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Cherry Healey 💋  TV Presenter for BBC, peoples stories, doc maker, women’s rights, #MoveForFun & #FashionMaths Co-founder @thehotbedcollective


🌟FREEDOM🌟can you imagine what it must be like to accept yourself? Can you imagine what your brain and heart could do if they weren’t consumed with the texture and size of your thighs and stomach? Can you believe that if you stop the self hate you won’t binge but maybe your weight would be stable and healthy and you might feel happier? I know I used to feel terrified of letting go of control and feeling self acceptance as I thought the minute I unclenched I’d eat ALL THE DONUTS but that wasnt the case at all. But I still return to bad habits mentally - I still fall back into a shitty familiar place of scathing self criticism - the type of which I would not dream of ever thinking about someone else. When I think my daughter could one day think that about herself...it breaks my heart into a million pieces....Not On My Watch. I’ll do everything I can to prevent that and it starts with me. And this film is a beautiful way to right those wrong messages I’ve absorbed for three decades. Show this to everyone you possibly can. It’s medicine. #body #idonthavetimeforselfhate #health

🌟GIVE YOURSELF LOVIN🌟I’m so so excited that the brilliant film Embrace is now on iTunes - it beautifully highlights the pervasiveness of the problem - the passion of Taryn, founder of @thebodyimageproject is amazing - I had the joy of interviewing her for my podcast (that’s on pause but not gone ;) and am so thankful for women like her and @stylemesunday for speaking out about the constant, obstructive private pain and pressure women are under to change how they look for the pleasure of others. It’s got to stop. #bodypositive #loveyourself #imtoobusytohatemyself

🌟YOU ARE NOT A MANTLE PIECE ORNAMENT🌟When I had my daughter 8 years ago I promised myself that I would get rid of my body hatred. I started therapy (for other reasons as well but this was definitely one of main things I wanted help with) but I had no idea how hard it would be to shift, how bone deep it goes, how it’s been there since I was tiny, how every time I make any progress I re-emerge into the world and hear the message that a woman is primarily how she looks. Her kindness and her brain are just a bonus, at best. I am so sick of the constant negative narrative that’s on repeat as I try to get on with my badassness. The time spent hating my thighs and stomach, the scorn I pour onto myself for not looking better and thinner is something that I can never get back. Doing therapy weekly has shown me why it’s such a complicated issue - I’m learning so much about it. But it makes me weep how many women live, everyday, with their very own private torment- maybe never telling anyone what goes on in their heads and hearts. It can affect every part of their lives. Women’s value isn’t in how attractive we are to others - I am not a fucking mantle piece ornament - but holy cow that’s not the message I breath in every day. Thank god for the weekly enlightenment through therapy. It’s slow but how can I expect my beautiful precious daughter to live free from silent self hate if I don’t live it myself. I’m not giving up until this shit is gone. How can we really have equality until we use our brain time equally and until we don’t have to feel apologetic for not looking like computer generated women. It’s a bugger to unpick but it’s political, emotional and essential.

Cat, Coco, Bear, blanket, lego...💓#home

Film is in the can. Shopping in the bag. Cab to the airport ordered. #india #filming #television #documentary

🌟THANK YOU GLAMOUR🌟@thehotbedcollective podcast is number 1 in @glamouruk sex and relationships podcast charts AND no.14 in the iTunes charts 😝 Sex in relationships is really hard to talk about but don’t worry Hotbed has got your back - to listen to episode 1 click link in bio🌟#podcast #sexafterkids #relationships

Day 3 done...now time for a long and beautiful drive back through the countryside in the low evening sun...India is amazing #filming #travel #india

Making telly is one of my biggest passions. This morning we got up very early and filmed a huge Indian market - we saw the enormous scale of it on a rooftop as the sun came up. We drank ginger chai with the market chairman. I knew it was a money-can’t-buy kind of moment. Plus we got perhaps the worlds coolest photobomb. During the afternoon we were nearly broiled alive so, you know, swings and roundabouts 🤣#Work #passion #india #markets #food #factory #insidethefactory @bbctwo

🌟Waste Not Want Not🌟and other things my mother says that are bang on. I’m in mega spring clean mode and I’m giving up my old homeware, accessories and clothes for good for @cr_uk. Have a good old rummage about and not only will you make more space for things like the endless bits of random artwork kids bring home from school BUT ALSO you’ll also help raise funds for vital research into cancers that effect children and young people. So, time to fill a bag and take down to @tkmaxx ! #GUCFG #ad

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💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓My favourite Valentines pic of the day via @thehotcrossmum #love #relationships #realrelationships

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