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Tanin Kayvan  🌍🌱🐝

#tb to sweet and frosty mornings πŸ€—

Stunning views of #Afghanistan along the Pamir Highway πŸ”

Take care of your neighbors πŸ¦„πŸ’•

Stoked to have met this incredible Uighur artist today. I was invited to his personal studio where I got to see some of his work over the last 50 years! His work embodies the ancient Turkic cultures of Central Asia. I can't even begin to describe the detail in which each art piece is crafted with. I am super excited to upload some photos of his paintings and carvings for you all to see. No ones art has ever spoken to me in the same way, especially after hearing the stories behind each piece. Absolutely loving Almaty and it's people! I usually don't spend time in cities, I was only going to spend 2 days here and now it's been almost 2 weeks! πŸ’›#uighur #centralasia #kazakhstan

Haven't found any snow leopards yet, but close enough πŸ¦„ #centralasia #kazakhstan

I have so much fun with taking photos of the people I meet. But the photo is not nearly as important to me as taking the time to connect with the people in the photos. A lot of people "do it for the gram", and this isn't judgment because that's still a lot of fun but the time you take to connect with those around you or the environment you're in will not only be more rewarding but it also becomes evident in the photograph itself. This is the Tsaatan family I spent the most time with, in such a short amount of time these people became like family. I was even asked to come back and spend the summer with them to herd their reindeer...! πŸ™ˆHave fun and happy connecting :)

Kazakh eagle hunters, Western Mongolia.
I love experiencing what diversity has to offer, and what excites me even more is seeing how keen these people were on sharing their culture. When one culture enters another differences in customs do become apparent. Having these experiences is really teaching me what it means to be an observer and the importance of keeping an open mind. I'm still figuring it out, but one thing I know for sure is that I wouldn't want to live in a world where we all shared the same opinions. Despite all of this I find that no matter how different cultures are from one another there are always way more similarities. Thank you to these lovely people for welcoming me into their home ❀️

This is the mother of the first nomadic family I stayed with. They had never had a foreigner stay with them, and although she knew nothing about me, who I was, or where I came from I was welcomed with open arms and treated with such kindness. Mongolians are among some of the most hospitable people I have ever met! She would even wake up multiple times throughout the night just to adjust my blankets and tuck me in when it got cold. Humanity is beautiful, and our acknowledgment of beauty in all things is what brings more of it to fruition.

My little tribe girl πŸ’› Behold the incredible, spectacular, and beyond magical Tsaatan tribe.

The sweetest soulsπŸ™ˆ they started following me on my walk just to say hello πŸ’•

Man oh maaan 😍

Just wow

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