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Francesca Belluomini  An Italian in Miami | Fashion Writer | Founder of | Author of 'The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style' | Amazon ⬇️ | Barnes & Noble

“I would always borrow my grandfather’s clothes when I was young and I still wear them now” Cardelli says of how the collaboration (and love story) started the @giulivaheritagecollection as featured on @financialtimesfashion Did you ever “borrowed from the boys”? Do you have an anecdote you’d like to share? In the book I talk about a suede jacket I used to “borrow” from my father’s armoire, il giubbottino di renna. #luxuryisastateofmind

“We made it to the end of Monday and Mercury went direct” dance. #letscelebrate #luxuryisastateofmind

#mondaybluescure watch it, it’s a series of feelings, mostly random and at odd with each other. Are you team breakfast? Italians take their coffee seriously #luxuryisastateofmind

In case you were suffering of a serious case of #sundayscaries that tomorrow is indeed Monday. #anythinggoes

Random things I liked this past week #doyouseewhatisee #luxuryisastateofmind

Random posts I liked this past week #doyouseewhatisee #luxuryisastateofmind #harrystylesfeels

Random things I liked this past week #doyouseewhatisee #luxuryisastateofmind

#sundaysbest new post is up #authorsofig

Loulou perfection #edèsubitoestate

Went to watch “Mamma Mia”, cried a river, dressed as if I was on a Greek island, embraced the vibe, enjoyed a two-hour Mediterranean vacation, sat on the fountain of our old stomping ground to realize all of the above. A picture worth a thousand words and feels. #luxuryisastateofmind

Genova: for the victims and their families.

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