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C H G Performance and Rehab  🌎 MALAYSIA🇲🇾 / KUALA LUMPUR 💡 We are professional team who are passion about physical therapy and sport medicine 📞 Whatsapp/Call: +6011 11939132


Should you really use the cue "drive through the heels" when squatting? Find out today 👇🏼
So really the answer is "it depends." Let me explain. When we squat we want to have our foot completely balanced on the ground, with our weight spread evenly across 3 points of our foot - like a tripod. This gives us a very stable foot that provides an excellent foundation for the rest of your body to stay balanced & produce a ton of power. 👊🏻
One of the most common problems with squat technique is to allow the heels to pop off the floor. Therefore the cue "drive through the heels" is commonly used to correct for this issue. However if someone uses this cue TOO MUCH they'll shift their weight backwards and become off balance - just in the opposite direction. ❌ This is similar to using the cue "drive the knees wide". It works for some if they show collapsing knees but the cue ONLY WORKS TO A POINT. If you over do the cue, it leads to poor technique. ❌
Take away: think about grabbing the ground with your foot. Create as much of an arch as you can and feel for you're entire foot smashing into the ground. Don't put all your weight through your heel or you'll be pushing your body off balance & decreasing the potential power your body can generate. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
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Continuing the primal movement series here is @optimize.physiotherapy with the standing cross crawl pattern
Cross crawl pattern in standing
[primal reset]
👣 A cross crawl pattern can be done in many ways. This version in standing is a more advanced drill and requires a good amount of mobility, stability, and balance
👣 The thing that makes this drill good is that if focuses on getting both sides of the body integrated together and both sides of the movement brain communicating. It requires a lot of core control/activity, and demands a lot from the obliques specifically. The cross body pattern is challenging at first from a motor control standpoint, and you will often find that one side is more challenging than the other (but even the out with practice)
👣 It requires stability from the lower body as well, from the hip to the foot. This is a great way to prime the body for a workout or just do as a daily reset. Here are some things to think about:
🗝 stand tall and lock out the glute on the stance leg
🗝 root your foot to the ground by trying to achieve your 3 points of contact in the arch
🗝 bring elbow across to opposite knee, trying to stay tall on the stance leg
🗝 if you can't reach your elbow, use your forearm or wrist instead ------------------------
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The plantar fascia and calves have a very close relationship. The calves and Achille's tendon blend into the fascia that covers the heel. That fascia wraps ↪around the calcaneus and becomes the plantar fascia. ⬆Above, it ties into the hamstrings, low back, and on up the chain
One of the most common postures I see all day is a ➡forward weight shift. Almost everyone has it. When this happens, it lengthens the calves essentially making them "locked long" or stuck on stretch. In this position, they are basically holding on for dear life💀 and keeping you from toppling forward. 💭Imagine how much pull that is sending down to your heel and feet!
So while many therapists will just tell you to stretch your calves (even though they're already on stretch all day), my first goal is to ↕restack your body and take the eccentric load off of the connective tissues
Ironically, even though you may think this would place more weight over the heel, it actually makes you feel more weight distribution through the ball of the foot, which is really 👍🏼 good if you have painful heel spurs
🤔Try paying attention to where you feel the pressure when you are on your feet! If you feel more of your weight on your toes your calves might be extra tight working hard holding you up!!
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Limited big toe extension can lead to compensations in gait, causing both overpronation or oversupination. The oversupinating foot puts you at extra risk of 🤕 ankle sprains as you are already at the outside of the foot. The overpronating foot can lead to issues such as 💥 bunions and plantar fasciitis due to collapse of the arch.

So let's fix those feet. Here is a sample routine I like to use to teach the brain how to better push off the big toe.
🔸Big toe dynamic stretch
🔸Calf raises pushing through the first toe. Putting a paperclip or coin under the base of the toe can provide extra feedback to help you not roll to the outside.
🔸Toe off retraining. Push actively through the big toe on the back leg to put it all together I to the gait pattern.

Run through each one for 15 to 20 reps and then 👟 walk around and see how much more you push off through the big toe.

