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Cherie  Melbourne based Disability rights Robotics My disability is not inspirational

Palette 🎨

Packing my bag for Melbourne tomorrow and Dip won't leave my side 😒

Throwback to my first personal branding. #onbrand 😏

Ready af to move back to Melbourne. Finally moving closer toward my dream job as a robotic engineer. 😬


Shh my son


Not bad for your first headline @oneruel @chelseadonoghue_ @nateflagrant


Taranaki πŸŒΏπŸƒ

Today in #limblossawarenessmonth seemed appropriate to talk about phantom pain. The last two nights have been sleepless and what I would describe as torture. The twisted part about my phantom pain is how it's at its worst when I'm lying down aka trying to sleep.

The also say phantom pain is brought on by stress and lack of sleep - causing what feels like an endless cycle.

I can always feel my "other" foot. I can move my toes on the leg that doesn't exist. I can feel textures against it like my sheets or grass. My foot tickles when a dog licks me. But worst of all is the pain, these last two days have been the worst in about a year and I'm finally starting to feel it ease off.

Sometimes it's a shock-like feeling and sometimes more stabbing. This time the feeling was the tip of a knife being stabbed underneath my toes. I've tried countless treatments, medications and mind tricks over the past 20 years and am yet to find something that works for me.

My boyfriend found something today called Farabloc and I'll be ordering one of their blankets soon. I'll share if it works for me just in case there's anyone else out there looking too. I'm off to catch up on some rest, but that's my phantom pain experience. 😴

Island style holiday 30 mins from home 🌴🌊

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