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Chesley Long  @campyoga founder @lululemon ambassador travel junkie living on the road super uncle

πŸ—½Chesley in Chelsea. It's a thing. Teaching at @lyonsdenpy was cool AF. Step into one of the biggest cities in the world, and feel as connected, as though my mother was making me dinner. This place, this life I live is an honour. Thank you @bethanyalyons and @saundersjohn πŸ’₯ Rumour on the street is I'll be back next Sunday. #chesleyinchelsea #lifeontheroad 🍎

πŸ—½ Every time I swing in to @lululemon I'm finding a connection. Stopped in to the new Rockefeller store opening and of course - there was @biancaroweboat doing her thing. They fly in the best all the way from Vancouver for store openings 🐝. Making @ellerobertson11 jealous I hope 🍎#lifeontheroad

Can't you see me? πŸ’ Look, I'm right there πŸ“ Casually assisting @bethanyalyons lead a class of 1000/1001 community members of planet earth 🌍 with a powerful crew of @baptisteyoga legends. Was that a run on sentence? @lyonsdenpy is the place to be. #learning #lifeontheroad

🌞 Follow the light they say... πŸ”¦
Careful, wouldn't want ya to get burned πŸ”₯
What a tour it has been lately! @baptisteyoga everywhere. @ctpoweryoga is my new home for a while 😍🏑 Butttt just kicked it down to Jersey and met the incredible @graceandgloryyoga team. That turned into an extended stay and headed down for a handstand paddle with @itswellpaddle πŸ„πŸ™Œ #lifeontheroad

🚐 New beginnings. Woke up this morning in Vermont. Town of a thousand, slept in the US Postal Service parking lot. Went to the coffee shop to start work this morning, forgetting that I don't have to begin conversation in French. πŸ˜‚ Within minutes, a fellow nomad asks, "Hey, what's Camp Yoga?"....and so the story starts again. @campyoga New York. Coming for ya!

Woweee. 😍
I heard time and time again, "How are you going to run a Camp Yoga, where you don't speak the language?"
Oh we did... and we crushed it πŸ’ͺ
WHAT an incredible Camp Yoga Quebec. Community is community. Showing up to share your love of connection pushes through any boundary you could ever imagine. Can't thank the Quebecois enough. Together we grow. #lifeontheroad #campyoga

Countless hours were spent making this day come together. Approx 10 mins in the re-use it centre in Whistler...hours of reading online blogs about GAPER DAY. πŸ‚ This is it. #yesiconeboarded #conelife #neutered #lifeontheroad

Same place πŸ“ Different gear. Forgot how much I missed Whistler and the news team that assembles when I blow the horn πŸ“― #lifeontheroad

πŸ—» Seventh mountain of the year πŸ‚πŸ“
White out conditions in May calls for a classic black and white with old friends πŸ‘΅ @kristimyoga
Whistler βœ…
Vail βœ…
Jackson Hole βœ…
Park City βœ…
Breckenridge βœ…
A-Basin βœ…
Beaver Creek βœ…

After telling @lena_desmond, maybe she's in my will for all her hard work. She thought it was worth the risk to send me into the depths of the deep. @campyoga - now to take over the world 🌎 at the reign of THE lil Dez. #lifeontheroad

1. You don't realize how much you miss something until it's gone - this even applies to this crew that I rarely see.
2. Three days is far too long for a bachelor party
#sendwater #halp #lifeontheroad

So, I taught in Quebec City!? This journey continues to amaze me. Without knowing France from @studio.rebel I slept outside her studio 🚐. To wake up in the morning, and walk in to tell her she was teaching at @campyoga QC. 😍 My fear of the language barrier was quickly muted by our ability to connect on many many other things.
Then she asked me to co-teach with her in five hours. I was French? She said, I've got you covered. End of story, we crushed it, she's a legend, and the journey continues. If I can teach in Quebec, trust me, you can do anything πŸ‘ #lifeontheroad #campyoga

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