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奥村あゆみ  Ayumi💚July2♋️ my life consists of being a potato princess and taking useless selfies. 자기야~💘宜しくね! (^○^)

This week was my breaking point. I know what you are all going to say but it doesn't matter because this man takes care of me very well and I'm happy. That's all that matters especially when I work all the time. Thank you Jagi for being there when I was at my worst times. I truly appreciate you. @koreanhammah 💘

My last mirror pick in the last place I stayed. #selfie

This is what happens when I just "trip" 😂😂😂

자기야~💕 @koreanhammah

I honestly had the best 4 years of my life. I'm sorry that it had to end this way. I will always support you and be there for you. Thank you so much for making me feel one of a kind.

Hamachi carpaccio 😍❤❤

Looks like is going to rain ☔️ @koreanhammah thank you for taking this pic ✌️💕

❤❤ #selfie

I look so dead but my eye liner on point 😭❤❤ #selfie

I know you probably don't want me to post this, but I'm so happy to know that you went out of your way to buy me something I will treasure. Thank you so much Kevin 😭❤❤❤ YESS imma tag yo ass cus reasons @koreanhammah thank you again 😚

I know this doesn't look visually stunning but it taste so good 👌❤❤

I spoiled my boyfriend today 😂 I'm so happy that I was actually able to get something for him his year. 😭❤