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Happy Thanksgiving!!!❤️❤️❤️ It was so nice to have been invited to join the COSME & ATLA family thanksgiving meal (at 3PM before they opened for dinner service) where everyone regards each other (including me!) like family. 💝💝💝 We don't really celebrate it back home and I've only ever been to one thanksgiving dinner in my life so it was such beautiful experience for me. 🙏The best thing about being a Mexican restaurant is... we had turkey with 3 kinds of MOLE sauce from Oaxaca, and of course tamales!😋😋😋 Swipe left for amazing photos by Jorsand Diaz. 💞 #thanksgiving #happythanksgiving #cosmenyc #atlanyc #newyork #nyc #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiunewyork #worlds50best

Fact: You do get a welcome glass of champagne on Cathay Pacific's premium economy class for long-haul flights. 🥂🍾My 18-hour flight from Manila to NYC (via Hong Kong and Vancouver) was actually pretty comfortable w/ extra leg room and ample seat recline. 👌There is likewise a proper menu hence I decided on a dimsum breakfast (swipe left), they give you a bottle of Evian before take off, and you have noise cancellation head phones-- ps that show "Younger" is feel-good hilarious! #cathaypacific #cathaypacificjourneys #lifewelltravelled #premiumeconomy

I woke up today in the greatest city in the world.🗽🇺🇸 I am so thrilled and grateful to be back. 💞💞💞 #new york #newyorkcity #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiunewyork

I first went to VEA quite literally when it opened in 2015. Back then, the focus was on an 'integrated' dining experience i.e. cocktail-pairing tasting menu. Since then, chef Vicky Cheng's cuisine has evolved to Chinese x French (honoring his Chinese roots with his French training), earning him a Michelin star, and a spot on the radar of The World's 50 Best Discovery Series (Asia).👌👌🙌

For instance, I chose to highlight this sea cucumber dish bec it's something so prevalent at Chinese restaurants. At VEA, it's refined to a crisp (roasted), stuffed with flowery crab, sitting on house-made rice noodles on a sauce made from crab and 12-year-old shaoxing wine. 🍷

And if you swipe to the left, you'll find a one-bite wonder that has all the things that most human beings like: foie gras, uni, caviar and white truffles.😄☺️ #vea #veahk #chefvickycheng #chinesexfrench #tdininghk #tdininghk2018 #hongkongtatler #asias50best #michelin #hongkong #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong #finedining

Upstairs at Belon is my new favorite place in Hong Kong for a quiet nightcap-- where you can actually talk to-- and hear-- the people you're with. 💕 Thanks for taking us here, JJ!😘 #belon #belonhk #upstairsatbelon #wine #cocktails #bar #hongkong #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong

Seriously one of the FUNNEST nights I've had in a long time.💕💃🍾 The T Dining 2018 Best Restaurants Awards ceremony at the Kerry Hotel + our little unoffficial "after party" in La Cabane, Soho!😂🤗😋<Keep swiping for photos of the event, chefs & foodies!> Congratulations to the T Dining team and my dear Charmaine Mok!💕 Thank you for flying me in all the way from the Philippines ❤️❤️❤️

For your reference:
The 2018 T Dining Top 20 Best Restaurants in HK are:
Amber | Arcane | Belon | Caprice | Epure | Frantzen's Kitchen | Godenya | Golden Flower | Haku | Jade Dragon | Neighborhood | Okra Bar | Ronin | Samsen | Serge Et Le Phoque | Shinji by Kanesaka | Ta Vie | Tate Dining Room & Bar | The Tasting Room | VEA

Best pastry chef: Nicolas Lambert, Caprice
Restaurateurs of the year: Black Sheep
Best cocktails: The Old Man
Best interior design: Tate Dining Room &Bar (designed by JJ Acuna)
Best new chef: Daniel Calvert, Belon
Best service: New Punjab Club
Local champion: May Chow
Sustainability champion: Peggy Chan
Best new restaurant: Samsen
#tdininghk2018 #tdiningweek2017 #tdininghk #hongkongtatler #hongkong #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong #chefs #chefstalk #fun #thisishongkong #discoverhongkong

