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Chervelle Camille | ATELIER  🔹wardrobe stylst::interiors::writer ▪️cofounder/creative dir. of T A L E M:: 🔹have a crush on beauty,humanity & authenticity @hertellsations

E s s e n t i a l s⚪️|| Since I did something everyday this week, today I'm hanging low enjoying the spring weather. With minor touches on the to do list, and preparing for our @__talem__ team Photoshoot tomorrow.⠀

Also, someone mysteriously subscribed me for @elledecor. I've been receiving their monthly issues. I have no problem with it, and it is the most kind gesture for anyone to do for me. So many thank you's. But who are you?! Who did it? And why? #itsamystery . Happy sunshiny Vancouver Saturday! | #CCxBreathe2017 #recharge #essentials #elledecor #aprilissue #randomactsofkindness #CCxRAOK2017 #flatlay

She hides in the shadows, behind the veil, to maintain a little mystery. #pause .⠀

Happy Weekend. | #ChervelleCamilleStyles | @iulia.agnew @agnewmakeupartistry @elatecosmetics @misstarateng, StyledbyChervelle–dress #thrifted and made by me.

a b o v e all⚫️ || Permission granted. Happy Friday!⠀
#FridayThoughts #Chervelleloveswords #ChervelleCamillequotes #wordgirl #authenticity #wordsofwisdom #lifelessons #qotd

j a u n t s✖️|| Mark this under: perfect day. Productive, windy walks, cool temperature, clear sky's, nothing to boast about. This is my idea of a perfect day. Doesn't take much, just pure simplicity.⠀

I visited Steveston Village today for the first time (after 22yrs of living in BC...finally, haha) all thanks to an early morning car appointment. After leaving the dealership, I decided to make my way out there for the day. Slowly driving exploring the shops, I found a cafe (@rocanini) and actually sat with a latte and wrap, and stared out the window. Who am I? After some time, instead of rushing home, I grabbed my iPad and keyboard from the car and proceeded to complete some tasks. As the popular term goes, I set up office to #workfromwherever . Productive and proactive. 2hrs later I packed up and lobbied about town. Steveston is such a quaint and quiet village. I see what the hype is all about.⠀ ___________________________________________________________

And I happened upon Belle's library in Storybrooke. The fictitious town of Once Upon A Time (@onceabcofficial) for those who aren't aware. I'd get my head up in a cloud here too, Belle.⠀

Thanks for reading this post till the end if you did! It's not meant to be boastful, but rather me endeavouring to be consistently authentic by sharing bits of myself with you. Hope you've had a great Thursday! #CCxBreathe2017 | #OnceUponATime #Storybrooke #StevestonVillage #Richmond #perfectday ... (*Check my instastories for more of today's Steveston jaunt*)

c o m f o r t🥑|| last night was exceptionally restless as tears bathed my pillow– life. So today's lunch break special is comfort food: avo on raisin toast finished with herbs and seasonings, with a side of sliced tomatoes; and Haagen-Dazs for dessert...straight from the carton. No shame, all class.⠀

Yesterday was World Poetry Day for its 18th year. I recognised it in my own solitude, but today out of the noise of everyone celebrating (us word lovers) I leave you with a piece from the master of words himself, Shakespeare:⠀

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little lives are rounded with a sleep." - William Shakespeare | #Chervelleloveswords | #WorldPoetryDay #WilliamShakespeare #comfortfood #realtalk

Wed(ding)nesday⚪️|| This year is moving swiftly and we're on the heels of wedding season approaching. Can you believe it?

Well I've been keeping a secret for a few months now –I have joined forces with @brightgrayevents! I will now only be coordinating or planning weddings through BGE, so brides, connect with us over there! The calendar is near full, beginning with our first two weddings next month. The first being at Cecil Green, and we meet with the bride tonight for the final time.
Connect with us soon, we already have requests coming in for 2018! Happy planning and wedding season, everyone! And Happy Wednesday. | #ChervelleCamilleAtelierEvents from last summers Vermillion, AB wedding of A+G | photo by @suzanne_sagmeister_photography

c o u r a g e💬|| Take heart. Happy Monday: new week. | #ChervelleCamilleQuotes | #courage .
#powerfulvoice #speakout #Chervelleloveswords #wordgirl

t a l e m 🔳|| Early morning strategy meeting; planning ahead for all the good things to come for you with the @__talem__ group.

Love working with these Ladies. Hardworking and passionate about empowering women. Not to mention we're always having fun! Also, my shirt is definite call for spring! | #hellotalem #teamwork #empower

T R E A T S🍥|| Hosting is one of my greatest pleasures. I'm in my natural habitat using my hands creating and making from scratch. Holding space for people to gather. Here is the Fruit & Granola Frozen Yogurt Bark I prepared last night for today.⠀

We accomplished a lot at Editorial this morning. Get excited, there's much in-store for you coming soon to SheLoves Magazine. Stay tuned! Hope you're all having a good Saturday. Cx | #ChervelleCamilleStyles | #SheLovesMagazine #globalsisterhood

F r i d a y💭|| Ending the week reflecting. I turned a year older –it was my birthday!; there was lots of love and sisterhood; I love when I gather with my sisters for "Thursday Night Soul Food." Business wise there was a lot of growth personally, and also with @__talem__. And much much more. Happy Friday and weekend everyone! Ps. Have you checked out my instastories yet? This evening I prepared some treats for our SheLoves Magazine editorial meeting tomorrow morning. I also gave recipe instructions. Check it out to make your own! Tag me when/if you do!⠀
Now to get comfy and watch a movie in bed. | #ChervelleCamilleStyles | photo by @teenbug #StyledbyChervelle | #FridayThoughts #CCxBreathe2017 #SheLoves

skin c a r e🌿|| The one thing on the top list of things I love most is skincare. I'm obsessed with product and healthy skin. Today this is my saving grace: @harlowskinco Face Elixir-therapy, and Flora Face Potion-treasure. Which I'm running out of and savouring every ounce each use. Not to mention they smell SO GOOD! (Not pictured: Harlow Wild Heart body butter). In the time I've been using Harlow, my skin has improved, the black spots have disappeared, my skin is softer and it's glowing. I even spread a bit of the elixir on my lips before applying lip balm -which the elixir lip use is not recommended, but I'm a rebel. And the potion is the best refresher. I use it in the morning and at night before bed, and at times of headaches or even when anxiety kicks in. I call it my remedy-911.⠀
What's your favourite skincare products? Are you as obsessed as I am? | #ChervelleCamilleStyles | #myharlow #skincare #facialcare #savingface #wellness #CCxBreathe2017

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