Tag a friend who needs to fix their feet and share the wealth!
🎶 - Even If It Kills Me - Marc Aliotta

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[fix your feet]
(👣exercises) 👉🏼Many problems with high/low arches in the feet come from poor flexibility and control in the big toe. Stretching it will pull on the plantar fascia and ⚡️it up
🍍If the big toe is not functioning well, it will completely shut off your glutes/hamstrings and calves
🍍It's actually quite common for me to completely fix back/knee and hip problems with patients by simply adding movement and awareness to their big toe
🌊Try this simple exercise, and start working on each foot every day for 2-5 mins! .
👉🏼NOTE: Make sure to hit every toe!!! See if you notice better movement in your gait and let me know how it goes!
❤️if you enjoyed this video!!!
🎥credits :@ahmedalanzoor

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👣STRENGTHEN YOUR FEET!!!! [arch retraining]
When the foot arch collapses, the joints above like the knees and hips naturally cave inward. ⛓Understanding this natural joint chain reaction will help you see how problems in the foot show up at the knee or hips!
Here's an exercise my good friend @roydianchan designed to help you acquire stability and control in your arches!
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Headache Awareness Month - Tight muscles 💪🏻 from holding you upright like Piza 🏛? Think of your head and neck like a sledge 🔨 - it needs to be supported so that it sits STACKED UP straight and in balance ⏺ if you didn't know that your head weighs more with increased Anterior Spinal Shift (up to 50 + lbs) you might think that that is 🍌 s . The more forward it goes - the more challenging it is to hold it up - think leaning tower of piza
Something has to hold up that sledgehammer of a head & neck and that ends up being the muscles of the #spine.
If you notice your #neck #back #hamstrings or base of the skull is always tight 🔴 it could that they just overworked and stiff from holding the sledge up.
If you get stacked up by correcting your structure and posture, the muscles can finally relax and you'll feel amazing.

It isn't just about remembering to #sit and stand up straight - it is about correcting the underlying structure beneath your #posture that defines where you end up when you are not paying attention - you want you resting position to be stacked up. 🔴tag a friend that needs to know this .
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Stretching Levator Scap!
If you work at a desk a lot or just have upper back/neck tightness, give this a try!
🔹Start by sliding your arm up a wall slightly. Make sure you don't engage upper trap here.
🔹Look down and away. Think of bringing your chin to your opposite shoulder.
🔹Add just a little extra force from your other arm to maximize the stretch. 🔹Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides!
Double tap and Tag a friend who needs this!!
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Fix that Forward Head Posture - Working on your laptop 💻 , spending time on your phone 📱, or just buried in paper work 📝… it all takes it’s toll on your neck.
Forward head posture is when your head is no longer within the vertical mid-line of the body. Our last post we described how to stretch the SCM and Anterior Scalenes because they can shorten in this position. The back of your neck also becomes unbalanced - the neck extensors, specifically the suboccipitals, work harder to keep your head upright. Without the proper balance and positioning of the head, the neck extensors become tight and fatigued 😩, while your deep neck flexors are taking that 8-hour coffee break ☕️.
After stretching out your SCM and Anterior Scalenes, one of the best movements to combat forward head posture are chin tucks combined with upper cervical decompression to stretch those suboccipitals.
1️⃣Start by placing your hand or fingers BELOW the occipital protruberance (largest bump on the back of the head)
2️⃣Using your other hand place your fingers on your chin to help guide retraction - actively try giving yourself a double chin instead of just pushing your chin
3️⃣As you perform the double chin, gently glide the bump on the back of your head upwards
4️⃣Sustain the movements for 10-15 seconds and repeat 10x
Do this exercise a few times in the span of an hour if you are planning to sit for a while. Tag someone who would benefit from this information.
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The thoracic spine is built from its anatomical structure to be mobile for rotation, flexion and extension! That's why it is very important to keep it mobile and even to visualise and feel the possible movement in the thoracic spine.

Many people don't even know or just are not able to feel that there is a specific movement possible. But it has to be known because the thoracic spine must be used and must be moved! If people are unable to visualise and feel the movement of the thoracic spine, they will find another way to get that motion from somewhere else like lumbar spine, cervical spine or shoulder blades because our body is smart 🤓 and very good in compensating. Those areas of compensation might lead to poor movement patterns, overuse and pain!
An immobility or stiffness in the thoracic spine can lead to rounded shoulders, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, neck pain, lower back pain and even hip pain. That´s why it is very important to include mobilization exercises and stretching exercise in your daily training routine!
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Do you feel that?

That’s g, 9.8m/s/s of unrelenting gravity, a constant force in all of our lives.
This invisible force does not discriminate, and has been raining down upon us since the dawn of time. The human body can tolerate approximately 5 g’s of axial force, typically experienced by fighter jet pilots during flight. Axial force is aligned with our spines, or top down. If this doesn’t make sense, imagine someone bopping you on the top of the head so hard, the vibrations travel to your feet. Axial gravitational force may just be our posture’s biggest nemesis as we age. Structural treatment, postural exercise and being cognizant of your posture will all aid in your fight against gravity.
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