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Che'Nelle (シェネル)  Artist|Songwriter "DESTINY" Available on 4/28 in JP SC:ChenelleWorld New Blog 👇🏼👇🏼🌎

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways. #quote #focus #dicipline #reminder #humbled #getinspired #palmtrees #cali #beach #summertimecoming #rollerskating

Man I haven't been on roller skates in years haha so funny and fun roller skating that day.. sometimes the things that we used to be familiar with we've forgotten about and sometimes it's nice to experience those things again .. might be fun and inspiring 😊💋 📸 @shootersclubla

Happiness is choice . You've heard that right ? Well yea. I'm choosing that today. Hope u are too. #happiness #youchoose #getinspired #beach #summertimecoming 📸 @shootersclubla

One of the things I learned and still am learning Is how easy it is to get my intuition mixed up with emotions that may be running me .. "You're quality of life depends on the quality of questions you ask"
Towards yourself and others .. Before jumping into any conclusions... get centered .. intuition is not suppose to feel like anything.. it just is.. so once you get clear and ask the right questions.. make sure you listen.. Jacket by: @ottdubai Thanks to @danielmusto

Had a lot of fun with this hottie! @crystalkayofficial at @spotifyjp!! Look out for our cute little interview bout our singles that's out , well it was more like hangout session lol it'll be on #spotify soon.
#destiny #faces #jpop #stars #fun #getinspired

One of my faves! Shout out to @facejutsu this was her request! And shout out to @imngo for this Amazing jacket!
I was in the studio all night and was busy all day so I look a little crazy lol oops but hey .. anything for my listeners hehe

#rihanna #melodymonday #pop #getinspired #studionights

Melody Monday comin up! Had so much fun at @spotifyjp today! Thanks Spotify for the support it was so much fun today! Styled by @danielmusto 😘 Jacket: @imngo

So .. talked to my best friend @kana85ko yesterday about the importance of being truthful and honest even when it is uncomfortable. .. ok so .. just wanted to share that and
What I'm about to say has nothing to with my convo with her so . .
Side bar .. Can I just say .. this freakin pose was unnnnnnmcomfortable! LOL 😳 I'm not some overly flexible yoga/dancer/cirque du soleil acrobatic person but I was like Let me just "try something different" lol . @shootersclubla take the shot! Before my back breaks lmao!
Came out pretty cool I reckon 😎
#ilovephotoshoots #ootd #hotday #longhairdontcare #summertimecoming

Had an insightful convo yesterday about truth ... what is "truth" .. really.. we all have such different perspectives on things and I'm sure you find how often we try to convince the other person we're right or be convinced that they are lol
Truth is different in each persons eyes. But if u really understand that.. you can allow yourself to take things less personally ... isn't that the "practice" of a lifetime lol
Gotta revisit #thefouragreements ootd #hotday 📸 @shootersclubla Styled by @danielmusto #Mua @makeupbyjuliataylor Wearing: @wearehandsomebrand

Orange is the new is pink and yellow hahhaha
Had fun with these looks and this shoot. Thanks @shootersclubla !! We have so many personalities and sides within us.. bring em out bring em out! Styled by @danielmusto #Mua @makeupbyjuliataylor #hot #ootd Wearing: @wearehandsomebrand

LMK what you think about my last video 😜😜😜😜😜 #sideponytail #ponytail p.s I'll post more of this cute outfit later, but the top is @asos styled by: @danielmusto 😍

Are we just scared to be lonely? Love how this song was written!
Thank you @martingarrix @dualipa for inspiring me with this great pop record! #melodymonday #pop #inspiration #song #scaredtobelonely

I don't look at the perfect partner as someone who completes me.. all of us are complete already... it's about finding that special one, that one that adds to your life, complimenting the relationship and then taking each other to levels that can only be achieved together.. No one makes it alone .. And loneliness is just a missing part you feel that's really all around you ... #martingarrix #dualipa

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