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Cherry Healey 💋  Presenter @bbcone Sunday Morning Live, @bbctwo #insidethefactory, @wtvchannel #sexknivesandliposuction @thehotbedcollective ✨Ambassador @eveappeal

🌟SCUMMY🌟I’m so excited to be seeing the amazing @scummymummies at @bushhallmusic on the 8th October with guest appearance from the wonderful @mother_pukka - it’ll be a HOOT 🤣all proceeds go to @practical_action 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼#comedy #parenting #charity

🌟BOOTY🌟sorry for all the programme spam but I’m excited that the first episode is going to be on air (@wtvchannel 10pm tonight) - you’ll never look at a Kim K style booty in the same way again. #booty #surgery #whatitcosts #beauty

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPO🌟tonight’s the night...the first episode goes out at 10pm on @wtvchannel - it’s such a complicated, layered subject. Surgery can be life-giving for some and for others it can be the biggest regret of their lives causing them debt and leaving them with a body/face that they wish they’d left alone - Id love know what you think 👂🏻#surgery @wtvchannel #body #beauty #whatisbeauty #augmentation

🌟READ THIS🌟please swipe to the left and read this beautiful, wonderful post by @stylemesunday - that is all 💓👌🏼🌟

🌟DOUBLE TROUBLE🌟tonight was wonderful like all @eveappeal evenings are - an incredible panel giving us potentially life saving advice and brilliant questions from the audience - also thank you to all who sent in questions on social media 🤟🏼And next Monday I’ll be at the Tottenham Court Road branch of @oliverbonas for more @eveappeal fun with this gang - another great collaboration 💓👌🏼💪🏻

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟need a dress that fits in a handbag + @asos asymmetrical knee-length LBD = ready for a special evening. Last night was amazing and I felt amazing in this dress - and my trusty faux snakeskin block heels from Office (old) and my favourite necklace from @rocknrawjewellery - I also used the amazing @invisibra for the first time and it held everything perfectly in place - I am a total convert 👌🏼#fashion #style #ootd #fashionmaths

🌟TALKING TABOOS🌟tonight I’ll be hosting a panel for the @eveappeal talking all things women’s health with this amazing panel - if you’ve got any questions please leave in the comments below 💓💓💓

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPO🌟thank you to wonderful @thepooluk @wtvchannel for hosting such am amazing screening and Q&A for the new series which starts tomorrow at 10pm 😝🌟special thanks to @gempinkney and @erina_jones for doing such an incredible job getting the word out there about the show 🤟🏼and thank you all who came out to party🍸🌟

🌟PERIOD SHAME🌟periods need Glastonbury’s PR team - every year people deal with smelly portaloos and rain and mud and wet wipe showers and yet the joy of it shines through and it’s a celebrated event - periods are the same but without the mud 🤣They are definitely to be celebrated and whilst there is certainly some admin - they are pretty amazing and incredibly clever. Women are magicians. #endperiodshame #brilliantbody #mud *thank you @freyalingerie for the quote!

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPOSUCTION🌟it’s nearly TX time for episode one - showing on @wtvchannel at 10pm on Thursday- has anyone heard of, wanted a or had a Brazilian Butt Lift? Well, if you’re curious tune in to see the reality behind this new body trend 😬#surgery #augmentation #beauty #surgery

🌟SUNDAY MORNING LIVE🌟today’s show was jam packed - the two topics debated were • should we have a four day week and • should smacking be made illegal? What do you think? Thank you to all that messaged the show - both topics caused a passionate response online. It was so lovely to see @behindthenetra whose poetry has inspired so many people 🌟And a huge thank you to Lauren Rolf who drew such a beautiful picture of Party Time - what a brilliant surprise! We also got to eat delicious honey cake made by Bake Off Semi Finalist Stacey Hart and Editor of the Jewish Chronicle Victoria Prever - not a bad start to a Sunday! Thanks also to comedian Geoff Norcott for joining us for Review Of The Week 🌟@BBCone

🌟GET AHEAD🌟I’m so excited to be co-hosting an amazing event with @stylemesunday on the 30th Sept set up by @drsharonwong talking all things hair loss - her brilliant #getaheadofhairloss event has so many incredible experts to give advice, support and and guidance - get your ticket now! #charity #hairloss #knowledge #support

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