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🌟FRIDAY FINGER🌟I love Fridays for so many reasons - partly because, hopefully, I’ll have worked hard and parented hard and it’s the start of mooching about with the family or seeing friends or dancing like a loon to R n B ☺️But I also look forward to @stylemesunday ‘s Friday Finger every week - this woman gives so much of her heart and soul and time to fight to change the narrative around beauty and to help women feel good about themselves - and low and behold she has collaborated with brilliant @eleanorbowmer and now we have access to actual Friday Finger cards every bloody day!!!! Thank you for the amazing cards - they will be a daily reminder to stand tall - I love them 💓🤟🏼🌟#beauty

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟desire for leather MINUS the sweatathon = waxed high waisted trousers from @karen_millen 👌🏼The last time I stepped into @karen_millen I was 15 and I bought a pinstripe trouser suit (it was so loved for so many years) but then yesterday I found a few cracking items - these waxed trousers are so flattering and this pink piece of jumper excellence is so soft and cosy (so many jumpers are scratchy WHY?!?!) - and yes the minute I came home from the show today I jumpered into my stretchy leggings because it’s just necessary to eat Mexican and watch a movie with weather like this #saynotoscratch #ootd #styleinspo *hand earrings from @monki and shoes very old @topshop

🌟SUNDAY MORNING LIVE🌟what a pleasure to meet the brilliant Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid (pictured) on the show today and thank you to all the kids who hung out with me on the piazza on a chilly morning! Right I’m off for some sofa surfing and food eating and paper reading - bliss 👌🏼#sundayfunday @bbcone And as always thank you to the amazing team (pictured are Sandy our lovely floor manager and Phil the esteemed cameraman 🤟🏼)

🌟MAKEUP NOT WAR🌟little makeup shoutout to those who like a defined lip during the day and would like something not too shouty but something that isn’t a wall flower either - my favourite combo at the moment is @ctilburymakeup Very Victoria lipstick with the Supersize liner - such a great colour and only a little bit shouty 🤣💓#beauty #makeup #lipstick

🌟WORK🌟today was a goodun - I had the honour of meeting the most amazing artist and seeing inside his hidden studio surrounded by trees - it’s so hidden it looks like he is hiding from the law 🤣He is so brilliant and interesting and we even had time to lie down in his magical garden for a moment- it reminded me that I don’t spend enough time in quiet and in nature - what a wonderful work day with a brilliant person #work #insidethefactory @bbctwo #filming

🌟MENTAL HEALTH🌟It’s #worldmentalhealthday day and I’ve read the wave of posts with so much love and happiness that this subject is starting to break out of its shame cage - there is still a long way to go and I agree with the stories from @lalalaletmeexplain that action is stronger than a motivational post - both are needed but I’m making an effort this week to educate myself more about the policies of my local council and about what’s going on around me - and calling those who might need some support. The time I felt least mentally healthy was when I had small children and I was so deeply tired trying to juggle work and no sleep and being perfect mother and I didn’t see friends for a long time and felt isolated and overwhelmed and would cry if someone randomly hugged me - I’m not claiming to have suffered anywhere near as much as others but it made me realise, even with a moment of feeling bad, how hard it is to reach out as I just didn’t feel it was important enough or that I could take up peoples time with how I was feeling. I think many many mothers can tell the same story. I adore adore adore my children and I wish I’d known that admitting I was struggling was no reflection on my ability and love as a mother. Anyway, today is a good day for the changing attitudes around mental health and so I’m celebrating tonight 🌟😊🌮#mentalhealth #parenting #mentalhealthawareness day

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPO🌟well the series has finished but you lovely lot keep sending great feedback about your thoughts and temptations and fears about surgery - it’s a complex issue with layers of patriarchy and vanity and insecurity and fear at growing older (which could/are all under the patriarchy banner). But sometimes you fight the norm and sometimes you don’t - and I used the excuse of journalistic curiosity to try Botox but the reality was that I wanted to lessen the lines on my face. I was so torn by this as lines tell our story and I don’t want women to feel they need to hide or apologise for getting older (and wiser and more knowledgeable and deeper) but I gave into my vanity and went forth. I wasn’t scared of the pain - I was scared of how it would make me feel about myself. I’m still not sure. I get a spray tan and wear makeup and highlight my this different? What do you think? @wtvchannel #botox #surgery #beauty #natural Thank you to wonderful @drninafacialsculpting for being so kind and chatting through things with me 😊

🌟FASHION MATHS🌟never enough hands + need easy access money/phone/keys + anything with a beaded tiger face = bumbag of dreams. Mummy’s little helper. 💓🌟💓👌🏼#fashion #bumbag #ootd #ootdfashion #bum

🌟SUNDAY MORNING LIVE🌟cracking show today and not just because it involved someone making me a flat white as part of an interview 🤣 Ok hometime for food, a bike rise and a movie #Sunday #weekend #best

🌟SUNDAY MORNING LIVE 🌟do you agree with Kathy Lette who thinks that marriage benefits men more than women? Research shows that now women are able to be financially independent that more women initiate divorce than men as they find that with marriage comes the expectation that they are also the household maid. Do you think she’s onto something? Is there equality in your marriage? Do you think women get swept up in the romance of marriage but don’t realise it comes with a side helping of relentless laundry and solo child rearing? Or is it the cornerstone of our society? #marriage #debate #relationships

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPO🌟in the last episode of Sex Knives & Lipo on @wtvchannel I visit the epicentre of plastic surgery- Miami - and I met one of the top surgeons who has augmented his wife Anna for the past ten years. When I first heard this story I wondered how this dynamic would work - long term relationships are hard on their own without your husband offering an annual nip and tuck - I thought that must be such a knock on your confidence as a woman. The reality is, of course, not as simple. Anna has always been and is naturally beautiful but also because her personality is beautiful - and it is HER that requests the procedures rather than her husband offering them - she is bright and kind and co-runs his business - they are a team and her plastic surgery is her choice. I loved chatting to them and once again all my preconceived ideas were smashed. #surgery #beauty #body #choice

🌟SEX KNIVES & LIPO🌟the FINAL ep airs tonight at 10pm on @wtvchannel - it’s a BUM BUM fiesta tonight at I head (I hate saying I as it was a gang of us and we all shed blood and sweat to make this) to Brazil - home of our current obsession with enhanced butts. Let me know what you think...#surgery #butt #booty

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