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Francesca Belluomini  An Italian in Miami | Fashion Writer | Founder of chicfb.com | Author of 'The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style' | Amazon ⬇️ | Barnes & Noble

#foundpolaroid This is the man in his boat who sailed miles for months at a time away through continents, the “guy” who I didn’t really know why was hugging my mom once he came back from a long trip without his beard (I was a toddler, then we resolved that too) the guy who so painfully patiently taught me how to drive and finally convinced me that when the road turns you don’t abandon the car (I swear I pulled that on him for a good month) but you make the turn, and the one who told me “we don’t follow trends, we set them” and sold me in to wearing a fabulous sweater he had brought us from Norway (I think). The same guy that Cecilia considers her spirit animal (“I am his female version in the family”). Today is #fathersday in Italy so happy festa del papa’ a tutti.

NEW BLOG POST on “How to be Italian” “my daily muses - take two” Goal: inspire you! We don’t follow trends, we don’t buy for the sake of buying, the Italian way is considered #slowfashion because we see, look, think, search, ponder, have it made when we don’t find the color we want or the fabric we prefer, it’s a long process that makes you love what you wear. Call it “revolutionary” but that’s the way we do it. Disclaimer, because I always credit the photographer or the feed I grab the image from (#fairpractice that not a lot of people adopts) I am using pictures I randomly find on Pinterest and sometimes there’s no source, if you know where they come from, please tag! #luxuryisastateofmind

Get inspired, don’t copy. You don’t want to end up dressed like everyone else, dressing is your first unspoken language. This outfit is perfect: #bigpantsdontcare over-coat (I still have to find the way to incorporate it in Miami’s background, flats, the net-bag, offensively large shades, the mix of colors, the urban environment. Trying something new: will try and style this look in my comments with pieces I love. This can be undoubtedly done #theitalianway shopping in your closet #luxuryisastateofmind pic from @emilisindlev

To be filed under #futileloves or like my friend @sacchidicinismo calls them #amorifutili those things you love and it’s fine like that if you are the only one in love, they are armless and they make you happy. In Italian we don’t say “good luck” mon dieu we say it in a few convoluted crazy ways, and we believe in it because we are all fundamentally superstitious. At birth pretty much all of us receive a golden safety pin with some angels, saints, maybe the Virgin Mary and Jesus and always a red coral horn. Even the ones that say they are not, don’t believe them, those are the ones that carry a red horn “cornetto” in every purse, wallet and pocket. This was found in the street markets in Napoli, shared by @zoeboutiqueitaly and the sign says: “horns tested” as if they’d be road tested and they for sure bring you good fortune. Because, Napoli ... #noknockoffs #onlyinnaples #inboccaallupo #crepi #luxuryisastateofmind

Yesterday I had an opportunity to share some thoughts about how to adopt #theItalianway wherever you are ... yup, of all people me, who would have thoughts so? Usually people thinks it all revolves around “fashion” because we are always “stylish”. But when you dissect the “stylish” there’s a a bit of this and a bit of that, there are things we do and things we never do, and don’t forget the coffee. That we use our hands and make faces is a fact (I was written off by a very gringa supervisor because she noticed I made a facial expression while interacting with a customer 🙄) So here you go your daily dose of sun and awesomeness brought to you by a still very natural Sophia, aka Sofia Scicolone. We are opinionated too, #theresthat #luxuryisastateofmind pic found somewhere

The detail not that many people identify (see previous post) pic from @silviabisconti_raptusandrose she has a perfect theory about the luxury experience she shares with the women that buy her collection. Another way of understanding how #theItalianway works #luxuryisastateofmind

The late Hubert de Givenchy said “luxury is in each detail”. See? It’s not the devil, it’s just that one small touch most of the times you only know it exists, as simple and luxurious as the color of the thread you want to use to embroider your initials on the lining of your blazer. That is an example of what I mean by #luxuryisastateofmind * I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by dressmakers, all opinionated and Italian btw, honored to have worked with luxury brands where I have learned more of how a luxurious wardrobe is built. All I aspire to is to infuse the concept to all who are not familiar with it, because the world would become a better place. I am sure. Also, yes there are bigger issues in the world right now, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have our #futileloves those #amorifutili hashtag that my IG friend @sacchidicinismo has created to make reality a bit brighter, even for a small fraction of time. This pic from @blaze_milano is an example

“Quiet people have the loudest minds” - Stephen Hawking Today was a day of shift, we have seen the rise of the new generation of leaders. Ee, the ones who believe in them, have showed them support, minimized by the greatness of what they have been capable of pulling off in barely one month. Maybe the stars were celebrating that now they shine shinier with the brightest of them all joining them. I’m in awe of what I have seen, listened, watched, a tall glass ceiling crushed loud. Pic from @thepistolclub

“Be curious, and however difficult life may seem, there’s always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up” - Stephen Hawking The last living genius, most brilliant, wit, resilient, superhero scientist after Albert Einstein passed away and joined his beloved stars on the day when the #nationalschoolwalkout is intended to #nevergiveup and commemorate those 17 shining stars lost too soon to gun violence. #enoughisenough

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