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C H E S S I E K I N G  Presenter • 🍿addict • tallgal 🙋🏼 Helping YOU find body confidence 💛 🌎? SRI LANKA 🌴 Andrew@84world.com The Ultimate Workout & Nutrition guide 💦⤵️


Who’s ready to get sweady 💦🙋🏼‍♀️ It may not be 32 degrees back at home but it will feel like it after! I honestly couldn’t walk the day after this bad boy, I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had! IT’S AN ABSOLUTE FULL BODY KILLLLER 🔥
8 exercises • 3 rounds EMOM
Every minute on the minute, so the quicker you do the reps the more rest time you have.
SINGLE LEG KICKS 10 (so hard but that 🍑 burn is insane)
add 4 reps to each exercise after every round, I promise you’ll love me after

NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS OR THOSE WITH KNEE OR BACK INJURIES. If you can’t do this workout, you’ll find a variety of beginner friendly, no impact videos in The Couple Bible. Link is in my bio, there’s a new ‘Workout with Chessie’ section for ma riding solo heroes 🕺🏼💃🏼
@onhousesweligama 🌴🐚

Sunscreen? But I won’t get tanned 🙅🏼‍♀️
That is a complete myth & one I believed for years. Would you prefer a tan that will last you a week or skin that is healthy & undamaged for life? 🤷🏼‍♀️ The second one please 🙋🏼‍♀️
It is so so important to protect your skin, your body & especially your face. I’ve been trying to find a face sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out for years & I’ve finally found an oil free, factor 50. I shared it on my story a few times this week but for those who didn’t see (& this is not sponsored) the @zoskinhealth SPF 50 is incredible. I’ve been seeing @katekerrlondon_facialist for my acne & it is one of my steps for my skin routine, even when I’m back at home in the UK.
I honestly cannot explain how different my skin is in just 11 weeks. I’ve struggled with skin problems & acne for over 8 years & I’ve seen a lot of people about it & tried everything under the sun! Kate is the only specialist who has made me understand why my skin was flaring up. Since I came off roaccutane 6 years ago, my skin cells stopped working so there was a build up of dead skin cells that were causing the break outs. I was using the wrong products & I was moisturising thinking it was helping but it was actually making it worse. Kate has educated me & made me realise what was happening with my skin so I have the knowledge for life. I have followed the skin routine she set for me every day & it has honestly completely changed not just the appearance but the feel of it. It’s gone from bumpy & sore to smooth & it’s got it’s glow back. If you have acne or any skin problems I highly recommend you go to Kate. Instead of buying all of those products that say they’re ‘oil free’ & the best at curing acne, spend your money on finally getting an answer from a goddess who knows everything about skin. I still have a few little scars & the odd spot but I really don’t let it get to me because compared to how it was, it feels like a new face 🧡 I’d love to work with Kate to help anyone who needs her expert guidance & my support, who would want an event in the new year focusing on skin health & acne? 💛 Put your hand up 🙋🏼‍♀️

Just here to break up your newsfeed full of perfectly posed bikini photos 👙
I follow probably 95% hot girls (the other 3% are popcorn brands & 2% are puppies) & don’t get me wrong I’m always showing Mat my fav instagrammers’ holiday photos, droolin’ over them, crushin’ on them but... a lot of the time, as much as I admire them, it really doesn’t help inspire me & it actually still makes me feel a little self conscious.
I’d much prefer to see something I can relate to & go ‘oh they have that too, I’m not the only one’, like sitting down & having a little Father Christmas inspired tumtum 🎅🏼
This wasn’t even me ‘bloated’ or at the end of the day, it was 10am, day 5 of the most incredible Sri Lankan adventure 🇱🇰 I have gone through so much with my body, spent so much time hating it, not feeding it & trying to cover it up, choosing a swimming costume over a bikini... BUT I promise you, it feels SO GOOD when you just make best friends with all the bits you don’t like. I workout, I eat well, I look after myself & my health is my priority but it’s all out of my control when I go away, my body just doesn’t react well or adapt & I always feel a bit fuller, I expand a little. A few years ago I used to get myself so upset about it that it would ruin my holiday but from experience & growing up, I now know holidays aren’t about how you look in a bikini, or in a photo, they’re about creating memories & exploring with the people you’re with. The happiest times in your life will be nothing to do with your body or how you look, they will be because of the people you’re with or the places you’re in 🌎🧡💛

NELLIE ELLIE ELLIE PHANT 🐘🐘🐘 So today was pretty special, probably up there with my top 10 days of living on the universe 🌎
I took the birthday orange @mathewlcarter on a safari at Udawalawe National Park 🌳🌴 These elephants are untouched by humans, in their natural habitat left to have the best life but to be admired by people like us 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️
We were park rangers for the day exploring the park in a jeep spotting all the wildlife Sri Lanka is home to 🦅🐊🐃🦌 Please please PLEASE before anyone comments negatively, watch my story. The park not only has 308 square km’s for the animals to play with but also looks after baby orphans by feeding them up when they’ve lost their mummies until their strong enough to join another herd. They put a GPS tracker on them so they can check up on them daily & see how their getting on. It was just incredible & if you’re ever in Sri Lanka, it should be top of the list 🇱🇰

