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Atelier Chervelle Camille  🔹wdrobe stylst:interiors:events:writer ▪️cofounder/creative dir. of T A L E M:: 🔹have a crush on beauty,humanity & authenticity @hertellsations

d r o p it like it's h o t🔥|| true story. I've been known to randomly dip in squats periodically throughout the day. Quite possibly my favourite toning move. (That and bridge hip dips with a dumbbell). But in all seriousness, I am my best self when I workout. More energy, improved strength, and those who know this about me, my menstrual cycle isn't overcome by gremlins at war. I call that a win. Most importantly, I'm embracing this naturally athletic formed body of mine. Muscles are a beautiful thing, and can be feminine, if you adjust your mindset.

After you read this drop 10 squats; I just did ;). Happy Tuesday!
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r a n d o m➰|| Hope everyone enjoyed their SUN-SHINING and WARM long weekend. Mine was simple, and well enjoyed.

I'll leave you a night cap with random facts of me:
•I'm a bit nutty (though I'm a bit careful who I show my nuttiness to).
•laughter is my favourite.
•okay words are also my favourite.
•I love striking up conversations with strangers. Like today at the beach. I had 5min convos with a few people at random, who approached me while I was reading. (although as a introvert, I do enjoy not saying a word, so sometimes when I need a recharge, I'm secretly wishing no one says "hi". But I'm polite so you'll likely get a smile or simple "hello").
•Languages and culture are the most fascinating for me. Currently learning French and Italian, and relearning Spanish. Fist pumps for Duolingo.
•History –can't get enough.
•I workout everyday.
•I can't help but dance when I hear music (refer to nuttiness...because it can get wild, y'all).
•I love water. To the point that I panic if I run out. I pre-plan my day/outings making sure I can refill. #nojoke.
•Haagen Dazs vanilla bean almond bars are my kryptonite.
•I should be in bed... Nighty night✨| photo by @elaineinnesphoto, #StyledbyChervelle, model @emmaolewis

re-entry🔲|| Hi Instagram, I'm back! Hopefully with more consistency –now that my priorities are straight, and my life and focus is more organised. Hope everyone is doing well! How are you enjoying your Victoria Day long weekend, (most of) Canada? I got to take in the view at the sea-to-sky gondola, today. Vancouver is beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, @emmaolewis is a work of art in this piece. Living out my Middle Eastern dreams! I had the pleasure of styling this project a month ago with a group of inspiring ladies. Love what I get to do. #ChervelleCamilleStyles | photographer @elaineinnesphoto, #StyledbyChervelle

c o m m u n i t y🍃|| Thank you @west_village_cafe_ for inviting us out to your summer menu tasting night. Each dish was appetising –all its own flavour, yet complimenting the next. Every bite was savoured, and every sip was enjoyed.

If you haven't visited yet, plan a day to do so. If not for the food and drinks –that I highly recommend– then for the community and friendly environment.

Thanks for for being my date tonight, @misstarateng! Goodnight!
Check my #instastories for more of these tasty dishes.

b o u d o i r♠️|| Along with our giveaway (2 posts back for details) we have some spots remaining for our Boudoir sessions marathon. Email for info! #hellotalem @__talem__ #boudoirsession

you b l o o m🥀|| there is much beauty in dry flowers. I have them everywhere –living room, bedroom, car. There is much life and beauty and art in them yet, even years later. If you have eyes to see it, you will see it. Happy Tuesday!⠀
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t a n g l e d ➰|| Head on over to @__talem__ for our giveaway. One lovely lady can win a *FREE* Boudoir session at our Boudoir Photoshoot marathon on Sunday April 30th! Check our @__talem__ page for more details and the link in my bio for more of our session with Allyda. #hellotalem #giveaway | with @iulia.agnew, @hairbycasii, @beautybyvictoriagrace, #StyledbyChervelle, model @beautybyallyda | #ChervelleCamilleStyles

Good F r i d a y🍃|| I don't have anything profound to share.

But if you are heading out on a mini getaway with friends, may you have a great trip. If you're heading into town to be with family, safe travels and I hope your time together leaves you all with your cup full. If you celebrate Easter, then I hope you find peace today, the day of fasting and lament. If you partook in lent, I hope these were days of growth and renewal for you. If you did not partake in lent, but are only fasting today (or not), then I hope you know that it's still a gift. If you do not identify with or celebrate Easter, then friend I welcome you around these parts, for there is always a seat for you at my table, just as you are! If your kids are going egg hunting, then I hope they're successful in finding a bounty of those colourful treats. And If you're just excited to have the day off, kick your feet up! Alternatively, if you're working, make that dolla! #GoodFriday #Easter | photo by @madsthesedays | #AtelierChervelleCamille #SheLovesMagazine #LongWeekend

F e m i n i n e lines➰|| Dear Body,⠀

I'm sorry it took me so long to understand your worth and your magic.
I'd forgotten how beautiful I felt covered in your skin.
I see that the seduction of my female forms are all beautiful and good.
I see that you are home.
You are the house I've always dreamed of living in.
Forgive me for my neglect.
I will love you better.
I will love my feminine forms.
I will love this canvas truly, madly, deeply.
"I'm in love with the shape of you.⠀
Every day discovering something brand new.⠀
I'm in love with your body."
Head on over to @__talem__ we're hosting a giveaway. One lovely lady can win a *FREE* Boudoir Photoshoot! Contest ends on Tuesday, April 25th at midnight PST. Good luck! For complete rules check our @__talem__ page or visit the #clickablelink in my bio. #hellotalem #giveaway | with @iulia.agnew, @hairbycasii, @beautybyvictoriagrace, #StyledbyChervelle, model @beautybyallyda | #ChervelleCamilleStyles

v i b e🍃|| details from yesterday morning upon enjoying a London Fog from @west_village_cafe_. Got to meet with the lovely @katiecourson to plan a bridal shoot! This is going to beautiful. Can't wait.

Ps. I really like @west_village_cafe_, especially the fact that it's in my neck of the woods. It's nice to uncover new meet-up locations. Plus, the design makes it that much more inviting.

Pps. This photo was not styled. Shot just as I found it. | #AtelierChervelleCamille

i m a g e r y🕙|| forever romanced by English poet, John Keats. Short his life, yet notable his words. Goodnight!
#Chervelleloveswords #ChervelleCamillequotes #wordgirl #qotd #fridaythoughts #wordsofwisdom #touch #romanticism #romanticpoet #JohnKeats

S H E E R chiffon⚪️|| after being hit for the millionth time with the head cold/flu going about town, I'm taking this moment from the fog to prepare for boudoir shoots with @__talem__ this weekend. Happy Friday, friends! | #ChervelleCamilleStyles | #hellotalem | #chiffon #satin #protea #babiesbreath #boudoir

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