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Chenoa Maxwell  Self Love Specialist. Possibility Pusher. CEO of Live Limitlessly. ✨ Coach for Personal Mastery & Lasting Love. ❤️


🌙💫 And then the universe said, “Everything you need is within you. You are stronger than you know. You are the daylight. You are the night. You are #Magic ~ All you seek is possible. You are not alone. You are Limitless.” ✨ #ConsciousLiving #awake #LiveLimitlessly #photooftheday #tbt

Today GET FOCUSED, I mean really focused. Sometimes we get too excited about the future and the big picture that we forget to Focus on moving from where you are now to the next step only. START by eliminating all distractions - whether that maybe social media, TV, random phone calls or the friends who try to get you to go out. Make your #success to do list, set deadlines and start knocking things off one by one. YOU CAN! End of story! #livelimitlessly #humpday #consciousliving #inspire #evolve

As I ask the Universe to bless this year of my life, I thank it for all that it has provided me up till now. Filled with so much #gratitude for all that I have learned & received. ✨

I thank myself as well in advance for this year of my life. I thank myself for everything I tried, and experienced - whether or not it worked or didn’t. I thank myself for the times I believed in myself, especially for those times when things seemed bleak and I had to use my willpower and lean on my #faith to get me through. I thank myself for the times I got it right. I thank myself for the times I went beyond my fears and stretched beyond my comfort zone. I thank myself for the times I was generous with myself and others. I thank myself for the times I invested in my dreams. I thank myself for the moments I spoke my truth. I thank myself for.... #itstartswithyou #love #joy #peace #success

Tonight before you go to bed Do one of these gratitude rants for yourself. Get in the practice of living in #gratitude.There is just so much in #life to appreciate. #Sunday #vibes #consciousliving #livelimitlessly

“I am trying to learn from the autumn (winter) leaves, the way they dance before letting go.” - Pavana ...Love this #quote #nature is #beautiful and can teach us so much if we observe it. 🍃

[One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn to say] in order to keep #love strong in my #relationships was “NO,” I won’t lend you the money.
Even though, I knew how much my family member needed the financial support and was counting on me once again to bail them out, for the health of our #relationship and my bank account-- I had to learn to say, “no." As a solution, instead, of offering a temporary band- aid, what I offered my loved one was my time and #wisdom. Rather than getting upset with me, they actually took me up on the offer and we sat for hours discussing the root of their financial challenge until we came up with solutions that help solve them and become more financially empowered.

I love @KellyCorrigans book "Tell Me More" because it reminds us that when we have the courage to have those hard conversations it creates possibility for love to grow and flourish. According to Chapter 3, she learned that lesson beautifully too! Because sometimes saying, “NO" makes room for YES!

#LiveLimitlessly #TellMeMore #PenquinRandomHouse #ad #saturday #mood

Mid-day fueling. 🍃✨ Let’s forget vanity for a second and spend a quick second talking #HEALTH

Every food we eat has a vibration that effects us on an energetic-chakric level.

So when we make food choices that align with our intention to look great and feel greater, not only are we telling our subconscious mind that our health matters we, are also creating the opportunity to tune our bodies naturally so they blossom into health without force or strain.
#Friday #FoodForThought #ConsciousLiving #livelimitlessly

Every single awesome, delicious, and challenging moment of it. Make friends with Father Time. Bless the stars and the heavens daily for your breath and mental clarity. Cherish those hard lessons for they forced you to move into expansion. Take pictures of everything. Tell people you love them. Talk to random strangers. Do things that scare you and if you’re stuck... get the help you need! Experiment more. Get curious. Take the risk. Travel the world. Break past your fears and say to them, Fuck You!!! Because...way too many of us die too soon & after a while no one remembers a thing we did. So touch a life make a difference and make your life the B E S T FRIGGIN’ S T O R Y in the world. Don't waste another precious moment. Have an awesome day! 🍃#livelimitlessly

As you begin to undress and enter into slumber mode ask yourself, “What did I offer to the world today?” It could have been as simple as offering up your dazzling #smile, holding a door for someone other than your date, extending a much needed ear and listening patiently, or just allowing another driver to merge in front of you.

Each time you offer up these simple acts of grace, you create a smoother day for someone else, leading you to feel better about yourself and karmic credit.

By doing what we can to #help others, we then experience #life as increasingly loving, cooperative and supportive. #swetdreams #nightnight lovelies ....💋 #livelimitlessly #evening #wisdom

The interesting thing about ✨EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE✨ is that sometimes we become so numb to it that it becomes almost comfortable to carry. It’s as if you become so used to carrying that mixed bag of negative and unprocessed emotions you’ve acquired throughout the years that you don’t realize how much more you could see and do if you were carrying a lighter load.

Just because you can’t see it or feel doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Want lasting joy and/or love? Dig deeper. Do the work and clean your emotional house. #livelimitlessly #life #relationship #wisdom for #happiness & #consciousliving

✨”Where you stretch yourself and dance with life, there you find your treasure.” 🌈 #livelimitlessly -————————-——-— #quoteoftheday by #me #chenoamaxwell #inspiration & #vibes #jamaica #photo by @meckdelina #magical #moments #fb

The day you BELIEVE, FEEL & KNOW you have the power to create your own miracles...you're gonna be high all the time from the abundance of light and love inside you. ✨

#knowyourworth #understandyourpower 
#livelimitlessly #wisdom 
#realtalk #goodvibes

Good morning lovelies!! ✧✨ Day 6 of my #DETOX and still going strong. Woop woop!
Wishing you a great #Saturday filled with will power, fun and love. ♡

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