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Cherry Healey 💋  Presenter @bbcone Sunday Morning Live, @bbctwo #insidethefactory, @bbc5live Sunday 8-10pm ✨Ambassador @eveappeal

🌟FUN BOX🌟sometimes when you’re in a sad funk you need to sack off your To Do list and go have wine with a lovely human. Thanks @hungermama for bringing me some birthday joy 💓💓💓#funbox

🌟ASK QUESTIONS🌟never underestimate how many messages you’ve absorbed/ been fed about what society wants you to be, for convenience, for ease for them, because they had to do it, out of habit. I was told I was a Tom-boy for being good at sport but I was never comfortable with this and it definitely negatively affected how I felt about myself as a Real Woman (see @stylemesunday for a great post about this). Because I can catch a ball (test me) and run fast and can understand team strategy and can wield any stick you give me (keep it clean) I felt I wasn’t really a woman. I still played sport every single day growing up, nonetheless, as it is intoxicatingly fun and I was really good at it. But I struggled with the images of women I was told were Ideal as they weren’t strong or covered in mud or occasionally shouting at her teammates. I felt like I must be a hybrid gender (I really felt confused about it for a while- this was way before the gender conversation started and thank god for it). And god bless conversation and understanding and progress. It seems the world has started to recognise that women aren’t just what we’re told to be. We can be women and also fucking good at sport. So good, in fact, that an actual real life woman has been awarded the top prize for sport. And yes, the phenomenal footballer Hegerberg was asked if she could twerk (so help me god) whilst collecting the award but I honestly believe the DJ didn’t mean to offend - it’s just systemic rather than consciously disrespectful - I’m sure he wouldn’t have asked a male sports star if he knew how to lap dance but his apology was sincere. Anyway, it’s a huge milestone - for those that don’t understand why women are still banging on about equality in such a modern age, here is one pretty obvious corner of inequality. For those that say women have already got it so good: maybe you don’t see the many many corners of inequality from your privileged circumstance, just as I don’t fully understand my privilege and I need to have open ears when people tell me they are frustrated and ignored and I want them to educate me and help me support, if I can. Imagine if we didn’t have to keep justifying our frus

🌟BUSINESS TIME🌟I love being freelance - it means I get to collect the kids (when I’m not filming) and make up the hours in the evening (sounds awful but I find my job really interesting so I don’t mind - well, most of the time!) I know people say “this generation always have their heads in their phones” to which I give the most gigantic eye-roll to because,
Jeff, my phone is my office and it means I can be entirely flexible and my kids are pretty happy about that and I don’t come into your office and mutter “bloody people looking at their computer during work hours”. I can keep up with logistics and creative and research without being tied to a desk or asking if I can go to the gym at 10.30am because that’s when my body fancies it or having to commute during rush hour or ask anyone’s permission for time-off and I can shift and flex to be there at the school gates and carol concerts whilst being able to earn enough money to be the sole breadwinner. And yes I look at my phone and computer in the evening but that’s because I’ve spend four hours cooking and playing with my children. So put that in your pipe Jeff (ok I’ll leave Jeff alone now. 🤣 It’s taken me a while to get my head around the fact that I can be as fiercely productive in a pair of jeans while sitting in a cafe as when I was tied to a desk - far more in fact. Of course it’s hard work and if I dont get shit done then I don’t get money - and if I go on holiday or I’m sick or have a baby I don’t get money - and if I’m sad or tired and can’t motivate myself I don’t get money - I can’t go into work, get my pay but hide behind a computer checking Facebook. I don’t have regular colleagues for that gorgeous solidarity or for crap jokes around the water cooler. So I’m not saying one is better than the other but it’s certainly been a revelation for me and my family life. Anyway, huge huge congratulations to @annieridout on her brilliant new book The Freelance Mum. 👊🏼👏🏼🤘🏼🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟#work #makeitwork #freelance #independent #business #entrepreneur #family

🌟RADIO FACE🌟what a delicious way to end my residence at wonderful @bbc5live - @charlihoward is one of my heroines 🦸‍♀️ and @notagainben & @lalaletmeexplain were brilliant as always - this week we talked about casual sex - especially during Christmas party season - and the Dos and Donts of dating apps...listen again on @bbcsounds - but for now, time for bed after a lovely but very busy weekend 😊

🌟MISFIT🌟today I will mostly be reading this gem by @charlihoward in preparation for my interview with her on my final @bbc5live show on Sunday evening - I am a huge huge fan and so what a perfect way to end the series 💓🤗🌟If you have any questions you’d like me to ask this Wonder Woman please add to comments below 📥💡🌟I’ll also be asking an embalmer all the questions you want to ask but are too scared to ask, again, add any below and I’ll add them to my list - see you Sunday 8-10pm peeps 💓

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟I absolutely love the run-up to Christmas as you can’t move for an excuse to go out out - and so I’ll mainly be wearing these amazing @roguematilda beauties or having them nearby so I kick off my heels and dance until my thighs burn 🤪🤟🏼💃🏼 #fashion #ootd #shoes #trainers

🌟NHS🌟 Today I had the great pleasure of talking to Matthew Wright on @talkradiouk about how tech could transform our NHS. How would you feel about a FaceTime type appointment with your GP? New research from @_RocheUK shows that 78% of 18-24 year olds would be happy to share their health data to help provide better diagnosis and treatment - would this sharing of data be a step too far for you or are you happy to see tech changes? #nhs100 #ad

🌟PEARLS🌟I absolutely adore this necklace by clever @oliviaandpearl - if you’re looking for a pressie for someone I reckon they’d be pretty happy with this #gift #jewelry #pearl #ofwisdom

🌟THANKS🌟giving thanks to @rcook228 and @taysegalla for such an amazing thanksgiving shindig - also giving thanks for hot baths to undo the muscle ache caused by a lot of wine and contemporary dance 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

🌟RADIO TIME🌟thank you @georgethepoet and @fleetstreetfox for being my guests on the show today- and to @shaunbaileyam for telling me how he got into politics and what he’d like to do if he was the next Mayor Of London - and of course to the always brilliant @lalaletmeexplain our resident relationship expert 🤘🏼💓🌟Thank you to our callers Lily and Amy for your honesty and sharing your stories 😌 AND to @nicknsammy for answering our awkward questions 🤣🤪 @bbc5live

🌟MONKEY TENNIS🌟this is the taster tape for my new show where I am a brilliant yet troubled detective tech entrepreneur super hero and I solve mysteries with my trouserly-challenged partner Donald. Coming to a TV screen soon🤪🤦🏼‍♀️💡#watchoutmrsmarple #watchoutavengers #ironlady

🌟DANCIN’🌟a walk down memory lane when I did a screen test for an American talk show with @deionsanders @constancejonestv and @mrbobbybones who has just FLIPPING WON @abc_dwts Dancing With The Stars 🌟😆💪🏻🌟What a bloody legend! His motto is Fight, Grind, Repeat - he’s unbelievably hard working and even though he was the least likely to win by the bookies...he fought hard and WTF he now owns a sparkly glitterball 🌟🤪💪🏻🌟Well done brilliant @mrbobbybones and your amazing dance partner 🌟Thank you for the pic @constancejonestv and the memory reminder💋Oh and no the show didn’t get picked up which was a shame as it was a hoot but at least I had a week of fun in LA with this motley crew and I reckon the commute would have been fairly gnarly 🤣

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