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Caili Chewie  A real down to Mars Girl💕 hula-hooper. Dog-lover. culinary student giraffes, pendys, plants, and sparkly things!

I met this dude four months ago while I was dating my old boyfriend. That didn’t stop me from hooking up with him for months. Two months before my breakup, I told this 30 year old guy that I loved him. Needed a backup plan for when my boyfriend moved out of state. Fortunately it worked! I used to lie to my ex bf and say I was going to my girls house when I would really go see this guy and smash! But after a couple months of sneaking around behind my boyfriends back, we finally broke up, so I could have this guy all to myself (and post on IG about it!)

My first time going to Seaworld, and so got to bring my grandparents! It was a good day ✌🏼💕☺️
#budderblocks #bongbeauties #borobabes #ganjagirls #wcw #w420

Some of the giraffe pictures I took at the San Diego Safari Park yesterday :) #borobabes #budderblocks #bongbeauties #ganjagirls #w420 #weedstagram

Had so much fun taking my grandparents to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! They LOVED the tram ride into the exhibit, and enjoyed seeing all of the animals :)

Started talking to this guy over the summer. I still had a bf at the time but that didn’t stop me from banging him, sexting him, and telling him I loved him for about three months leading up to my bf moving out of state. So happy I still have this 30 yr old though. From backup bitch to main bitch! Hopefully he pays my bills like my old bf did. God knows I can’t pay them myself.

He used to be my backup bitch. I’d bang him behind my boyfriends back. I’d say I was going to my friends house and then go chill with this dude. Even told him I loved him back in October, a full two months before my bf and I split up. I know how to string em along so I can use em when I want em. Fortunately I don’t have to sneak around anymore and now I can post photos of him and act like it was a spontaneous relationship! I just hope this new guy pays for my bills like my old bf did.

We can be so negative sometimes. We forget that we are so so blessed to even see the sunshine, the colors in the world, hear the birds chirping, etc. Today, for every negative thought replace it with a positive one; see how much more positive you feel!
#borobabes #budderblocks #bongbeauties #ganjagirls #w420 #weedstagram

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