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Periods suck a lot of the time. Cramps suck, Being bloated sucks. My inclination towards adult acne one week a month, sucks. But my period care doesn't have to. That's one of the biggest reasons I've been paying more attention to what goes into the feminine care products I use lately. I pay attention to what I eat, what I put on my skin, why shouldn't I be more aware of what I use when it's that time of the month? Rael was founded by three women who wanted to shake up the period care industry with natural and organic products that actually work (yes, ACTUALLY WORK). The company’s vision is to educate and empower women with safe and healthy alternatives to the toxic period products in the market. Their products include everything from period panties to tampons to face masks. Self care includes all of yourself, down to what you use when you're on your cycle. This month, I've switched to the organic goodness that is @get_rael. #sponsored #GetRael #LetsBeRael

Just because the sky is gray, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to get in my bikini and do yoga at the beach. Actually, it means that’s probably where you’ll find me since there won’t be tons of people around. 🙌🏻 New blog post up about my love for empty beaches and @athleta swimwear. Link in bio. #suitup #powerofshe #sponsored

When your bag is big enough to hold your towel, coverup, water, and yoga mat, but not to cover up your bum. 🍑😂#soclose #whydoilookpissed
Bag and hat both gifts from @mantisyoga and both worth checking out. #mantisyoga #beachyoga #bikiniyoga #eastbay

There is validity in every statement someone speaks. Now let me clarify. You may think they are objectively spewing bs, but remember that most truth is subjective. Maybe the false statement someone speaks is factually inaccurate, but it still tells you something very valid....about them; about how they perceive the world. It isn’t our job on social media to go around telling people they are wrong (admittedly, something I’ve been guilty of in the past). It isn’t our job to try and correct every bit of misinformation spread around, even if we feel compelled to...the lawyer in me REALLY feels compelled to a lot of the time. If we CHOOSE —Bc it is a choice, plain and simple—to tell someone when we think they are wrong, remember that in the same manner that we interpreted their statement, they are going to do their own interpretation of the words we speak to them. If they believe what they say is accurate, they may not be open to hearing differently. It is not our job to continue to try and convince them of that. By all means, speak your peace. Say what you want as long as you do so respectfully, or at least without being antagonizing. But remember, your words will be interpreted through the lenses worn by whomever you speak them to, and you can’t control how they interpret them any more than you can control what others put out into the world. Use what people say (and do) as a chance to learn, both about them and about how you interpret information presented to you. Sometimes you may think you are right and others will vehemently disagree. That’s your time to learn about yourself and how others interpret things. It doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the situation. It doesn’t mean we have to argue. It doesn’t mean we have to be offensive or defensive or wage war on one another. We all interpret things our own way and we all believe in the validity of what we say. Learning about each other (which includes why people say what they say and react to differing opinions) is how we grow together. We don’t have to agree to get along.
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Photo by @sfreneenyc

I love the weather in California, especially all the sunshine. Unfortunately, I always forget that it’s significantly chillier at the coast versus my inland home. I don’t want to be at the beach in just my bikini unless it’s hot! So happy to be able to try out @athleta’s swim line which includes this LS crop rash guard and these board shorts with built in bikini bottoms. I paired the top with a pair of #athleta leggings until i warmed up, but wasn’t brave enough to go full bikini until after some serious running through the water (lol i don’t run, i splash and stomp like a kid) and a vigorous, sandy vinyasa sesh. Then I had to give the swimwear the Yoga test. Everything stayed covered and in place. 👍🏻 Swipe to see my beach outfits and me chilling at the pool with Cailey with my bikini reversed (as in it’s a reversible bikini, not on backwards 😂). #sponsored #suitup #powerofshe **blog review coming soon. #beachyoga #exploresf #exploreyourcity #dancerspose

For as long as I’ve known him, one of my friends has always said that I interpret everything he texts me in the worst way possible if there is the possibility of it being misconstrued. Like me, he suffers from depression and bouts of self-loathing, and occasionally has a very negative world view. Every time he told me I respond that way, I always replied that I interpret his texts negatively because he is a naturally a more negative person. Not once did I acknowledge that so am I. because certain wires in my brain are little crossed, my natural reaction is to assume the worst. How hypocritical of me to tell him that I interpret his messages negatively because he’s a negative person when the reality is I interpret his messages negatively because I always assume the worst if the worst could be assumed. That’s on me and not him. Had I not been spending time on observing both the world around me and what’s going on with myself recently (if you couldn’t tell from my posts and stories), I might not have realized this and might have continued to blame him where he was not at fault.
It makes me wonder how many of my other friends I’ve done this with. I know that I’m responsible for doing it on Instagram on several occasions, especially back when I first started on here. For example, used to get a lot of feedback about my form in backbends, which was admittedly unsafe (I didn’t know any better at the time). I would always respond with something along the lines of “I know my body better,” assuming that the person pointing that out was picking on me when most likely s/he was just trying to help me keep my body safe.
It’s a shame that sometimes it takes us so long to realize these things about ourselves, but that’s one of the beautiful things about being deeply involved in the practice of yoga. We are always on a journey of self discovery, and that journey isn’t always a straight line.
It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok that in the past you weren’t who you are today. The point is that by acknowledging the less than desirable traits in yourself you can start to work on them and grow. That growth is something to be proud of. #headhighheartforward
Pc: @justinyoga

