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Adam McRorie  My lofe...

Wild Rivers National Park stole my heart with its rugged good looks then gave me trench foot. In retrospect, sneakers didn't really hold up to the harsh, wet, cold and frankly bipolar weather conditions of a 3 day tramp into Frenchmans Cap at this time of year. We copped it all. Knee deep, leech infested bogs, rain, hail, snow and subsequently failed to get anywhere near the top of Frenchmans cap. The peak was perpetually in White out, to the extent that we hardly even gained a glimpse of its stark, imposing and over-hanging 200m cliffs. We came out of this harsh terrain licking wounds with an un-rivalled reverence for this particular wilderness area. Cold plus wet is a deadly combination and all I can say is thank fuck for back country huts with coal stoves.

When Bae wakes up with morning wood, but your still tapped out from the night before 😳

Night shift is a hell of a drug. 4 nights in and I'm starting to actually feel normal towards the end of shift. My circadian rhythm is beginning to realign with the gyrating, dim light of this restless behemoth. Can confirm this is sunrise.

The perfect dog doesn't exi...😱😍


Look at the dogs, don't they love it

Boys in the back! Time to hit the road

Caught these two lurking in the bushes by Enmore TAFE #busted #seesomethingsaysomething

You should see the other guys

The new girl Kali, with dirty ol' Hudson lurking in the background

Expeditioning with this babe is my happy place πŸ˜πŸ”πŸŒˆπŸ˜

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