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Shipra Chenji  Masterchef top 16 season-5, Breadpreneur, Athlete, Interior designer,


Red Amaranthus clear soup infused with ginger.
These fresh 'reds' from an organic vegetable farm came straight home this evening ! #lightgreenoven #eatfresh #organicgreens

#travelwithkunal brought #chefkunal to manna city of hyderabad, and he always carries a bag full of smiles along with him! We spent the afternoon making Sarva Pindi with Prasanna, and boy it was delicious. 🐶

Summer is coming to an end with the full bloom of laburnum flowers, also known as golden shower. Here you see a vanilla bean cake with cream cheese frosting and laburnum bloom waiting to welcome the monsoon ! Heard the birds talk ... it's hitting early this year ! 😁#lightgreenoven #laburnumtree #treeoflife #deccancronicle #wowhyderabadmagazine

Basking in the joy of nature !

Hanging out with my boys is always fun 😉and when it's a cycle ride, it's double joy ! #cyclelove

Bernardo Gonzales from Mexico 🇲🇽 is here . So let's feed Italian to Mexican with extra 🌶!

Dark chocolate muffins ready to go into the oven. Love for ever ! #chocolate❤️ #muffinmania #bakemyheartout #loveforchocolate

Matching matching... rules of nature ! This gentle being came out just to make his presence felt. Quietly we did our work while he was going for a walk .

Nostalgic moments! How long has it been that you used this facility ? Rare sighting and rare commodity ! But I love going back to those times when we posted a hand written letter and then counted days for a reply. Also after putting my hand in I used to make sure that the letter has gone in fully. That feel is still felt in my hands ! Jeene ka andaaz he alag tha ! And also when the postal van crossed my way I used to cross my fingers and make a wish ! 😇Those did come true ! God promise ! 😌

Fiddle heads..... when the snow melts on the mountains these fiddle heads sprout up from the ground longing for the sun's kisses. Pahadis call it kasrodh or lumdhu.it belongs to the fern family. 😁 It gives the same joy to us after being cooked as it feels on seeing the sun shine. These wonders of nature are full of nutrition and also it comes out wearing hair ready to fight the cold. Over beautiful folklores in the warmth of the kitchen, people carry out a tradition of preparing a dish out of it with curd and clarified butter. Believe me, you will lick you fingers dry.

Wild berries on the foothills.
This people call it "aankhe" means eyes ! I call it jewels of nature!

Workshop - it belongs to mr Maan Singh who served the forces in his prime . He is 84 now, still going strong. Stays at Palampur by the river with his pet snake. He lives in his organically grown terrace farm lands. He has all the plants that I have ever seen growing on Himalayan regions. Spices, vegetables, fruits, ornamental or medicinal . I am so impressed by his tool room that I couldn't resist sharing. So organised and educational. Also saw the picture of Vishwakarma on the blue cupboard, known for "all-accomplishing, maker of all, all-doer". Sets the right follower ! My salute to the spirit of this dynamic man!

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