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chi_chi77  Wifey with grown kids. . Love family , food, music, and pit bulls. NJ ➡️ KY snap: cheechee77


#lastselfie2017. Why not? Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

#christmas2017 is a wrap. Had an amazing surprise visit from Sonny Anthony and his girlfriend Caitlin who stayed the week with us. Enjoyed some amazing food and indulged in #cranberrysangria. Kids got to go 4 wheeling and Zues got extra love. The kids surprised me and Sonny with a #yeticooler as a gift!! It will get plenty of use!!! Michael didn’t get to join, as he is working hard with his wrestling team but was happy to FT him and see he was welcomed in by a teammates family who lives close by the school. Loved his outfit by the way. Santa pants rock lol. The biggest present for me is seeing Sonny and Caitlin off last night as they head down to Ft Lauderdale to meet up with Michael for New Years. My family is truly a blessing to me and despite my heart hurting from missing my dad it also feels content. My family is truly my anchor. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

“Happiness is only real when shared.” #myhappilyeverafter

I’m #thankful for every moment I can get with my boys. When my phone rings and I see it’s one of them calling me, my eyes light up and a smile from ear to ear. I literally live for these moments. 💕💕

The feeling of #accomplishment comes from all kinds of things. Having your name on your #locker is one of them. Good luck to my Michael as he starts his collegiate wrestling career with @fandmwrestling. #diplomats #wrestling #division1 #hardwork #ifitseasyyourenotworkinghardenough

#happyanniversary to us! This last weekend made 23 years! So much has happened in those short 23 years! We bore and raised 2 babies into young men. Helped get them into amazing colleges! We raised pitbulls to be amazing pets! We've tried our hand at several businesses. We've had a laundromat, tow trucks, music label, car audio store, outdoor advertising, realty and a whole bunch of jobs in between! We've done whatever it took to provide for our boys to give them the best education. Some things may have been a bit risqué but they were worth it in the end. Now it's a new chapter of the novel. Taking the roads less travelled. Excited to see what the uncertain future holds for us. He's the yin to my yang. #Theonlythuginthehoodthatwaswildenoughtotameme. #keepsmegrounded #onenightstandgonewayoutofhand #thankfulforhim

Why is dropping your kid off to college so hard? Actually had been crying for days prior. Yes I know, it's a proud moment. Yes I know it's exciting. Yes I know it's an amazing opportunity for him. Yes I know I will still be his mom and he will still need some parenting. It doesn't change the feeling of feeling like you're letting go. It doesn't change the anxiety of knowing that when he needs something I won't be there to help him. Yes I know it makes the kids more responsible, makes them more independent. But again, we are talking about emotions here. As a mom (well me anyway) I just want to make things easy, I show my kids love with physical affection and helping them with things they need. Once you leave that campus that is so far away from home , that's it. You can't help them anymore. You can't give them physical love. You can't make sure they have eaten. You can't make sure they have clean clothes. You can't run to the store to get them what they need at that moment. So many things that I did as a mom, I can't do anymore. That is why it's so difficult. My husband said, it's time for him to learn how to be a man. But I don't want him to grow up to be a man. I selfishly want him to stay my baby. I want to physically hold his hand. I want to physically be able to hug him when I want. That is why it's so difficult. My family is my world. I live for them. It is difficult for me to leave them. Lots of exciting times and tough times are ahead for my young man. I have faith that he will get through them. I have faith that he will come out on top. He is a leader. Because we raised him to be. Because he wants to be. While these moments are emotionally difficult for me , I do realize they are also great moments. I cherish them with all my heart. I am so proud. I love you @mikeesimonetti #pissedileftyourallegrainthecar #imissyousomuch #haveagreattime #itsonlyupfromhere #noonecanbeatyou #youdowhatyouwant 😹 #insidejokes

#bestfriends. They met through sports and have since shared a bond of brotherhood. They started their first day of high school together and today started their first day of college together. Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend with you. I take comfort in knowing they have each other. "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." #WilliamShakespeare. #goodluck to these two. Work hard to achieve your dreams and be leaders. I love you both. #diplomats #collegekids #franklinandmarshall #itsyourtimetosoar

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