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Today i forgive those who have caused me pain. i let go of the negativity i hold towards them and realize their actions say more about them than about me. __
Forgiveness isn’t forgetting. it’s taking back your power. You don’t have to befriend someone you’ve forgiven, and you don’t have to keep them in your life, but you do owe yourself your power. Take it back.
When you don’t forgive, you hold on. Even if it’s subconscious, those feelings are there. You can be sad or angry and those feelings will grow and change and manifest into resentment. Any thoughts (other than those in passing) that you give to someone who hurt you, is power you are taking away from yourself and giving to them. They continue to be able to hurt you by having that control over you. Forgive for yourself. Forgive so you can move on. You can show love for yourself in that way. Forgive so you can let go. Forgive for you. #headhighheartforward

There’s a fine line between zero fucks given and living an unapologetically authentic version of yourself, but i didn’t used to see the difference. Both are freeing. Both allow you to live the life you choose. But both are two entirely different outlooks.
Giving zero fucks allows you to be free to be you, but doesn’t leave room for growth or change. You live your life the way you want without concern for the outside world or feedback or the feelings of others.
Living your authentic truth allows you to grow and change. It allows you to be yourself openly and freely without concern for judgment, but also without giving a middle finger to the world when it doesn’t agree.
I think both ultimately achieve the same result of letting someone be who want but they differ baseline perspectives. One is from the perspective of screw the outside world and those that don’t agree, the other is I’m gonna do me for me. One is rooted in an ambivalent outlook towards others out the outside world. The other is rooted in a positive outlook towards oneself, without caring what others will say but not devaluing their opinions. One focuses on others’ opinions and directs our energy that way, while the other focuses our energy internally on our opinion of ourself.
I used to be a zero fucks given girl. I’m not anymore. I give a lot of fucks a lot of the time. But it’s not what people think about me. It’s not a middle finger to judgment or outside perspectives on myself. I accept what you believe and how you feel as valid opinions, and feel everyone is entitled to how they feel. However, I’m still going to do me. I’m just going to do it respectfully because there’s room for me to continue to live my life as authentically as possible without telling others to F off (unless they deserve it 😉) #headhighheartforward
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Today i explored outside for 6-ish hours, hugging trees, doing yoga, and walking ridge lines (see my stories for more). It’s the happiest i’ve been in many months. i’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: yoga and nature ftw. #headhighheartforward
What activities lift your spirits??
Wearing my fav (seriously) print from @kosusaofficial

I am absolutely overflowing with happiness and gratitude at all the birthday well wishes i received yesterday. Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your days to show me some love in my comments and DMs!! I will respond to every single one, i just have to do it slowly so Instagram doesn’t lock me out of commenting as a spam bot. Lol. I’ll also be posting my update on my 32 things to do/change before i turn 32 blog post (link in bio) over the next week or so, so stay tuned!
Working on my middle splits win my non-dominant leg bearing the weight. Usually i do these with my right leg higher, but ever since my hamstring tear last summer, I’ve been trying to limit deep stretching on that side and spend more time balancing out my flexibility. Making some serious progress (swipe to see me deepen this), it just takes time. And I’m really enjoying the process and the payoffs of my hard work on my (used to be) weaker side. #headhighheartforward

I’m 32 today. I used to look at people my age and think they were so old and so grown up. Now I’m over here wondering when/if i’ll ever feel like a “real” grown up myself. Lol. Maybe 32 will be that year? #doubtful
Cheers to remaining a kid at heart, regardless of how many years you’ve been alive.
For those asking, I’m not doing anything major to celebrate. My parents are taking me to dinner and I’ll pbly have one too many martinis and call it an early night. No more crazy birthday shenanigans for me.....i guess i am growing up. #headhighheartforward

The beautiful thing about us is that no matter how many times we get knocked down, our spirit can’t be broken unless we let it. #headhighheartforward

