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Shipra Chenji  Masterchef top 16 season-5, Breadpreneur, Athlete, Interior designer,

When all your boys are at home 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦, they drive you up the wall ! 🤷🏻‍♀️#thestoryofthebluemat

Nothing else comes first when it's Mango season! 'Naked Mango' was the name suggested by Aarka. Don't know what was on his mind but I loved the name. It's eggless mango soufflé topped with whipped creamy yoghurt, wild blue berries and mint. It's perfectly summery! Let's beat the heat ! 💃🏻#lightgreenoven #summerdessert🍒🍈🍓🍇🍑🎂☀️❤️ #mangoyoghurt #mangomania #nakedmango

Yesterday when I went to Kendra , I saw these mulberries on the tree, loaded. Some came home with me. Today morning they were calling out loud for my attention . Whole wheat spinach bread from Light green oven , fresh basil ( from my terrace garden ), walnut & cashew pesto, cucumber and mulberry sandwich. Transfers you straight to paradise! Nutty flavour of pesto gets enhanced with these juicy sweet crunchy mulberries. Sets your mood perfectly to begin your day ! #lightgreenoven #mulberry #mulberrysandwhich #summerfruit

On my ride today I found this man enjoying his ride with spring loaded back seat ... literally ! He is distributing joy home to home ! Happy Easter everyone ! #cyclelikeagirl #bikeridelove🚴 #enjoyyourride #sundaybiking🚲 #springintheback

It's okay to take a break in between your rides, especially when you are in good company. After all it's the company that makes the ride luxurious that's another thing that some like to look at the birds or go fly a kite when the bearer gets the bill😂😝 All said and done I have the best buddies and I love the start of the day to begin with them on long rides! #bikeridelove🚴🏻‍♀️

Love grows wild with mango Greek yoghurt sprinkled with mint sugar ..... ummm it's perfect summer dessert ! The fresh and fragrant mint sugar bursts out love in the mouth ! Photo courtesy Aarka Chenji. #mintsugar #mangomania #mangoyoghurt #summerdessert🍒🍈🍓🍇🍑🎂☀️❤️#lightgreenoven

Despite the forecast, live like it's spring. #cyclelikeagirl #morningride #springtimes #bikeridelove🚴

Layered vanilla and chocolate chunks Bundt cake with cream frosting and cherry glaze.
This rustic three layered cake happens to be for 3 hotties err Arians I mean 😍and one of them is me .
Swaroop, Srisha, shipra, all two days apart, Arians to the core, best friends, life savers, pros, lovers of life, larger than life..... did I miss any thing !?
Yeah ... cool😎!! #arvind_chenji #lightgreenoven

Trip to old city of Hyderabad at midnight . This is street food of Hyderabad is called Chakna. Never knew about it ! So much to explore!

You feel blessed and lucky when someone offers you hot puran poli when you are taking a sneak peak into a kitchen. The happiness can be compared to manna from heaven ! Happy Gudi Padhwa to all ! Missing you Anagha !!

My feelings were caught by this lotus today while I was at my son's school to demonstrate how to make whole grain bread. I feel like this lotus ! Some times the feelings are so mutual. How do you feel ?

Sneaking into the train pantry just to rest my culinary mind while on the go to Jharkhand . 🚉

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