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Chesley Long  @campyoga founder travel junkie living on the road super uncle

Uncle of year πŸ…
Running eighth year in a row. Submit your applications to compete.
Guns so big they can't even pick em up.

πŸŽ… Santa came early! πŸŽ…
Brought the perfect amount of rain to create a sheet of glass.
The benefits of being from a village of 200 - an entire lake to yourself, and the sound of silence. Downfall being I had no one to play with πŸ˜‚
My number one fan came down to see that.... I don't still got it.
Thanks Mum! πŸ’
Merry Christmas to all! πŸŽ„

πŸŽͺ This is me high-lining.
Notice my boy @floridaslacker does this for real, and walks between canyons. No biggie. 🐘 I'll stick to walking along the cracks, about twenty feet from the edge. Lucky to catch a friend between National Parks. Denver, coming in hot.πŸ”₯ #lifeontheroad

Hiding in the shadows, taking in Zion for a second time. When paintings were first released in the early 1900's, capturing the beauty, people didn't believe it could actually exist. Take a walk around, even with your own eyes, and you leave thinking it was just a dream. πŸ”­ πŸ’­ #lifeontheroad

πŸ“· Picture quality low, story vibes - REAL HIGH. πŸ‘†
Pulled into the Bellagio to snap the pic. πŸ˜‚ Made my way to the valet parking lane....didn't exactly fit. 😨 Lots of, 'What the f are you doing, bro?'
Tried to convince them that the LUXLITE was the new hotel in town. 🏩 πŸŒ‡
Vegas loves me. 😍 #lifeontheroad #whysobright

Back at that National Park game. Going strong. 🚐 πŸ’€ Death Valley πŸ’€ for the win. #lifeontheroad

🎫 Camp Yoga 2018 LIVE 🎫
More of this. This connection. People coming together. The need to spread it far and wide.
We've made it so you can buy tickets year round to help you plan better. Oh....and we causally added πŸ‚ 🐊 TEXAS AND FLORIDA πŸŠπŸ‚ Y'all know I love when I get to see ya. Make it SOON would ya πŸ˜‰

"Holy shit, Dusty, you wouldn't believe it. There I was, lost in what I could only understand to be what they consider London fog. I came to, and found myself amongst 4500 years of ancient pebbles." #lifeontheroad

"Hey Dusty, is it time yet?" Doesn't get much better than exploring with old friends. Adding some classic @iamsantinavee and @laurabetancourt to the mix. Onward we go. #lifeontheroad

"Dusty, let me tell you about rocks. Rock bridges and rock houses. History. Nature."

Confused? Scared? Excited? Just keep running they said,πŸƒ you'll start to fly they said. 🐝 More adventures with @dusty_nutz paragliding through the Swiss Alps. #lifeontheroad

All looks the same to me. Except the fact I was embarrassed to enter a country that I didn't know existed. My brother is gonna shake his head. Liechtenstein for the win 😍 #lifeontheroad

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