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Chester Blacksmith  Oregon

Thanks uncle Leland!! @shitluck

Happy birthday dad!

Finished the #wabdr in 5 days. No picture can describe the feeling of this 600 mile off road route through Washington. Can't wait for the Oregon route next spring.

Fucking outta here.

This was shot in 05 or early 06 by Shad. I'd noticed these two massive 20ft tall full pipes being placed out side a ship yard here in Portland one early morning coming home from work. A few days later a couple of us went down to check em out, when the fab shop was closed. Turns out there made of stainless steel and they have a capsule on one end. The open end was covered with big tarps witch made it perfect to hide in and ride, but so dark you couldn't see anything. We opened the tarp a little bit for light and moved the massive wood railroad ties out of the way in the bottom, and it was golden. The stainless steel transition made this the smoothest metal pipe I've ever rode. Got this photo out of it and it became my first @wethepeoplebmx ad. Congratulations to WTP on 20 years of BMX. I'm so pumped I got to be a part of that.

My new signature model showed up yesterday. Rowan Ronald Blacksmith.

Some Saturday night fever.

Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice

I'm one of those people. #Hehatesit