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Cherry Healey 💋  TV Presenter, doc maker @bbctwo #insidethefactory, @wtvchannel #sexknivesandliposuction Co-founder @thehotbedcollective ✨Ambassador for @eveappeal

🌟INSIDE THE FACTORY🌟Factories are a funny beast...either very hot or very cold and always really noisy 😝but always so interesting and this one is 👌🏼Can’t wait for the new series to be out 🌟@bbctwo #factory #television

🌟JUGGLE🌟some days are overwhelming and some days I have a tiny cry and then put my big girls pants on and get on with it and some says it feels ok and some days it feels amazing and smooth and fun and joyous and Sunday was one of those days. We scrounged around in the morning and got out of our PJs at noon, went to a fun fair (watching Bear go on his first *tiny caterpillar one!* was amazing ☺️) and then a delicious feast at a pub with lovely friends and then home to make Eaton mess and watch silly telly. It’s all the good stuff and it’s magic and it makes it all worth it 🤗#family #slowdown #parenting

🌟MENTAL HEALTH🌟this book is just absolutely wonderful - I’ve loved @_sarahwilson_ for a very long time but this has blown me away. I return to this book over and over again. A really special gem. #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #books #knowledgeispower

🌟INSIDE THE FACTORY🌟we’ve started a new batch of #insidethefactory and they’re absolutely cracking ☺️ This is one of the stellar team Sam - he’s an incredible director and even when he comes to work dressed as Axl Rose he never fails to create telly magic - can’t wait to tell you what our next series will be! Feel very grateful to be part of this amazing show 😝 #science #food #television #documentary @bbctwo @voltagetvuk

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟today’s #fashionmaths is dedicated to Eleanor who wrote to @fatface to ask them to put pockets in girls clothes. Which other companies shall we ask her to write to? All of them?! Maybe just to remind them that women have money and keys and phones and why do we have those strange pretend pockets🤣? I understand that my daughters doll has clothes with pretend pockets because all she does is lounge around the house brushing her hair BUT I would really love to have real life pockets to put stuff in. It’s not exactly keeping me up and night but it feels like one less thing on the list. Amen Eleanor 💪🏻#fashion #fashionmaths #changes

🌟GET LIPPY🌟 my absolute favourite nincompoop @karen_hobbs will be performing her taboo-busting comedy excellence at @oliverbonas on Tottenham Court Road on Tuesday 6-7.30pm with @eveappeal for their wonderful 💋 #getlippy 💋 campaign 🤗 FOR TIX follow the link in @karen_hobbs bio 💓#talkaboutit #vagina #gynea #health #comedy #nincompoop

🌟WHAT DO YOU THINK🌟...about surgery...a few questions tonight...if you know someone is open about having had surgery - specifically bum augmentation - does it diminish how beautiful you find their body? Do you feel like it’s cheating? Do you mind if someone promotes fittness and uses #squats when they’ve had procedures without being upfront about surgery? Or is it not a big deal? Do you wish people could be honest or do you think people have a right to keep it to themselves? If you had surgery would you tell people? Or would you pretend you’d been on a new fittness programme / had a good nights sleep? Are there any rules to how honest we are about surgery? #sexknivesandliposuction #body #bbl #surgery #bodypositive #empowerment #choices #bodygoals #bodytransformation @wtvchannel

🌟WEEKLY MANTRA🌟people used to think the world was flat and eat food without ketchup so seriously don’t accept everything you’ve been told. I’ve been told a thousand times through fairy tales and movies and TV shows that women are very silly delicate sausages to be saved and those women that aren’t waiting to be saved are mean and evil and manly and emasculating and aren’t unable to be loved or to give love. That’s a load of all sheet. You can be feminine and make strong, fast decisions, you can be a leader and lift up the people around you, you can strive for good, better, best and still be as soft and nurturing as a cat with kittens. Question everything - work out who you are and what’s right for you and create mantras to protect yourself from other people’s need to box you. You’re the boss, you’re in charge, you are entirely up to you. 💪🏻 pic via @tonightjosephine 🌟🌟🌟#weeklymantra

🌟SURGERY🌟so many questions, so many opinions, so many twists and turns...definitely not for the faint hearted...#sexknivesandliposuction @wtvchannel #surgery

🌟BRAZIL🌟day one of our Brazilian filming trip...and what a view on our way to our first location☀️. We’ve got so many questions about the culture of surgery here...I have feeling it’s going to challenge everything we think... #surgery #documentary #brazil #sexliesandliposuction @wtvchannel

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟 when work is as busy as a hive of bees my bandwidth for fashion hits a basement level and I depend on simple simon style. God bless @asos for their amazing commitment to curating the finest variety of black jumpsuits in all the land. Which one do you like? This is Britain’s Got Jumpsuits and two have got to #jumpsuits #judge #fashion #jumpsuits

🌟MOVE FOR FUN🌟when the kids say ‘there’s no way you can do a flip Mum’ rag to a bull....🤣

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