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Alma Rosa 馃尮 Frijolera Press  Hustler. Poet. Spirit. Artist. Chicana. Mi Coraz贸n. Mi Cielo. @richwestkoast I can only be me. Book Lyfe :. Read now. Write later馃幁 Frijolera Press馃尮

Really really realllyyy excited to be at this event reading with all these other super rad poets! They are all so commited year round to our craft so It's going to feel good to be around them regardless of however our turn out comes out. However, @kaleidoscopekollective is a a super cool shop run by mujeres, so if you just need that brown femme energy, we'll have it there. I'll have my new poetry chapbook out and muchas ganas to give y'all a good set. 馃挊馃尮 #spokenword #brownfemmes #poetry #chapbook #almarosariverapoetry
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A throwback because I just like to share with people that I am with the most amazing human being for me.馃尮馃尩 About 2 months away and you'll be seeing 3 of us! 馃槰馃槏 Photo by
#familia #chicanxs #brownandbeautiful

Coming up!!! I'll have some new chapbooks here so keep updated on what will be off the press. Excited and nervous about coming out with new work so please come by and take a look and also check out my amazing partner @originalsporvida too! Also,my amor @richwestkoast created this years amazing flyer design! I'm so proud! There will be shirts for sale at @lazinefest and they are so bomb! Thank you again for having me and allowing me to table one more year.
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I like the way @maritzatorresart described this painting of hers. She explained how Frida was sad about never being able to be a mother but she lives in her mind as an artistic mother to herself and others. Just wanted to post this to remind people that might not be able to give birth physically to children that there are so many other kinds of births we could have. We can give birth to new paintings, books we've written, great ideas that will influence generations after us. We can be kind to others and take those who have lost family physically or emotionally under our wing. We have the opportunity every day to find and create our own kind of community.. our own family. It might not be enough sometimes but I hope you keep pushing through today. For those who had terrible mothers..remember that you are love regardless of never receiving the kind of love you should have. Try to remain soft when everything tells you to be hard. Remember you are not a mistake. 馃尩馃尰馃尩

Arte by @ramirogomezjr

I'm going to toot my own horn for a second and give my new typewriter a appreciate post... Gaw damnnn! This Royal typewriter was restored from the 1930's and works great. It cost me a pretty penny but it is an investment for me to be able to share my poetry on this page without needing a fancy phone or app. Invest in your dreams.馃挅 #believeinyourdreams #typewriter #writershit #poetry #poeta #Royaltypewriter #antiquetypewriter

A favorite from one of my favorites. @melissa.almandina 馃尰馃尰馃尰
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Right in the heart..馃槶
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Reaaallly wish I could make it!馃槶 Luis Rodriguez is such an essential writer..please go celebrate him if you have the chance! #alwaysrunning #republicofeastla #luisjrodriguez #tiachuchas #sfvalley #chicanowriter

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