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Chiké Okonkwo  Man.

Soul never dies... Rest in Power #ArethaFranklin #QueenofSoul

Crazy. Talented. Friend. @gemma_chan #gemmachan #crazyrichasians

For some reason I travel with this picture of myself in my passport wallet. Always makes me chuckle when I see it. Thought I'd share it with you... #stayyoung

Happy Birthday Pops ❤️

Happy 100th Birthday President Mandela. Thank you for showing us what true forgiveness, true compassion, and true leadership look like. #nelsonmandela #happybirthday #southafrica #africa #madiba

Christopher A Young passed a message to me through his attorney in the hour before his execution. “Tell him to keep fighting.” I thank all of you who engaged in this struggle with me. There’s lots to be done. Let’s keep fighting together. ~CO

I make movies sometimes too. If you’re in the UK, check out #Genesis out #today.
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In the mood for a cool sci-fi adventure. Then #Genesis is the movie for you. Out on DVD and digital download now!
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This interview with #MiteshPatel took place yesterday in #NewYorkCity moments after we all learned that the #Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles would not grant Christopher Young clemency and commute his sentence to life in prison. All six board members voted for execution this Tuesday July 17th. @governorabbott I implore you to #listentomitesh and give him and Chris at least a month to talk through the positive changes that they want to work through together so that good can come from this awful awful moment. Thank you to all of you for engaging with this real life story of redemption and mercy. We need more of it in the world ✌🏾. A word for my friend Mitesh: Your grace, poise, and compassion know no bounds. I’m proud to know you. And for my friend Chris: Stay Positive! @nowthisnews #nowthisnews

My people: As we come together with friends and family today and celebrate the uniqueness of the American experiment, I want to share with you a story about two friends of mine.

#chrisyoung and #miteshpatel. Their lives were changed 14 years ago, when Chris shot and killed Mitesh’s father in a robbery attempt in San Antonio, Texas. Those are the harsh realities. What these two men have made of it though is breathtaking. Chris has undergone a journey of transformation, evolving into a man who has left the pain and fear of growing up in gangs and poverty and devoting his life to the betterment of those around him. Mitesh, from a hugely disadvantaged position losing his father at such a tender age, has not only made a success of his life as an entrepreneur, but he has started the deep work of unpacking that loss, and of finding a way to turn the most incredibly painful and heartbreaking of times, into something positive that can help many people.
Chris is due to be executed by the state of Texas, on July 17th, 2018. Mitesh is standing by him, and pleading with the #boardofpardonsandparoles for clemency for Chris, so that Chris’ young daughters have the opportunity to grow with a father. Mitesh’s father’s life mattered, it had supreme value. I ask you today my friends, to support clemency for Chris by clicking the link in my bio, so that good can come from this tragedy, and so that Chris can go on to help other at risk youth to avoid some of the choices that plagued his youth.
I wish those of you in the US a #happy4th and those of you around the world from the UK to Indonesia, to Nigeria, a wonderful day. We really can use our voices to change the world around us for the better. Please click the link, sign the petition and write a letter to the board of pardons and paroles so that Chris can achieve clemency. He made horrific mistakes, but his life has value too. This is a true story of redemption and mercy and one I think the world could do with right now.
I dislike reading long insta comments so I thank you for sticking with this one. Love y’all✌🏾

She really isn’t sure about sitting on my lap. Have had an amazing morning at #OneUnitedBank, reading to young people from a really phenomenal book called #IGotBank all about financial literacy. Come by the Crenshaw Branch and grab one, and take a look at the bank accounts on offer too, if you’ve been looking for a new bank. This is what community feels like and I love it. @oneunited #bankBlack #BlackSanta #money #moneymoves #communitymatters #nodapl #book #financialliteracy #savings

Look in my eyes.... have a good weekend!

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