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🎾 Chewy 🎾  Forever family found! #themostinterestingdogintheworld Dodo story on me:

Some of you will remember this video when one of Chewy's followers recognized him on the townlake hike and bike trail. This is the day I realized Chewy had a true following and people really cared about his well being! Today's thank you goes to @thetravelsofchief and bear and their human mom. She is the one who asks at the end "is that Chewy?" It was the very first time I took him on the trail. We must keep a 10 foot bubble from all other dogs and humans. It is the APA! rule. I was so worried about getting in trouble on my first outing that I am sure I seemed a little nervous and panicked when she started coming over to us. I explained the bubble and we talked for a minute. I don't think I stopped smiling all day! I was so excited that Chewy was semi famous! @thetravelsofchief have been part of my emotional support ever since that day! She had special made treats sent to Chewy from @dogtreatsdelivery while he was in foster. I think I was starting to worry because no one seemed to want Chewy (that APA! would approve) the dog treats were all things Chewy and so adorable. @dogtreatsdelivery also started helping get the word out about Chewy by posting the darling treats that were made for him. This post is a thank you to them too!
@thetravelsofchief is a part of #teamchewy
So without further ado...thank you for being there for me and Chewy through the ride to adoption!

Omg! I forgot to add that @jzipbella was the person that sent a letter to Santa asking for Chewy to get a home before Christmas!!🏡😭😭Time for another heart felt Thank you! I have to thank one of Chewy's earliest and dedicated followers that fell in love with him and sent him some really special gifts! & who also developed a friendship with me all the way from Pennsylvania! @jzipbella is such a giving person of her heart! We had conversations about fundraisers for APA and she sent me some pretty valuable items to put in a silent auction for APA! Jen sent Chewy so many wonderful gifts! Not 1 but 2 taco pinatas to put treats in and tear into. Chewy always shared with his fellow kennel mates until it was too far gone to pass around anymore. Jen also sent Chewy many treats and an adorable rainbow tie so he could conduct adoption interviews. She sent a book called @toolicky for the volunteers to read and enjoy and it is signed by the authors. Jen you gave me encouragement when I was afraid Chewy would never get a family!! So Thank you @jzipbella for your love and dedication to Chewy and for your friendship! Chewy and I love you!! 💖🐕😍😂😘😘😘😘

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still get a tennis ball! 🎾 happy Monday everyone!!
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Its Chewy’s first post from his forever home! He’s having a lovely day of playing, snuggling, and getting some much-deserved time to relax. Thank you fo everyone that supports him, and has helped him on his journey! We are so happy our boy is home, and we love him so much! 🏡
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This is going to take several posts but I want to thank so many of Chewy's IG followers for their part in his journey to finding his forever family.
To start with I have to thank @laura_davis_berryman for initally taking over his IG acct that his previous virtual foster had started. I worked on his bio, new pictures, had meetings with the medical and behavior team. Laura did the posts. Within a month I had pretty much taken over his IG bc she had her own virtual foster dogs and IGs to tend to.
Laura walked Chewy regularly and did some training with him. She also went on a couple of field trips with me and Chewy bc he was such a wild man and we thought we should have 2 people with him. We really got to know him well and Laura and I established a friendship. It was also Lauras suggestion to buy #teamchewy caps! She designed his outline and before we knew it we had about 40 ppl who wanted a cap. When I was on a trip with my mom she took Chewy to 2 really important events as I cried bc I couldn't be there. He was one of the feature long stay dogs @theabgb and he had a photo shoot for the APA! Birthday. So this is my heartfelt thanks to Laura for being there with me for the entire Chewy adventure!! You do not know how much you have helped me!!

Thank you for all your love and support!
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The feeling you get when you’ve finally been adopted after more than 900 days at the shelter!!!!🎉🎉🎉 Today is Chewy’s Gottcha Day! 🧡 Chewy will be home & have a home for Xmas!!! 🎄His new mom and dad pick him up tonight! Thanks to all who fostered, advocated, shared and cheered for Chewy!!! Blessings to him and his new family! 🙏 So #wagWorthy #homefortheholidays #chewy #Adopted #gottchaday #welovechewy #rescued #loved #seniordogsrock #makemyday #homeforchristmas

Another shout out for Chewy! Thank you @apathriftsouth for the love!
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A big Congratulations to Chewy for finding his perfect forever home! 🥰 We had so much fun hanging out with you and your amazing virtual foster mama Dianne at @apathriftsouth recently! 🐾

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I'm home!! This is our first picture together! There will be many more adventures of Chewy but now it will be with my dad and mom!
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The last 2 days of posts and reposts have been like the finale of the fireworks display!!🎇🎉💥🌋 My heart is SO full and happy with the love there is for Chewy!!😍😍😍😍 Tonight he will go home to be with his mom and dad!👫🐕 They just wanted to go ahead and adopt him because they love him so much and other people were interested. Making it official on December 5, 2018.🙌 Samantha was more than happy to keep him 2 more days.
You guys! Chewy has a "gotcha day" he is "adopted" no longer a shelter dog! He has a home and a family!! 🏡

On my facebook memories today it was Chewy and I put that he wants a home for Christmas. Maybe I should have specified which year. 🤣 It is ok that it took this long. He got a lot of training and a foster that is "out of this world awesome!!" to get him ready for his family! 👏👏 #getemhome2018 #gothimhome #adopted #foreverhomefound #homesweethome #momanddad #cuddleup #wedidit #family #austinpetsalive

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Wishing a very, very happy gotcha day to our new favorite @austinpetsalive ALUMNI, @chewy_in_atx 🎉After over 900 days in the system, it’s so amazing to see this sweet boy find his family! 🐾Shout out to @dianneb144 for being the most caring & persistent virtual foster mom in the universe. Chewy is blessed to have you and all of us are better for knowing you ❤️

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Best day ever!!!! After waiting almost 900 days, @chewy_in_atx has his very own family!! #prayersanswered #adoptdontshop 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

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There are days where I feel run down by the grind but then there are days like these. Days when a dog who spent over 900 days in the shelter finally finds his forever home. A dog that the dog-loving community of Austin rallied behind. Days like today make every hard moment better. I hold out hope for all dogs, no matter how difficult they are, to find their home. That is why I work so hard @austinpetsalive
events at The ABGB .
repost from @theabgb Chewy came to APA! in June 2016. By July of this year he found a rockin foster mom! That’s when we got to meet him. By spending time out of the shelter environment, Chewy could relax and gain the love and warmth of a home while he waited for his forever family. Over time, he grew a huge fan base at the shelter. So many volunteers and staff fell in love with him. And so did we with his visits here to the ABGB! He also had a dedicated virtual foster who was his biggest advocate. And after 900 days, his wait is finally over. Happy life, sweet boy! Congrats to @chewy_in_atx and his new family! #teamchewy #apa #atxbeer #ouratx

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