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Che  Hello! I am an independent graphic artist focused on creating leftist propaganda. Feel free to share my art and educate people.

Some recent work I've done to go along with a short update: Etsy coming (hopefully) very soon. edit: ignore the last one its supposed to be a gif

This is actually really important. When they say anything you say can and will be used against you they mean it, they will use ANYTHING to incriminate you. Guilty or not the legal system is against you, there government has literally lost count of the amount of laws. Simply say no comment to anything they ask, you have the RIGHT to remain silent.

I'm just paraphrasing from a lecture I watched the other day so if you're interested in like 40 minutes of why you shouldn't talk to police ever just google "dont talk to the police" and you should find the lecture, I highly recommend it.

first batch of pins under way... not sure if i want to start the store with just this design just to have a store or if i should wait to get more designs

hOLY FUCK LMAO some salty popular right wing blog wrote about the rally and im in the first picture staring at the camera lmao i saw him take this picture now

im officially a right wing meme omg

went to a rally finally can i renounce my airmchair status yet?

etsy progress i guess

I should probably come out and explain my long absence, so I'll just be blunt and say I'm not nearly as interested in politics anymore. I'm still radically left and I still read and such I'm just not into it as much I guess. A couple months ago I hospitalised myself for depression and ever since then I've really lost my passion for this type of stuff. I am however creating an etsy shop soon to make patches and shit so I'll likely use this account for that when I start it. So peace out for now folks ✌

i found a socialist booth at the pride parade and somewhere else someone was holding a huge rosa sign it was rad

my soon to be new backpatch


kinda early on experimenting with graffiti styles but i thought it came out alright. pls tear it appart i wanna get better

I may have started a cold war at my school whoops (ignore the misspellings i fixed it in another version)

also have a poster i made for a movie about commuminjas that my friends are making (the Japanese is google translated)

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