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Cherie Faye  a thankful heart πŸ’›

#ICYMI Kadiwas in Northwest California enjoyed an evening of games, interactive booths, live performances and art! What a way to start 2017! #NWCCFO #IglesiaNiCristo #Northwestdontrest

It's been quite a while. Happy Flower Friday :) πŸ’› #flowerfriday


Another House of Worship dedicated to our Almighty God. Praise always! Happiest of blessings, Park Ridge! πŸ’™ #parkridgepv2017 #iglesianicristo

Tune in and join our discussion on love, courtship, & relationships at #INCRadioCalifornia this Saturday, Feb. 4 at 7:30am PST via the INC Radio app available for iOS and Android πŸ“² and online πŸ’»
#IglesiaNiCristo #ChurchOfChrist #Radio #Streaming #Faith

"I Will Always Choose You" is a song so dear and close to our hearts. It was humbling for us to be a part of a group that performed this beautiful song with a beautiful message after the dedication of our home locale officiated by the Executive Minister. This is a day we'll remember in our hearts and will continue to inspire us as we grow in our faith. God continues to love all of us in so many different and beautiful ways. Praise always be to God for blessing our local with this beautiful Chapel and for blessing us with a Church Administration that constantly inspires and reminds us to always choose God. πŸ’› #MtnViewPV2017 #IglesiaNiCristo

With every moment and with every blessing, we are loved more than we can ever know. We can only look forward to all of the wonderful and beautiful blessings ahead. There is always so much room for God's love! To 2017, praise always and happiest new year! πŸ’›

3/10 Thankful for activities and projects that remind us to shine brightly and to share the light we've been given. A throwback to C3 in DC as we all raised our torch to the sky. πŸ’›βœ¨ #Shinebright #INCPhotoaday

2/10 Before I was a CWS Teacher, I was a CWS Chairperson. Before I was a CWS Chairperson, I was a CWS Choir member. Before I was a CWS Choir member, I was an INC Kid who just wanted to sing with my Ates and Kuyas in the Choir loft. Forever and always an INCKid at heart. πŸ’› #INCKid #INCPhotoaday

1/10 Always and in all ways, I am proud to be INC! πŸ’› #IAMPROUDTOBEINC #INCPhotoaday

Always so many beautiful reasons to be thankful and always so many wonderful blessings ahead. Happiest Thanksgiving to our brothers and sisters around the world. πŸ’› #IglesianiCristo #YET2016