When i first started doing yoga, this arm shape was the only way i could find stability in pincha. As I’ve been practicing longer, certain aspects of my physical practice have changed, and now prayer hands is more stable for me. I don’t know why or when that shifted, but i noticed it this past spring.
Anyone else noticed major/minor shifts in how they set up for poses? I am kind of curious as to why my feeling of stability and ease in this pose changed. Maybe because i started practicing hollow backs with prayer arms? Idk.
What i do know is that i always have my trusty @yogisurprise box to act like a block for my foundation. Plus the things that come inside are always pretty killer. :)
Pc: @justinyoga

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
Since I’ve started sharing more about my struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about things i do to manage those intense feelings. How do i get through my depression? How do i tackle my crippling anxiety?
Over the years I’ve developed a lot of coping mechanisms; some more effective than others. I’ve blogged about it in the past (link in bio), but one thing i didn’t touch on directly was how much a practice of mindfulness and meditation helped me.
My friend @namastejenay has recently released a new ebook all about mindfulness and i wanted to tell y’all about it. Creating the life you want to live, tackling mental illness, etc, all comes down to your outlook on life. Can you train your brain to overcome its natural patterns and then redirect your energy in a positive way? Yes. And mindfulness is where it starts.
I’m not an expert in the area, by any means. But i can tell you the practices of mindfulness and meditation have made a world of difference in my life. __
I call Jenay the shining light to my darkness for a reason. Her outlook on life and the tools in her toolbox are exactly what someone in my shoes needs to be reminded about how positive your life can be when you shift your mindset and manifest that shit. Pick up a copy of her book. you won’t regret it! #notapaidpost i genuinely believe in the product she has created.

I used to care so much what other people thought of me. I would spend not hours, but days obsessing over how i was perceived. The reality of it is, in the end, none of that mattered b/c I can’t control how other people feel about me. I can’t control how I’m perceived, no matter how hard i try b/c everyone perceives things differently.
What can i do? I can take steps to be who i want to be. I can works towards being the sort of person i aspire to be. But also I recognize, I can take steps to be the sort of person i want to be perceived as, but in the end no two people will look at me the same. Not everyone will like me or what i do, and that is ok. I do me for me and hope that i can resonate with some others along the way. #headhighheartforward

This little one and i had quite the scare yesterday. Someone cut us off in traffic crossing three lanes w/o signaling in order to get off at an exit. At nearly 70mph, i narrowly avoided a collision by slamming on the brakes...unfortunately that sent Cailey’s body flying into the dashboard, and her head into the windshield so hard that the windshield cracked. I’m ok, but more importantly the vet cleared her and said she seemed fine too. Sure she’s going to be hurting today, from soreness...that whiplash in to the dash and her bonk on the head were no joke. It was frightening, but we are both very lucky. Needless to say, I’ll be spending the next few days keeping an eye on her instead of heading to LA, but i’d rather be 100% sure she didn’t get injured and isn’t too sore. I’ll go to LA another time. But damn if that’s not a reminder to be grateful for our health, idk what is!
Cailey and i are twinning in our (my) @loveyourmelon hats. #loveyourmelon doesn’t just make cozy hats though, they are dedicated to helping fight pediatric cancer and just raised $1,000,000 for the cause. They’re a brand we both really stand behind. If you are searching for a new hat, or a socially conscious gift for the holidays, definitely give them a look!

Its not her steady hand with her trusty liquid eyeliner pen.
It’s not her ability to powder her nose.
It’s not her confidence with different shadow colors, nor her skill at concealing blemishes.
It’s her confidence that makes her beautiful.
She knows she doesn’t need make up to radiate beauty. She needs her light. A light she has to constantly fortify to keep bright, but one she diligently attends to without complaint.
This is because she knows that without it, she would be lost in the dark.
Lost and confused.
Unable to see herself or others, for whom they are and their true beauty inside.
And before anyone comments: yeah i do wear make up from time to time. This is just how i feel about not needing it to feel pretty; something that took a LONG while for me believe about myself. #headhighheartforward #nomakeup #selfportrait #noedit Facetune or whatnot, just the filter

You are your thoughts.
You are your actions.
You are your beliefs.
You are a combination of all that has come before you, and the influence you will leave on those who come behind.
You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are powerful.
You are a mixture of practicality, human experiences, and magic.
Be who you are and act like who you aspire to be, and remember the wonderful ness already deep inside.

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