When optimism seems out of reach, look into your little one’s eyes and see the fire that burns inside them—the fire and strength of a true warrior. No matter how difficult, how much your heart aches for him and with him, hold him close to you and remember, you are the mother of a true hero.
— Ashley Kramer, mom of a hero
#MyHeroCallsMeMom #MothersDay

Tom Holland swings into Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a visit and brought along a special screening of @Avengers: #InfinityWar! Thanks for being our friendly, neighborhood @SpiderMan! #HeroActs #DisneyTeamofHeroes

To all the nurses who are there for us every step of the way, thank you. #NursesWeek

Who shows up to CHLA on #StarWarsDay? Luke Skywalker, of course! Watch our patient A.J. ask @hamillhimself some great questions! [link in bio] #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Thank you to @go4valentine for reading to our kiddos during Children’s Book Week! ——
Literally Healing is hosting fun events every day this week—including Reading on the Trolley at @thegrovela on Saturday and @americanabrand on Sunday! 🚂📚

Katie Hawley, 18, has fought back cancer three times since the age of 9—and is an expert at blending life as a teenager and life with cancer. But with cancer in her past, she’s ready for her next dream: going away to college. Her story: [link in bio]

Before Angelique Garcia was born, her cardiologist at CHLA already knew she had a life-threatening form of congenital heart disease, where blood could not be properly routed throughout her heart. It eventually took a team, a series of rare heart surgeries and a CHLA-first operation to save Angelique’s life. Read more: [link in bio]

Last year, Gabby, 13, began to feel pain in her left knee. A month later, she was walking with a noticeable limp. After a visit to their local pediatrician, Gabby’s mom received a call to let them know to head to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles immediately. It was here at CHLA where they found out the result of her pain: aggressive, metastatic, osteosarcoma or also known as bone cancer.
Since her diagnosis, Gabby has spent many days in the hospital receiving chemotherapy or treatments to help the side effects of chemotherapy. There were many bad days with pain and nausea, but a therapy dog visit changed that around.
“The dog jumped up on her bed and in that second, all her pain and nausea was forgotten about,” says Kristi, Gabby’s mom. “All she was focused on was the dog.”
Gabby has always been a huge dog lover and to be able to receive this kind of comfort from the Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program makes a big impact while she’s in the hospital. For instance, Camper, a Golden Retriever, was present when Gabby’s nerve blocks needed to be removed; She barely flinched.
Gabby has met 38 out of 125 therapy dogs since she started her journey here at CHLA. That number grew to 81 when Gabby participated in our Dog Therapy Appreciation Day this past Wednesday. There were 43 dogs present with their owners to help celebrate three consecutive years of therapy dogs on duty every day at CHLA.
“On average, we have five dogs a day visiting and an average of 1,155 patients get a personalized one-on-one therapy dog encounter every month,” says Kate Buhrmaster, program manager of the Dog Therapy Program.
The work that our fur and human volunteers put in each day at CHLA is unmeasurable. Thank you to all of Dog Therapy for providing joy, comfort and distraction for families and patients like Gabby!

Maipele, 2, was struck with a rare, polio-like illness called acute flaccid myelitis—causing sudden onset of paralysis in her arm. The viral mystery appeared on the national radar in 2014 and may be on track to return this summer and fall. Here is one family’s story, and a look at CHLA’s innovative, multidisciplinary approach: [link in bio]

Team up with @kendrascott to help make a colorful impact on kids like Kennedy. Until March 30, your gift will go twice as far! Give today: [link in bio] #MakeMarchMatter

The Child Life team are good at a lot of things. Most of all, they’re good at letting kids be kids.
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