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Custom Chibi Stencils  I make custom chibis, but not personal ones. Before you ask, make sure I don't already have it. Just ask, and I'll see what I can do. 10k by 2014?

Same entry sheet as last time, but follow the rules of the last post, and there will be 5 winners! Good Luck!

🔴 Also not my stencil 🔴
🌀 Contest Time! 🌀
This is going to be a contest for more @chibistencilsxoxo co-owners,
1. You must have at least 1k
2.You must follow me
3.You must make a chibi stencil, yes either make it from scratch, or edit someone else's.
4.You must tag me and #chibistencilsxoxcontest
5.You must have a kik
6. You must fill out the entry firm in my next picture.

Entry's must be submitted by August 1st
Good Luck!
-Chibistencilsxox ❤

Not My Stencil! But I love this!

Hi my lovely followers, you don't know how terrible I fell with not posting, its because its summer and I have been traveling, and, I don't know I have just been so busy, and been spending more time on my personal account, so I can stay connected to my friends ( my personal is @ohsnapitsava ) so I want you to know how sorry I am to not have been posting, don't worry ilysm guys! 🔴THIS IS NOT MY STENCIL🔴 No hate please 😘

Follow my second account! @chibistencilsxoxo

@iheartchibi_ CONGRADULATIONS! You have won my contest! U will now be my partner for @chibistencilsxoxo just give me ur kik if u have one ( if not that might be a problem) and I will tell you everything u need to know! EVERYONE ELSE PLEASE READ THIS: I may have another opening for a 3rd helper for @chibistencilsxoxo so don't be too upset if u don't win! Thank you all and congrats @iheartchibi_

Ik it's stupid.... Whatever it's funny

I have decided to do some color chibis to.... But mostly black and white

Start working on it #chibistencilsxoxo only has like 5 applications so u guys have a chance!

The deadline is Monday 4/22/13 but if I didn't get any good ones by then it will be extended. Just screenshot, fill out, post, and tag #chibistencilsxoxo and while your at it follow @chibistencilsxoxo

I already made the account @chibistencilsxoxo I havnt posted anything and I won't until I get another person to run it with! So tag #chibistencilsxoxo and fill out the application (I will post in a coupe minutes)

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