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Had a “Blade basic tactics” class today. Was teaching some principles of Combat Serrada Escrima. 🥋🔪🔪⚔️

A good way to start your week with some run! #motomonday 🤙🏽

Finished another course on the other side of the globe. Everyone was giving his 100% to make it through 🐸 🥋🔪👊🏽

It’s always an honor to “pin” a newly promoted Marine to your rank, but it means a lot more if that is one of your Marines and what makes it a really special when he is your friend! Congratulations @dannygrigsby_3 !!! Absolutely well deserved!

I've couldn't asked for a better team, collective and group of individuals than you! It was pure joy and proud to spectate your self development and progress! Every single practice with you means a lot for me and it's always been hard to say "bye" but I'm lucky to say "see you soon" and we will continue what we have started almost 9 months ago!!! ⚽️👺👹 Present from my "little team" due to my departure!!!

Just officially finished my MA class! It was pretty intense, challenging and even fun! Big thanks to @carlsongracieteam, BJJ Professor Thomas Cronin and Master Nick Moreno who volunteered and shared their skills and knowledge with Marines! @jcjenningssd Your legacy is still on track Sgt! Lol 🥋👊🏽🔪 #onemindanyweapon

После нервозной и активной партии в гольф - не плохо пообедать и продегустировать парочку винных сортов в @leonesscellars 😅😜🍷🍷

Started this week playing some golf ⛳️ with @mr.k0nstantin 🏔😅😎

@fc_reddevils_youth ⚽️👺 are ready for the season!!!

Serrada training with Master N. Moreno was pretty intense and fun today 😅🔥☠️🥋⚔️🔪🗡

Saturday. Sand. Swing. ✌🏽⛳️🏝

Thank you @carlsongracieteam for a such warm welcome !!! #bjj

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