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Francesca Belluomini  Style Writer & Fashion Activist #luxuryisastateofmind | Author of 'The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style' Amazon ⬇️ | Barnes & Noble

This reminds me of my great grandmother and the winter afternoons we’d spend making clothes for our dolls out of fabric scraps from her clients’ frocks. Still now, I get the thrilling sensation of entering my unicorn safe zone and make a whole new wardrobe or remake stuff from what I have. The idea of clothes made to measure is exclusive but not non affordable, it’s luxe but not impossible, you just need to know what to do, which is not buy for the sake of buying or caving in in black Friday madness. Also, if you are in Miami, on Nov.29 you should come and swap + alter + remake 1. Bring a friend 2. A bag of unwanted clothes 3. ready to make something that you’ll wear out of something you are not wearing 4. be entertained by Nathalia of and yours truly on how to switch gears from mindless consumption. Check my story and wait for an email with the link to get tkts #uptosomething #luxuryisastateofmind image is from @isacouturefabrics (because I have a story to tell you about it, later)

The morning after look #weekendinspiration half clothing half glow #thefunisfindingout

@wolfsonian VIP Preview Party of “Made in Italy” and of all the mind blowing MITA textile images, drawings, collaborations with Gio Ponti, Giò Pomodoro, le Sorelle Fontana, I’m giving you a Dolce Vita-esque pic of a pic of Anna Magnani on a cruise-liner with the backdrop of a textile wallpaper by MITA. The real shit will appear on the blog this weekend. #madeinitaly strikes again in Miami #locchiovuolelasuaparte #uptosomething #luxuryisastateofmind

#womenwhoinspire @aurorajames of @brothervellies she’s a style + substance heroine and “daytime dreamer” that keeps inspiring me for her bravery, determination, principled business ethics, harmonic beauty, vulnerability. She’s realness and talent, she says it as it is, a suffragette of women rights. And, sure, I won’t refrain to mention her shoes 😻 (these boots are Made in Mexico) Since I am always asked my favorite IG profiles, take note peeps, she is #chicfbapproved #luxuryisastateofmind #uptosomething

Bringing “less” back to “effortless” is a work of chiseling words, mindfulness and knowing your own style, not being distracted by commercially orchestrated fades and trends. I am a firm believer of the empowerment that comes from dressing for one’s purpose, for the sake of feeling good, leaving the creativity to what’s supposed to be creative, not in the manipulation of the meaning of words you speak. In Italian we say “parla come mangi”, speak like you eat, manners and education and respect count. #womenwhoinspire #parlacomemangi #asfarasimconcernedleopardisaneutral #whomadeyourclothes #uptosomething #luxuryisastateofmind

#letsdothisagain Tuesdays are for #powerdressing #borrowfromtheboys is a chapter of the book that became a hashtag, there’s theory, research and you need to know your body and how to play with the volumes and proportions if you want the sartorial elements to stand out. In Italy I had a dressmaker, someone who was specialized in mending knits and a man tailor, because the way they know how to treat the shoulders, nobody does it. It just goes to say when you know #whomadeyourclothes the process is empowering. PS: if it’s a Tom Ford on Harvey Specter is always better #luxuryisastateofmind #uptosomething

#womenwhoinspire she won the elections, youngest woman in Congress, she’s still paying her college debt, she doesn’t have a steady income and it’s hard for her to find a place to rent, she is a democratic socialist: is there anything to make fun of? No, there’s only desire to be as badass as she is, to be inspired by her tenacity and profound principles that move her and pride of witnessing these troubled times when some glass ceilings begin to get shuttered. #sittingonthestoopinthehood #uptosomething pic from @thefrontlash

A leader leads, respects, defends, protects its constituents rain or shine. This is what 92 looks like, yes pearls and diamonds in tow. #notmypresident #luxuryisastateofmind

My bounty of the clothes swap at @funkshionfw “orchestrated” masterfully by @globalfashionexchange This is the peak of a 3-day kermesse created to support and push the conversation on sustainability, circular economy vs. linear, carbon footprint, greenwashing. I am so thrilled that Miami has been infused with the principles of sustainable living, educated, inspired to embrace what’s the only route open to the future of Fashion as we all love it. Through panel discussions, the @antidotesworld Été ‘84 runway experience, the best fashion show ever organized in Miami (true dat from a 22-year Miami veteran) and the clothes swap last night, I am extremely proud of how the conversation on sustainability has sprung. It makes me hopeful that Miami will become another pivotal city where the #sustainablechic mob will be welcomed and not stigmatized. Or, to say it in different words: we really couldn’t care less of the VS un-diverse, un-sustainable, un-ethically produced fashion show. #keepupthegoodwork #clothesswappingissexy #uptosomething #luxuryisastateofmind

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