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Shipra Chenji  Masterchef India finalist season-5, Breadpreneur, Athlete, Natural foods & Health enthusiast.


Annam satisfies the fire within us, it also provides the fire to get going !
These black seeds are 'Ram til'. Very different from the black sesame that we know but I think these also fall into the tilhan variety. These farmers don't believe in mono crop culture. They grow their grains along with dicotyledons(dals) , vegetables and oil bearing 'tilhan'. So, ideally if we follow this natural ways of farming we are covered. Ram til is part of their daily meals as chutneys or in powdered form in curries. It imparts a very nutty and earthy flavour to the food beside providing many vital nutrients. I am taking this home for my bread!#lightgreenoven #villagelove #organiclife #naturalfeeling #therapy #farmersmarket #benatural

I woke up smelling the wet earth! I wondered about how I felt. It evoked a lot! I looked out of my small window in the mezzanine, I glimpsed outside through the skylight.....is it me, who is experiencing it or is it the moment that allows me to experience.....#lightgreenoven #villagelove #organiclife #naturalfeeling #therapy

From Dharwad with stars!
This morning when I entered the kitchen at the village where I am staying, wonderment filled my heart!
Locally grown star apples and passion fruit .....on the menu today! Hmm.... can it get better!! May your day be filled with these vital amins ! Salute to the masterchefs in these villages! #lightgreenoven #passionfruit #starapple #villagelife #villagescenes #villagelove #naturalfarming #naturalfarmhealthtips

Can you see the treasure inside? It's the entrance of a home of a natural farmer and here you see his harvest of desi corn which he is storing as seeds for a his next crop in rotation. He is preserving a heritage! Rich guy I must say! #lightgreenoven #organicfarmer #naturalfarming #seedbank #sustainablefood #seedoflife #seedtreasure

Sneak peek into my room here at Dharwad. I just love it ! I am here on a Jeevan vidya, sustainable living workshop. Food is a big part of it! Will keep you posted! Only thing is that for catching those few notches of signal on my phone I have to hang out around the pond or climb a tree to the top! I don't mind either as long as I can connect with you! #sustainableliving #lightgreenoven #storyofthebluemat #sustainablefood #sustainedenergy #

This morning breakfast takes me straight to our first challenge in the masterchef kitchen season 5.
Five three ka one .... 5 ingredients, 3 equipment and one dish !!!! What fun it was!
I remember the feeling of overwhelming joy that got me ! And my dish was called 'lily pad'. Chicken, star anise, spinach, banana and almonds were my star ingredients.
This pan- paniyaram chetty, sushi mat and pasta roller were my mates! This morning I am at Hubli, and this delicious breakfast called 'Paddh' - Hubli special, with sweet and sour coconut chutney is what I am gorging on! You travel with food, way back to beautiful memories- the power of good food! Continuing to weave more ! #paniyaram #chetty #lightgreenoven #masterchef #japanisestyle #southindianfood #traveldiaries #storyofthebluemat

'Coup d etat style' -I call it ! This is Flatbread-like multigrain pizza. We’re partial towards roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and mozzarella. The excellent crust and square slices make the pizza an upscale, fresher version of the frozen pizzas many of us grew up eating at sleepovers.
Shashi fed the baker in me, and left me overwhelmed and asking for more and what was most fascinating, is the fact that you didn't have to share it . Take your plate and look the other side! It's okay, not to share sometimes, I guess ! 😋#lightgreenoven #pizza #flatbread #pizzaparty #stuffyourface #crazyaboutpizza

Red! Defines my energy today!
Monday begins, fully charged and unlimited. Today also happens to be Onam, so this is dedicated to all my mallu friends !
Tossed beet in coconut oil and Murraya koenigii with beaten red 🌶 from my Mil's balcony! United we stay! Have an energetic week ahead! #spicelove #beet #red #lightgreenoven #mondaymotivation #energy #redchilli

Come September and I am greeted by these wonders on my kitchen terrace garden ! You know the nature follows rhythm and it doesn't go wrong ! It inspires me to think squash, as the winters will soon descend.
While today as I sit with these beauties I know my biga is alive and nutmeg is waiting to be part of the coming Sunday bazaar. #lightgreenoven #pumkinspice #spicelove #sundaybazaar

So this morning when I woke up I came down to my kitchen, opened the fridge for having a whiff of my nutmeg beauty from last night.... it wasn't there. So I looked in different racks..not there... hmmm !
Actually, the drama began after I put up my last post. I thought I should, one more time be with my breath and see if I wrote what I wrote about my banana nutmeg cake, true to the word or not .... just so that there are no doubts in my mind ! So I stepped down at midnight and saw both shri and nalin are missing! Good chance I thought ! I did justice to my words!😋And now in the morning I finally saw this message on my black board wall in the kitchen! On the side I over heard the discussions between shri and nalin, "man how come you polished the whole lot? No man when I came back it was already gone !!" Then nalin went into digging for a box in the veggies section and shouted "it's gone !!! " so it seems nalin came next at midnight ate his portion and stored the left over in a box and made sure its hidden well... just so that ....Shri woke up in the morning and came hunting for it, no luck ... maid had displaced it ! Finally when he got the box both jumped on it and settled with equal bites while I sip my cinnamon tea ☕️. Missing you parshu! I think I need not say more.... I am proud of my boys for having good taste in life !

Layered Banana Nutmeg cake with Coffee cream & Walnut! When you take the first bite you fall in love with the texture, then with the inhalation, coffee and banana stay with you, you pause and walnut plays up, when you start exhaling it's the nutmeg that rules! Completely in touch with the self! #nutmegcrazy #foodyoga #lightgreenoven #spicelove #cake #layeredcakes #vintagecakes #nutmegbakery #walnutcream #coffeecream #sweettooth #foods4thought #foodandwine #foodandlifestyle #yogaflow

Celebrating nutmeg with Vichyssoise tonight.
Nutmeg goes well with cold and hot dishes, sweet or savoury!
This is a typical cold soup with leek, potatoes, beet greens and cream, obviously Nutmeg is the hero ! #lightgreenoven #spicelove #vichissoise #coldsoup #beet #creamsoup #easyrecipe #freshfood #foodandlifestyle #foodnetwork #foods4thought

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