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Kanchan ✨ Mom + Food + Health  🧚🏽‍♀️Helping families thrive Spices + recipes + health coaching 👩🏽‍🎓Molecular Biology PhD Up your spice game - order the cookbook now 👇🏽

Eat like you love yourself snack 😍🙌🏽✨🧚🏽‍♀️Multigrain rice cake, tahini, @justdatesyrup , organic bluebs, fresh mint, and Ceylon cinnamon. SO GOOD 🤤#thenewhealthy #eatrealfood #snacks #spices #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

Lentil spinach cakes from @mydiaryofus ‘s FIRST BITES cookbook topped with a tahini habanero drizzle and dusted with sumac and fresh oregano because yes I’m the crazy spice lady who carries hot sauce in her purse with zero shame 💁🏽‍♀️🤪If you aren’t following the lovely Leigh Ann @mydiaryofus do so now. She has the loveliest recipes not to mention a huge heart and spirit ❤️✨#womensupportingwomen #author #cookbook #kids #family #yummy | #spicespicebaby

When you make your own spice blend inspired purely by your imagination 🧚🏽‍♀️✨It helps to have an array of the world’s finest spices on hand and to be guided by none other than the spice blending maestro himself. Thank you Lior Lev Sercarz and @la_boite for inspiring and teaching us how to make spices dance together in beautiful and unexpected ways. The stars of my show were pink peppercorns, coriander seeds, amchur (dried green mango), Urfa chili, and turmeric and I will be sprinkling it on everything this week 😇😍If you find yourself in NYC or are looking for mesmerizing spice blends to up your spice game, check out the classes and spices at @la_boite You will not be disappointed. #notsponsored #theartofblending #spices #foodart #natureknowsbest #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

I don’t know about you but the holidays and heat have left me not so keen on making elaborate meals. And yet, I want to make sure my family is eating nutritious and delicious food. Enter this spinach, tomato, basil frittata with saffron and paprika inspired by the recipe in my cookbook. I find it’s a fool proof way for my kiddo to eat a boat load of spinach. Especially helps when I cut it into a triangle and call it a frittata pizza 💁🏽‍♀️#momlife #summer #lunch #easyrecipe #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

If there is anything better than slurping @vanleeuwenicecream on our Brooklyn stoop on a summer evening, I haven’t found it yet (baby had a cone sans ice-cream but was very content #noideawhatshesmissing ). Overflowing with gratitude for these seemingly ordinary but oh so extraordinary moments 💗#momlife #motherhood #kids #summer #purejoy #icecream #brooklyn #stooplife #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

When Nicole @peasfulkitchen DM’d me saying that her kids devoured my garam masala, mint, and cilantro chicken kebabs before she could barely snap a pic, I was 🙏🏽💃🏽🤗😍😀To be able to bring spices and a new world of flavor, health, and deliciousness through nature’s finest ingredients to kids and families everywhere is a dream come true. And to be included in her travel the world series is truly an honor. To get the cookbook-exclusive recipe and to enter to win a copy of the Spice Spice Baby cookbook, check out the latest post @peasfulkitchen ✅💕❤️#eattheworld #healthykids #adventure #spices #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

✨Tlayuda Oaxaquena ✨Hands down the best poolside lunch I’ve had this vacay. A traditional Oaxacan dish, this corn and flour tortilla is char grilled and topped with beans, red cabbage, Oaxacan cheese, onions, bell peppers, avo, fresh cilantro, and LOBSTER. Topped with a teeny tiny bit of freshly made habanero salsa, which they keep warning me is mega hot but little do they know that I’m THE spice mama😂 💁🏽‍♀️Kidding but seriously the habanero salsa is #lyfe #family #holiday #mexico #beach #sun #sand #food #memories #momlife #pool #lunch #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

