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Chereen Zaki 

A few days ago, a friend reminded me how much I had missed this place. It's where we had our US wedding. After living in #Dubai and #NewYork, I've never appreciated Virginia's nature more than I do now. #Virginia #nature #botanicalgarden #spring

Touching the grass for the first time

Bold, beautiful, and hilarious. If I'm half the mother you are, I will consider myself successful. Happy Middle Eastern Mother's Day to my Mom!

Brain fog.

Baby Snowflake ❄️

I swore off dessert until I lost the remaining baby weight, and then this happened.
#kunafa #middleeasterndesserts

Vegas. Photo by @ccsheffield

Another throwback to Gouna.
Ah, how I miss being blonde and tanned.

Dreaming of the Red Sea on this chilly night 🌊
#egypt #gouna #redsea #tb2010

So wrapped around that tiny pinky. #msa #elh #pleasesleepatnight

There's no one I'd rather have imaginary conversations with. Happy birthday to our Sabry 💕

Shrimp scampi on this stormy Saturday 🍤

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