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Official Chibird ⭐️ Jacqueline  The official Chibird with positive, motivational drawings to brighten your day! ✨ Pre-order my book LOADING PENGUIN HUGS now! 💛On Amazon + B&N!

Swipe for part 2! ➡️Not every bad thing has a lesson. Sometimes life is just unfair and tragic. But all you can do is try to make it through. Eventually, the sun will start shining, and you will be able to appreciate it again. ☀️🌱
#inspirational #motivational #webcomic

A cup of coffee or tea a day keeps the exhaustion away… (temporarily). 😂 #caffeine #webcomic #penguin

It’s not even October, but I felt pretty pleased with this and wanted to post this ghosty pun. :D ✨ #ghost #pun #positivity
Check out my new book coming out, Loading Penguin Hugs (link in bio)!

To a small bug, your day is a very big success! 🎉 #animation #ladybug #doodles

The world can be really large and unknown and confusing. But we all do belong here and will find places where we feel safe, happy, and loved. 💛 These colorful little birds are sure of it! #motivational #selfcare #chibird

Me under the rock: "I need to finish it all... this week!" One trick I like is limiting your to-do lists to a small amount of the most important things for each week! That way you’re not overwhelmed by an incredibly large amount of things you can’t get done (and would feel guilty about even when you realistically couldn’t have done it all). #procrastination #studygram #webcomic

Every achievement is good, even if it’s little. ❤️️ #relatable #webcomic #mentalhealth

Blooming flower tea and growth (the metaphor is not perfect, but I love the imagery). 🌺☕️ This is for anyone who may be going through some tough times. #motivational #encouragement #bloomingtea
Had a wonderful time at CRX! 😭💕 So amazing seeing new friends and old. Can't wait to see people wearing their ghost hug shirts and sweatshirts (shirt store for everyone coming soon)! Everyone was lovely and I can't wait to go back next year.

No explanation, other than I wanted to draw a long cat and this is what came out of it. :’D Happy September you all, stay fun and positive~ #september #positive #chibird

You can pre-order my book Loading Penguin Hugs now (link in bio)! ✨ Also at CRX AA 327 this weekend!

Having a really busy week preparing for Crunchyroll Expo this weekend, so sharing a past drawing about introverts and extroverts! ☺️#introvert #extrovert #webcomic

As soon as life is starting to go well, that’s a cue for the problems to start flying in. 🔥 #gif #relatable #animation

I’ll be at Crunchyroll Expo Artist Alley 327 this weekend Sep 1-3! I’ll have an advance copy of my book Loading Penguin Hugs so you can take a sneak peek before you decide to pre-order! ✨ I can’t wait to meet some of you all there!

It can be hard to detach, but our worth and happiness are not connected to how much we get done! I can be pretty achievement-oriented, but I have to learn how to be happy without being productive all the time (which is not sustainable!). 🌸#webcomic #productivity #studygram

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