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Chenoa Maxwell  Self Love Specialist. Possibility Pusher. Founder of Live Limitlessly. ✨ Coach for Personal Mastery & Lasting Love. ❤️


Whoa! A bit overwhelmed, a whole lot sad, and full of all kinds of emotions from numbness, confusion, appreciativeness relief, and aloneness.
No matter how good or how bad your relationship with your parent may have been, no one can prepare you from the loss you feel when that bond begins to disintegrate and fade away from you forever. [My mother] is on her last days here on earth...and all I have ever argued with her with over over, cried about, and wished for her to be no longer matter. All that matters is the now. This moment, that I still get to kiss her face still warm from life; Tell her that I love her and let the sound of her words, "I love You" formed by strained breath land on me, heal all the wounds inflicted, and rock me to peace forever. Xo

"...But that's what makes the world go round 🎵
The ups and downs a carousel.
Changing people's heads around
Go underground, young man....
People...make the world go round." -The Stylistics

When I was a lil girl I used to play this song over and over and over again. Something about it, 🎵struck cords in me- transported me, almost the same way a good movie does.
As I board the plane to go be by my mothers side , so much of my past is immediately present- flooding my senses and my emotions. The ups and downs of life....full circle... just like a carousel. Prayers for her please as her journey to next dimensions fast approaches. 🙏🏽✨

Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion. 🥂Cheers to another day of life! #cherisheverymoment #cherishthoseyoulove #livelimitlessly #paris

Few things are as important to your quality of life as your choices about how to spend the precious resource of your time. #Travel more. Stress less. #Love wildly. Take more risks. Stay present. #LiveLimitlessly #paris

I want to know what internal dialogue is going on inside of you that you need to change so you can attract all that you desire into your life?

And I want to know how I can help you? #livelimitlessly

#mood every minute of every moment here in #Paris

[By and large, I'm a simple girl.] If you actually take the time to know me, it's the smallest acts of thought that get me off and make me happy. Not to say, my eyes don't like nice, cause beauty and #luxury is also a big part of me. But, taking the time to provide me with the very things that make my heart sing will always keep you at the top of my list. #Breakfast in bed with a great pot of #coffee and #glutenfree bread is just one of those things that will ALWAYS make me smile. Add a dope hotel and some extra loving and you won that day for me. Lol! #Paris #mornings #livelimitlessly

And day turned into night and our love continued to unfold as the celebration of HIM turned red hot. #martinturns40 #paris #redhotnights #love #happyhehappyme #livelimitlessly

...that moment in the middle of the Museum you're inner #MarilynMonroe comes out and gets captured. 🤣 📷by @mjmii @museelouvre #paris #livelimitlessly #moments #lovinglife 💋

There's such a negative wrap about aging, but [getting older] has its perks too.
It seems as though time itself becomes a greater gift. And so much of what you've taken for granted in your youth -turns into pure gold. Simple things become grand, relationships get scaled down but gain in quality, and the confidence you have in yourself quadruples.
I was reminded of this yesterday when I went to the #Lourve - I've been before, but yesterday was the first time that I actually had the desire to take it all in. And so we walked, talked, toured, ate and drank our way through 6 hours of a #Art #Culture and #History delight. And with every step I became more joyous, and empowered by what time has evolved my brain and spirit into. ✨ #Paris #livelimitlessly

Wishing my [Object of Art] a Happy 40th Birthday ❤️ Today's All about YOU my love. May the heavens continue to bless you with more decades full of that contagious smile, sexy swagger, Einstein level intelligence, perfect physic, great health and Uber generous heart. You are my king and I love you more than words can say. Cheers to you! 🥂🎂

...because #Paris is always a good idea. #happybirthday #love #Martinturns40 ❤️

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