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chiara  and today was a day just like any other toronto/st c

"Due for a miracle
I'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes"

"I saw a strange light in the sky
A fireball burning brightly
I wished the truck on the overpass would
Tumble down upon me"

PSA: See Jeff Rosenstock every chance you get.

"And it's you who hangs the moon
Can we talk soon?"
#sunsetbay #cottagelife #πŸŒ™

"I wish I was the kind of girl who sat in cafes mid day smiling with all my teeth showing
Maybe I’m just a parrot on your shoulder, maybe I’ll be your next favorite placeholder, or maybe-
I’ll just shine"
#salzburg #austria #🏰

"And today was a day just like any other"

"And we can be anyone
It took so long to know someone like you
And each in the dying sun
With only the vivid greens and blues"
#🌧 #β›΄ #πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

"Fuck it I'm alone
But there's moments when it kind of feels good"

"Float on my back, watch the purple sky
In the last moments of sunlight
I know you don't recognize me
But I'm a live wire, finally"
#πŸ„β€β™€οΈ #munich

"But you won't notice
I need you to help me breathe
Maybe you won't notice
Need you more than you need me"

Untraced by the world outside you"

Here's to another summer of taking this photo as many times as possible 😍 #sunsetbay

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