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Chiara Ferragni  Love fiercely (and don't forget to stop along the way to take photos) #NeverStop 💪🏻 Made in Italy, living in Los Angeles. Shop like a babe here ⬇️

I’ve always loved denim 😊 Shop some of my favorite items on my @depop account, link in stories 💘 #Depop #advertising

Chiara 1 or Chiara 2? #AmericanDays🇺🇸

Leo was not that excited to celebrate his first month of life 😂 #LeoncinoMio

It’s so hard not kissing him all time #LeoncinoMio

Exactly one month ago our lives changed forever for the best: we got to meet love at its highest level, our son Leone. Happy one month our beautiful raviolino 💘 #LeoncinoMio

This city always surprises me 💘 #AmericanDays🇺🇸