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Chenoa Maxwell  Self Love Specialist. Possibility Pusher. Founder of Live Limitlessly. ✨ Coach for Personal Mastery & Lasting Love. ❤️

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? Sending everyone a lot of LOVE from my beautiful hotel view in Greece. Xo @livelimitlessly

Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax. Sending everyone peaceful vibes this Thursday! Xo #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

Travel energizes me. I get to do it enough to feel satiated and it really does give me so much energy and perspective. #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

Greece here we cooooooome!! The countdown to a MUCH needed vacation starts now! #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

In order to be in a healthy & loving relationship it is imperative that we start with ourselves and ask, “How am I doing? Am I in a good place? Am I available for Love?"⠀

If we want to be in an incredible relationship, then we gotta do the work on ourselves to make sure we understand our worth, fix our issues, accept and love every part of ourselves and feel happy and peaceful inside. This is how we attract an awesome partner. #justsaying #relationship #tip #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly @mjmii

It means the world to me when a client or someone who follows me on social mediaI tells me that something they read on my feed or learned in my session changed their life for the better. Keep sharing lovelies. I love hearing from you. xo #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

People who SMILE often are generally more confident, less guard, less stressed and more magnetic.⠀

Don't believe me? #ChenoaSays try it out for a while. See how the world responds to you. #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

Sunshine, music, light and an amazingly designed space are vital to my happiness. ⠀
What are a few things you need to feed your happy? #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

My creativity thrives on three things: ⠀
1) Alone time to connect and align my spirit self and the creator ⠀
2) Sensory stimulation. ⠀
3) Lighting is key; I have to be in bright light or sunshine. ⠀

P.S. sometimes I light a candle with a beautiful scent and/or put on music by Micheal Whalen; his meditation tracks are lovely. #LiveLimitlessly
@patrickphotographs @livelimitlessly

Good morning Lovelies! Waking up full of love, happiness and encouragement ⠀
Your conscious state of mind is definitely a choice! What is YOUR story today? Claim it!! #ChenoaSays satisfaction is mind set away. #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

Ask Yourself…what small changes can I make today that will yield huge health rewards in my future? #LiveLimitlessly @livelimitlessly

You can get a lot more done, and enjoy doing it much more, if you take more time alone and better care of yourself as you go.⠀

When you make time to be idle and relax, cultivate calm in your life, and be present, you’ll also be happier because those are correlates of well-being. Join me in Bali, October 14th for 8 days to #rejuvenate & #transform in paradise. I promise it will be your best investment and #vacation to date. ⠀
Clink the link in the bio to reserve your spot today. #LiveLimitlessly #retreats @livelimitlessly

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