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R e d & S h a d o w s♥️|| the light always finds a way in.
case study: colours, textures, shadows, symmetry; public installations.
tbt: sunny fall days.

C C•S t y l e s🔹|| Tuesday morning in repose. Or so what we imagine based on current weather conditions. My workflow is occupied with a few assignments this week –strategising, emails, and schedules. Gathering winter wardrobe duds and accessories. Here's inspo for one of the projects.⠀
If someone asks you "where do you feel your Happy?", what will you answer? I feel my happy in my hands and my breath. It's the doing, the action, the exploring. I need to know it. My hands help me know. They are my eyes. And my breath strengthens and restores. This work—creating—this is my happy. Happy Tuesday, everyone. •Please, do share, where do you feel your Happy? | #ChervelleCamilleStyles

M L K Day▪️|| My growing understanding of the conviction from his words, mission, purpose and journey stands in awe...
For the first time this truth pierces me like a sharp knife, and I couldn't love the call of justice and peace for humanity more. A non-violent system of behavior in seeking to bring about social change for the advancement of justice and freedom and human dignity. All the way back through biblical times, I am grateful for Dr. Martin Luther King, those of his time, before and of today who walk and have walked the road of truth and freedom and justice and peace. "Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children."
Listen to his speech in full. Really listen. And where he cites America, replace it with Every Land and Nation.
And I also urge you to watch last weeks episode of Black-ish titled "Lemons"
As his son said today "At some point we’ve got to move forward"
I say this from my soul, Happy Martin Luther King Day
#MLKDay #TheBeatitudes #Nowisthetime | #ChervelleCamilleJournallingontheEarth

W o m a n 🥀Wednesday|| "Take your broken heart and make it into art." -Meryl Streep by way of Carrie Fisher.⠀

Let's make beautiful art, and "Journal on the Earth" as I've often liked to say!⠀

Visual Art by @iulia.agnew @hairbycasii @beautybyvictoriagrace @kristymcquade and #styledbyChervelleCamille #ChervelleCamilleStyles | #bringontheart #vancouver #bts #ChervelleCamilleJournallingOnTheEarth

B T S▫️||An actual vision. Making art and starting the week off right🖤 Inspiring Women winter shoot styled by #ChervelleCamille with @iulia.agnew, @hairbycasii, @beautybyvictoriagrace and a friend from way back @kristymcquade modelling for us. So glad to have shared this day with you all! Xx | #ChervelleCamilleStyles #CCxBreathe2017 #bts #vancouver

R a w B e a u t y▫️|| "Flaws make me real."⠀⠀
Yes they do. Flaws are one of my most–absolute–favourite attributes of anything and anyone. Albeit, as an INFJ I'm not so generous with myself all the time. Flaws make us real, and most importantly they tell a story.⠀⠀
The last day of 2016, on a very snowy day, I was fortunate to partake in a project initiated by Ally Matos of @allyfotografymediaco. No makeup, no fuss, and no edits to the images, "just come as you are" she said. There was an ease and space to just be. So much so that afterwards, the three of us who were there at the time gathered around the kitchen island and chatted for almost an hour.⠀⠀
I will always support the call and hearts of those who seek to honour women in their most vulnerable selves. Those who strive to help women through all walks find confidence in their own skin. Beauty is unique. Let's celebrate it. Let's advocate transparency by utilising our platforms, through whichever medium for honest and authentic conversations.⠀⠀
It's our 2017th year around the sun, let's celebrate raw beauty and our flaws, let's be more real and acknowledge our uniqueness. I pray we all continue to cultivate our essence and that we will be the light–in every aspect of the word. Let's squeeze every once off goodness out of this year.⠀⠀
Happy New Year! Xxox.⠀⠀
Shirt by @shophumblehumans. | #ChervelleCamilleWrites..⠀

*stay tuned, I have a post coming up explaining where the heck I've been all this time*

P e r s p e c t i v e➕|| approaching life with favourable disposition. New day, new week. Here's to the Normal -Monday(ne)- days. May you be encouraged and aware of your treasure. Happy #Monday #quoteoftheday #poetry #snowday #winter

What a beautiful, raw, hope-filled, and tender evening this was. A group of women coming together for a cause much greater than ourselves. As @idelettemcvicker said, "we become the Hope-givers and the Love-spreaders. And we just may move a mountain or two along the way." Global sisterhood aware of the injustice in our world, joining our hearts and voices for peace. Thank you to all who came to our @shelovesmag Paused + Present event. It would not have been the same without you. And to those who couldn't make it, thank you for your love and support.⠀

This smile, I have not smiled like this in a very (very) long time. I may be repairing my own personal and inner world right now, but when I think of peacemaking for our world this right here is a reflection of "she laughs without fear of the future." This evening, last Monday night, brought upon this smile (or maybe it was the lipstain 😉), and @m.and.him captured it. Thank you, @madsthesedays!
And thank you, from the bottom and deepest soul of my heart, my SheLoves Sisters. Grateful in the utmost to share this life and journey with you.
[also, Facebook breaks are good for the soul] | #PausedandPresent #SheLoves #SheLovesMagazine #SheLovesCapacity #EmpoweredWomen #Peace | #CCxEssence2016 #ChervelleCamille

'Tis the S e a s o n🔺|| This years theme: Tartan! A Classic Christmas inspired by Scotland –a sliver of my heritage, and Ralph Lauren.

Tip for a more lit tree: portion the lights all around. Place some around the length of the trunk, then on the branches start from the centre out. And enjoy the glow! {I mixed red berry and clear lights around the trunk}... this photo does not do it justice. | #MerryChristmas #Tartan #Classic #Advent #Hygge

E v e n t s🌿|| Beginning the Advent season on such a note that my cup overfloweth. An evening of breaking the mold, shattering glass ceilings, and laughter. What was once months away has now come and gone, but its fragrance still lingers on. Thank you to all who attended and to all who rose to speak and share. Thank you for Pausing and being Present with us at @shelovesmag.

Now on to the next!! See you all next spring at Rise Up! What a weekend that will be! | #PausedandPresent #SheLovesCapacity #SheLoves #SheLovesMagazine | #Ineedsleep

G G Date Weekend☕️|| Us three (four if you include Cadence's 'baby'), Gilmore Girls, and giant mugs. Thanks for the sister/mum date night @netflix | @blushvancouver @gilmoregirls #StarsHallow #GilmoreGirls #GilmoreGirlsRevival #AYearintheLife

B l a c k Beauty⚫️|| Feeling like this today: optimistic about turning a bad hair day into a good one; because I'm on my way to get my hair done by my girl @casigill of @hairbycasii. New look, new do, fresh perspective. Can't wait!⠀
P.s. Isn't @asiyami_gold, gorgeous?! I don't say this very often, or at all actually, but I CAN'T EVEN! Now this is honest polished beauty for the ages.⠀

P.p.s. I might actually be wearing a similar outfit #atm, sans the @prestonolivia hat. #happenstance