Tell me, how am I going to look at tuna tartare the same way again?!😱😱😱 At Haku (which just opened in July 2017), chutoro tuna from Nagasaki is mixed with Polmard beef and topped with Kristal caviar- and served w/ light potato crisps. 😍😋🤗 FYI, the 8-course dinner Tasting Menu is priced at HK$1380 but this dish can also be had ala carte for HK$488. #haku #hakuhongkong #harbourcity #tsimshatsui #kowloon #hongkong #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong

A birthday surprise from one of Hong Kong's hottest new restaurant openings for 2017. 💞 Thank you so much!🙏🎂 More on Haku on my upcoming post. ❤️ #haku #hakuhongkong #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong #birthday #hongkong

Dimsum Duets was such a super collaborative event to celebrate the art of dimsum, organized by T Dining Hong Kong ❤️❤️❤️ Chefs who do Cantonese-style cooking (Lee Man-sing of Mott 32 & Leung Fai-Hung of Hoi King Heen at Intercontinental Grand) were paired with chefs who do non-Chinese-style cooking (Max Levy of Okra; Daniel Calvert of Belon; Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room & Bar; and May Chow of Little Bao) to create bites that encapsulate this spirit of learning and collaboration. ✨

We had 10 dimsum courses and everything was lovely. 💞My personal faves though were the BBQ puff with unagi and foie gras (1st photo- by Max Levy + Lee Man-Sing) and the fried toast roll with hairy crab roe (by Leung Fai-Hung)- last photo. 👌👌👌 Congratulations everyone!!!👏👏👏 #dimsumduets #tdininghk2018 #tdiningweek2017 #hongkong #dimsum #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong #vzug #hongkongtatler

The Old Man is ❤️. Hong Kong's 1st Ernest Hemingway-inspired bar recently opened in Aberdeen, Soho, serving cocktails inspired by his novels-- but with an Asian twist-- by Agung Prabowo, James Tamang and Roman Ghale. 👌

We loved The Sun Also Rises (a kind of negroni but with a curry infusion) The Snows of Kilimanjaro (marshmallow gin topped w/ gruyere cheese). 🍸🥃

And in case you didn't notice, that's Hemingway's portrait on the wall-- made from recycled materials. The bar is designed so guests can stand anywhere-- even behind the bar.

They chose to reference to "The Old Man and the Sea" as it's a story also of hard work, perseverance and dedication-- similar to their story of opening their 1st bar in HK. A must to check out when you're in town!!👌👌👌 #theoldmanhk #ernesthemingway #hongkong #cocktailbar #cocktails #cheryltiutravels #cheryltiuhongkong

Has it seriously been a year, Hong Kong?!😱🇭🇰 Yes, cos immigration noted that my frequent visitor's pass had expired! 😭💔 Hence, a huge honor to have been flown in for the 2018 T Dining Best Restaurants Awards / T Dining Restaurant Week - and to be staying at the newly opened Kerry Hotel by Shangri-La, Hong Kong's 1st urban resort. ❤️ Thank you so much for having me! It's gonna be a great week and will be posting all our food adventures on my IG stories!☝️#TDiningHK2018 #tdiningweek2017 #HongKongTatler #KerryHotelHK #BayArea #HongKong #CherylTiuTravels #CherylTiuHongKong

In the Philippines, Little Flour-- Wildflour's little sis-- is now open daily from 6AM to 10PM (although soon 24 hours). It serves up Wildflour's & Pink's best sellers; but new on the menu are the rice bowls, based on their Filipino concept in Los Angeles, Sari Sari Store (named 20 hottest restaurants in LA by Eater-run by Ana de Ocampo's sister, Margie and husband Walter Manzke, of Republique). 🍚🤗🍚 Swipe left for the roasted mushrooms on whole grains & black rice. 😋 Other options include sisig, lechon manok, etc. Congratulations dear Ana and team!!!💞👏💞 #littleflour #wildflour #wildflourgroup #bgc #manila #philippines #filipino #ricebowl

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