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cheyanne taylor  C for short M.L🌺 WilhelminaMiami

we have been SO nervous to share these with all of you...but because of how much love & support you’ve given us, we would love for you to see another part of our journey. here’s not one, but TWO pictures from our first official photoshoot with @wilhelminamodels 😭

laughing at the fact the guy even let us rent them

your cheek kisses still get to me

when I was driving we mighttt have almost gotten hit by a car....or 2🙄 I’ll stick to holding onto you & being our personal radio😙💛

another pic of me trying to be serious & really work the suit but instead I laugh at myself and end up just standing there hahaha I dig it tho🙂🌺

thank you thank you thank you

key west we comin

we were at dinner trying to take a lil anniversary selfie but let me tell you...the restaurant was dim, people in suits, & here we are having the flash go off every couple seconds blinding us in the process. hearing m’s loud laugh I couldn’t help but laugh until it literally felt like I just got done doing a full ab workout :’) this pic was hidden in between all of our other closed eyed pics & it makes me smile just looking at it!!

a year and a half seeming too short for the love I have with you

that afternoon coffee really hits the spot

lucky & grateful to be able to celebrate your trips around the sun! most people don’t see 20 as a “milestone birthday” but if you think about it, every birthday should be considered a blessing. life is a form of beautiful and M, I’m happy to do it with you

miami chillin

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