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Che  Hello! I am an independent graphic artist focused on creating leftist propaganda. Feel free to share my art and educate people.

I should probably come out and explain my long absence, so I'll just be blunt and say I'm not nearly as interested in politics anymore. I'm still radically left and I still read and such I'm just not into it as much I guess. A couple months ago I hospitalised myself for depression and ever since then I've really lost my passion for this type of stuff. I am however creating an etsy shop soon to make patches and shit so I'll likely use this account for that when I start it. So peace out for now folks ✌

i found a socialist booth at the pride parade and somewhere else someone was holding a huge rosa sign it was rad

my soon to be new backpatch


kinda early on experimenting with graffiti styles but i thought it came out alright. pls tear it appart i wanna get better

I may have started a cold war at my school whoops (ignore the misspellings i fixed it in another version)

also have a poster i made for a movie about commuminjas that my friends are making (the Japanese is google translated)

lowkey forgot i was working on this for like a week

I won’t try to deny it, but I’m absolutely an ‘armchair anarchist’. I simply don’t go out of my way enough to help direct change other than heart pictures of riots on instagram. That being said, I’ve very recently been reading into Libertarian Municipalism as well as Bookchin in general, and have become extremely politically inspired. So here’s my first official ‘essay’ I suppose.
Libertarian Municipalism is extremely possible on American soil, especially with the surge of direct action lately. We, the people, are reclaiming politics. For example, Black Lives Matter, or for that matter any area with a poor urban youth is extremely important to the revolution we are unfolding. These areas have seen oppression on both a racial and economic scale for decades, and now they are rightfully fighting back for their stolen rights. The population of lower class urban youth is surging with revolutionary, specifically leftist, potential, and we must act upon it.
For years, specifically african americans have experienced cruel discrimination by police, as well as our conservative government as a whole. And in recent times, Black Lives Matter has sprouted upon the anger of these communities. It is essential that we enlighten these angry communities with socialist ideas. These recent, subjectively senseless riots must be given purpose, and we must fulfill that purpose.
Poor african american areas that come to mind such as Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, as well as many others, are breeding grounds for socialist grassroots movements, all that they need is the socialists to incite it. So I encourage my comrades to travel to such areas with a soapbox and some Bookchin, and educate those who need this kind of guidance. We need mass political advertising campaigns in these areas, advertising encouraging protests, squatting, direct action, and above all municipality.

(oc) fuck it just barely doesn't fit oh well

ive been listening to too much GLOSS tbh

Check out this DIY folkpunk album that I did the cover art for, he's a cool dude

this came out way better thn i expected. thick acrylic paint works fuckin wonders

felt like posting my jeans because I never post anything

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