I am seriously growing tired of the phrases “speaking my truth” and “living my truth” in the way they are used by a lot of people online. Most rational people know the truth is subjective; meaning it differs from person to person. This means the phrase “speaking my truth”, in and of it’s self is a very valid and accurate statement. Unfortunately, like a lot of things in popular culture, the colloquial meaning has been skewed from its intent to empower ppl who are living free, open, and authentic lives. Now “speaking my truth” has become the blanket excuse for people voicing their opinion to reject criticism and feedback. Living a truthful life (however you interpret it), doesn’t mean you won’t or shouldn’t be held accountable for your actions. It doesn’t mean you can brush off feedback you disagree with and expect it to sit well with people. It doesn’t mean you aren’t still a member of polite society. Living or speaking your truth is not an excuse for bad, rude, and/or ignorant behavior. Let’s just leave it at that. #liveyourtruth #butitsnotanexcuseforbeingatool #headhighheartforward #beagoodexample #notreferencinganyone

It’s not how much influence you have that matters, it’s what you do with it that counts in the long run.
When you reach a certain place on social media (number of followers, etc.), you become identified as an influencer. But what good is amassing followers (other than financial and ego boosting), if you don’t use your influence for something positive? Yes, positive actions are subjective, ok. But when talking about social responsibility, it’s a little bit different. People who have become instagram and social media famous are looked up to for their influence; literally for their opinions, suggestions, tips, tricks, and more. In the Yoga community, I’d like to think we try to follow yogic principles. Otherwise, people would be profiting off yogis by faking an online yogic personality (which i know is happening, but i hope isn’t the majority of people). If we then are to enter this community as influencers, with all that entails (ie people looking to us for our influence), shouldn’t we then view the community that elevated us to where we are as one we owe the respect of giving back to in any way we can? And If so, why aren’t more of us using our reach and large followings to make a positive impact on our fellow human beings?
Photo by @justinyoga
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For as long as I’ve been instagramming outside the confines of my apartment (so for last almost three years), I’ve wanted to take a shot like this in NYC. There a few things that are synonymous with every city. Chicago has its bean, SF has its golden gate, NY has many things, but the one that I’ve always wanted to shoot by was the scaffolding that lines so many of the city streets. A busy city with so much going on, these things are everywhere. For some reason, I ALWAYS want to play on them. I have since I was a kid. I put this shot on my ig bucket list a few years and wasn’t able to make it happen until last month when I got to hang with @sfreneenyc for an evening. It’s little, seemingly irrelevant things like this, that create happy moments we can look back on for years to come. An ig bucket list might sound like a silly concept, but its what shots like this do for me, more than the accomplishment of checking them off the list. Plus, I’ve never explored more of the places where I live and travel to!
Do you have an ig bucket list? If so, what’s on it?? If not, what would be on it if you had one??
Lens: @sfreneenyc
Outfit: @aloyoga #notsponsored #pantsnolongerwhite

In the Yoga community, a lot of people hate on others for being vain and posting selfies and/or portraits to their social media; the bigger the following, the more the backlash. Especially if the person’s page was originally based on something other than just pictures of their face or body. But why? This is a visual platform. Let me repeat that, this is a visual platform. This is a platform based on sharing pictures of your life with the world. There is some part of that that is inherently vain. It’s true for ALL of us. We are posting snapshots of our life in part for the likes and positive least that’s how about 90% of us started. But that’s only a small part of it, and beyond that acknowledgment, it’s no one‘s place to judge or spread hate based on what someone chooses to post. So what if i want to post nothing but my face over and over? Just don’t follow me. It’s that simple. It doesn’t mean you need to tear me to shreds or start online threads waging war against my account. You choose who you interact with and how in the same way as i choose what i put out there. Beyond the inherent vanity in posting on a visual platform; remember-you could think someone is vain af and then move on. Move past it. Dislike me, dislike my content, dislike my words, my face, my body, my posts overall, etc all you want...your opinions are your business. But by devoting your time and energy to tearing me (or others....I’m using me as a randomly representative pronoun) down, you’re giving me (or others) power. You’re letting us know you’re devoting your energy to us. You’re following us and watching closely; and yet, our lives go on regardless. So what’s the point? What is the negativity accomplishing?
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Ok but five more minutes please?? Me after waking up from my nap today (I worked from home). I swear the older I get, the more my body craves naps and my eye bags reject them. Lol. I wake up puffier after napping than I do in the mornings. Does anyone know why that is?? 🤔 Those eye gels on my face from @patchology are literal lifesavers. I’ve mentioned them in my stories several times before because Ive been using them for over a year now. They’re like a cup of coffee for your face. #follow @patchology #patchology #sponsored

My mom said she didn’t like this photo “Bc it showed too much boob”. I said “Mom, that’s just my body.” Different people perceive things different way, be it through the lens of their generation, or their personal experiences.
I’m not wearing clothes that are intentionally low cut, I’m not wearing padding, and I’m wearing the correct size. I’m doing yoga with my body in nature. If the first thing you notice is my boobs, that says more about you than it does about me.
While i will admit, it is a lot of cleavage for me, that’s what happens to my body in this top in this pose. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s nothing to fear. It’s nothing to chastise. It’s just a girl doing yoga with the body she was given. #headhighheartforward #loveyourbody

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