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Kenny  Any Pronouns VA Cosplayer POC Cosplayer Cons Coming Up: ??? Personal Account: @kenethwynn

I love 1 man.

“You know, I get it. Being raised as a superstar must be really, really difficult for you. Always a commodity, never a human being, not a single person in your family thinking you’re worth a damn off the court— yeah, sounds rough. Kevin and I talk about your intricate and endless daddy issues all the time. I know it’s not entirely your fault that you are mentally unbalanced and infected with these delusions of grandeur, and I know you’re physically incapable of holding a decent conversation with anyone like every other normal human being can, but I don’t think any of us should have to put up with this much of your bullshit. Pity only gets you so many concessions, and you used yours up about six insults ago. So please, please, just shut the fuck up and leave us alone.”

this week on I’m way behind on my Podcasts: The Bright Sessions ladies & gentlemen !!

tfw when ur boyfriend thinks he’s taking sneaky polaroids of u so u gotta raise his percent 4 being a gay dumbass (funfact: the only makeup I wore 4 this cosplay was very minimal highlighter & an eyebrow pencil meaning those dark eyes circles r Gucci)

🖤 “Group Skeptic” 🖤

hi this picture is super pretty 2 me

“Six against one . . . “ (I couldn’t decide which one I liked better)

(W o W me posting again so soon ???) I just wanna say THANK U SM 4 1000 FOLLOWERS it’s been my only follower goal since I got this app almost 3 yrs ago u have n o idea how much this means 2 me hopefully after this last week of school I’ll be on that content grind & try out a lot of new cool things 🤗❤️

😆 Jeremy Knox ☀️ (don’t mind me reliving reading this series through my friend rn)

Villain Todoroki anyone ??? (I miss cosplaying my boi)

Classification: Villain
Quirk: can’t feel pain as long as she’s talking
Villain Name: Chatterbox (play on words: she needs 2 talk 2 activate her quirk so “chatter” & she is trained in professional boxing so “box” 🤷🏽‍♂️)

Duality King ??? (here take this last minute Andrew Minyard while I keep my BNHA OC hostage 4 a bit longer)

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