What a human you are @mathewlcarter 🕺🏼 I could smother this caption in layers of gooey cheese 🧀 but you’ll get annihilated by the boys on all the whatssap chats 🤦🏼‍♂️
Thank you for surrendering & letting me steal you & force you to come on safari in Sri Lanka 🐘, promise I’ll make it more fun next year 🙄
I love you my irresistible orange, here’s to creating a million more memories 🧡

This is the face of a girl who used to absolutely HATE her thighs & try every way to hide them but now doesn’t care, they work & carry me around errryday 🧡 I used to always look at other girls legs wishing my were smaller & I’d never wear shorts because I thought they were ‘chunky’! As I’ve grown up I’ve realised there are so many other things to worry about & it feels so much better when you embrace what you gat!

So... I’ve got a new little rap for you (because I’ve been thinking about moving into the rap scene whilst being out here... naaaat) : Thick thighs, don’t downsize. You don’t want legs like french fries. Whether they’re pint-size or full-size, embrace those guys. I want to give every single one of you, all my girls out there, a prize 🏆🍿 Lalalalallaaaave you all huuuge amounts 💛 Sending you all some sunshine from @onhousesweligama 🇱🇰

Opened our Sri Lankan advent calendar door number 5 🎅🏼🤶🏻🚪 & we got a trainless train track all to oursELVES 🚂
Today was magical, we saw the biggest creature on earth... a blue whale 🐋🐳🌍 & made friends with all the dolphins 🐬 / was nearly sick on them right @mathewlcarter (we don’t get sea sick huh 🙄) p.s does anyone else have knees that look like potatoes with mouths or am I the only one 🥔
p.s.s this isn’t in use anymore so don’t worry we weren’t risking our lives just for a photo

Day 1 of exploring Sri Lanka ☑️🌴🐚
In London you can’t really make this your morning ritual but @mathewlcarter & I will be making the most out of the leap of faith all week @onhousesweligama 🐳
We’ve had sun, we’ve had rain, we’ve had lighting, thunder & a storm ⛈ all in a day. The people here are so warm & kind, similar to the Vietnamese & Cambodians, they are so gentle. Head over to our stories to join us on the adventure, tomorrow’s a super early get up to see whales 🐋 (not taking Mat back to Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿) 🧡💛

This was pre-18 hours of travelling feeling fresh ready for our Sri Lankan adventure with enough luggage to last us until next December ✈️🌴🐘 we’ve just arrived & it is absolutely STUNNING. I knew it was going to be gorgeous but no photos or videos do it justice.
I’ve kidnapped @mathewlcarter for a whole week jam packed full of birthday fun & we’re staying in the most beautiful house @onhousesweligama (see my story & feel like you’re with us without having to do the 18 hours)
We’re going on safari 🦒🦓, scuba diving, surfing, picking tea at the plantation, going whale & dolphin watching & soaking up this incredible island 🐋🐳🐬
Who’s else packs they’re whole entire wardrobe for just an 8 day trip?! 💛

So proud to be part of such a powerful campaign with @unwomenuk 🧡 Let’s put an end to violence against women. Together we can draw a line & help those going through it & those who have survived, men & women. 1 in 4 women are affected by violence in the U.K. & in other parts of the world as many as 3 in 4 women 🌎
I want to create a safe space where you can trust each other to share your stories to help. Why do YOU want to #DrawALine 💬

just going to throw it back to browner, warmer days whilst sitting here looking like a marshmallow in 23 layers, 2 hot water bottles & an orange wrapped around me 🍊(@mathewlcarter) what is this BALTIC weather ❄️ Counting down the hours until our adventure in Sri Lanka🌴🐚 We did just put our Christmas tree up blaring out Bublé which was SENSATIONAL (all on ma story 👀) & we might’ve eaten more than half of our advent calendars🎄 I always buy presents for Mat but end up stealing them & wearing them like his @paul_hewitt watch... so I’m going to put it on my Christmas list to 🎅🏼 who’s feeling festive? ⛄️ AD

I want to talk to you about something that is a sensitive subject but also something everyone can relate to in some way; Losing someone. 👼🏼☁️ Whether it’s a family member, a friend, someone you knew... grief comes in different ways for everyone. Earlier this year I lost my Nana & it was extremely difficult for the whole family. This is our first Christmas without any of my grandparents, they’re all up there with each other. Some of my closest friends have lost a member of their family too & it’s been a pretty tough year but I find Christmas is especially difficult.
I always try & talk about people I’ve lost to keep them alive through memories & stories but I also believe when you lose someone, you also gain someone. I’ve gained this angel & I couldn’t love her anymore. It sounds silly as she’s 8 months old & doesn’t know how much I love her, but watching her grow up has been the most incredible thing 🐣 I love you baby bird.
As hard as it can be, I want you to try & talk about the happiest of memories you had with those you’ve lost, especially this Christmas. They would want it 🧡💛

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