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Childish Japes  Debut album "After You're Born" available now


Our new single “Stories” feat @joannateters is out now everywhere ☺️ We hope you like it. Thank you @wcwilliamsstudio for the beautiful painted cover art.

On Saturday we’ll be releasing a new song called “Stories” feat. Joanna Teters. It will sound something like this 🎧 Also hands up for @asherkurtz_music in this clip. @joannateters

We just realized that we have 1,000 followers on Spotify. This is the coolest thing a fan can do because that means you like our music enough that when new shit comes out you want it to be like ¡BAM!💥 right there in your playlist and that #srsly means the world to us. We luh you.

A little @radiohead and a sprinkle of #mfdoom there at the end? Stoked on writing some new material.
#dreamteam :

We just posted the instrumental version of our first album for all you music nerds who want to take a closer look. It’s everywhere you listen to music.

If you download “After You’re Born” on Bandcamp, you also download the high res booklet of the paintings that correspond with each song. Much of the lyrical content was actually inspired by these pieces. We’ve just posted all the paintings on our Instagram along with some insight into why the songs are titled what they are, what the lyrics are about, and how they connect to the paintings, all of which were done by @jacob_wakeup

Page 2 of the booklet that comes with purchasing the album on Bandcamp. Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

1) Go Own Them All (full res booklet included with Bandcamp purchase) - These words inspired the lyrics and story for Go Own Them All. If you take a moment and imagine the momentary wonder and awe you would feel in living the experience described on this piece, you'll understand the song's focus on innocence, the loss of it, and the struggle of remembering how you "used to be." If you've spent much time meditating, the peace he describes here should sound familiar.
Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

2) Before You Die (full res booklet included with Bandcamp purchase) -These words are spoken at the end of track 1, before track 2 begins. I found this little blurb especially profound as I started to ponder what he meant by "home." Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

3) After You’re Born (full res booklet included with Bandcamp purchase) - The original piece said "be kind to me" on it. Words from a different one of Jacob's pieces inspired the lyrics for this song, and this piece of art was entirely too fitting to be ignored for a song that details why love, from unconditional love as a baby to adult relationships, is hard af. Watch the music video on YouTube to feel properly heartbroken. Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

4) Insight (full res booklet included when purchased on Bandcamp) - Even standing up to a perceived enemy, or to oppression, should be done with a core of love. Anger and hate are not the same. Anger is the inevitable result of a perceived injustice. But hate is the too-easy low road, and it is hard to respect, even for those onlookers who agree with you. Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

5) Hold On (the full res booklet is included if purchased on Bandcamp) - The original work said "Sometimes I'll entertain those thots but most of the time I just wanna live so hard." Artwork: @jacob_wakeup

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