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Vicki Grewal  S4 // MK2 // πŸ’•delturnto


The head is finally at the machine shop. Sorry this is taking so long bud πŸ™ˆ #mk2sday

I had the pleasure of doing a ride along all day while Dave drove Club Motorsport. The track itself was beautiful and underway to becoming a hidden gem in the mountains but, regardless of all that - Dave is a driver. I've been around enough tracks and set up cars with their equally impressive - skilled drivers to know and to be able to watch someone so confidently sit in the drivers seat and completely nail every corner kissing 80 mph - it was incredible. I'm feeling so lucky and honored I got to see the work first hand. He knew his lines so quickly. Never missed a beat. The amount of adrenaline and worry a track can give the driver and car could fool anyone into second guessing their skills - but not Dave. He was flat out as soon as the signal was given to go. The best part is there was no available space for any car to pass him as he was right against every car he caught up to. Pumping manual brakes to avoid a Ferrari locking up right in front of him - to correcting a line with a spun out Honda over a crest. Amazing. The car stayed as responsive as Dave was to the track and other drivers around him. And the car? The E30 is an animal. It's been setup in such a way that it retains its elegance but can be flat out in a straight with ease. The best part is it looks like the s54 couldn't possibly be under the hood. It's pretty looks deceive you but it can take a corner with such aggression that it's almost as if the pavement becomes scared and tries to shake the backend free but this car stays grounded. It's ready to jet as soon as the apex has been met. I enjoyed the mystery of it all and the final clue when the straight approached and laid flat beneath the car. The s54 sang beautifully.
I'm beyond impressed by both daves driving skills and his car. Super proud of you. It was an experience to remember and some top speeds to smile about. He clearly knows what he's doing.

Daz nice

We went on a safari.


Phase II - Engine

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