And it’s a wrap. The last day of kindergarten came and went and this mama shed a boatload of happy, sad and everything in between tears 😭. There was a time when I thought shedding tears was for the weak and I would do anything to convince myself that everything was fine and dandy, and tears and sadness were unnecessary. But now I see tears as a sign that my heart is wide open and ready to feel whatever needs to be felt ❤️Oh and when you do Coney Island rides, hotdogs, ice-cream, and stuffie winning games to celebrate, there’s plenty of room for joy too ✨#momlife #allthefeels #kindergarten #anewchapter | #spicespicebaby

🌞A Healthy AND Delicious Summer Treat🌞Hot days call for cold and refreshing treats like this banana and mango coconut NICEcream 🙌🏽Seasoned with a dash of @la_boite ‘s Desert Rose spice blend with sesame, rose, and halva, this healthy frozen delight is going to hit all the right spots. And the best part? It’s dead easy to make! Just blend together frozen chopped banana, frozen mango, a generous dash of @la_boite ‘s Desert Rose spice blend, and a splash of coconut milk. Top with a bit more of that spice magic and dig in🍦#summer #nicecream #thenewhealthy #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

😍Gochujang Hummus😍Brb but first I must dive into this INSANE bowl of yumminess 😇😍
If you haven’t tried gochujang, it’s a Korean fermented red chili paste with a mind blowing sweet, savory, spicy, and umami flavor profile. Currently obsessed with @milkimchi ‘s fermented gochujang but there are so many cleaner ones available now without corn syrup etc.
To make your bowl of insanity, just stir in gochujang into your fav hummus recipe, top with chopped scallions, and dive in 🤩
#eattheworld #gochujang #hummus #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

🧚🏽‍♀️Busy Mom Lunch🧚🏽‍♀️When the days are crazy busy ie #errday I like to whip up simple and satisfying lunches that have ✅protein ✅healthy carbs ✅good fats ✅greens and ✅✅SPICES 🙌🏽 Organic pasture raised eggs fried in coconut oil, salt, pepper, and fresh basil, arugula with olive oil, salt, pepper, roasted sweet potato fries with olive oil, salt, and sumac and this killer @milkimchi fermented gochujang paste for dipping because the spiced life is the best life and every mom deserves a nourishing and delicious lunch ❤️#momlife #lunch #onmyplate #spiceupyourlife | #spicespicebaby

🍞 To Grain Or Not To Grain🍞 For some time now, I’ve stayed away from grains, convinced that a grain-free diet is my golden ticket to an optimal weight and overall vitality.
Over the past few years with the explosion of #paleo #whole30 and other grain-free diets, many of us have become convinced that grains are unnecessary and even inhibitory for weight-loss and wellbeing. But is this really true for EVERYONE?
I’m currently devouring #thelongevitydiet by #valterlongo in which he provides much evidence that many whole grain-eating cultures are incredibly healthy with a long life and healthspan.
Now in some cases there may be a genuine gluten sensitivity or intolerance requiring an individual to stay away from gluten-containing grains. Gut issues and chronic inflammation could be other reasons to stay away from certain grains. And we don’t need to discuss the harmful effects of refined grains which have very little nutritional value. But whole grains?! I had to wonder — given I didn’t have any of these aforementioned health issues except, perhaps, a few #postpartum pounds to lose, why had I been running away from grains? And how might re-introducing them in small amounts make me feel?
So I did a little experiment and for the past month I’ve been eating some whole grains like this whole wheat avo toast yumminess or a bit of whole wheat pasta at dinner today. And what have I found?
I’ve found that I am more satisfied and less hungry between meals. I’m eating less meat which I’m happy about. Also, while I can’t be sure that’s the only reason but since re-introducing some whole grains into my plan, I’ve lost 5 lbs 🤷🏽‍♀️
The moral of the story is not that you should eat grains to lose weight or feel great but rather that one way of eating doesn’t fit all. Whole grains can be a healthful part of a balanced diet and in my experience, a joyful and satisfying food group to enjoy. Experiment with yourself, listen to your body, and let yourself be your guide, instead of the next hot diet trend.
#weightlosswednesday #healthcoach #thenewhealthy #healthyfood #bioindividuality #listentoyourbody #nutrition #onesizedoesnotfitall | #spicespicebaby

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