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Angela Belic  🏠From TN -->Washington, DC • 3 years into a chemistry PhD 😳 • Science, fitness, travel, ice cream, animals, & the outdoors ❤️

And yet another milestone for me and my squatting- I can now do 135lbs for 5 reps (x5) with ZERO lower back pain 🍑👍🏻 So excited to hit that 200 mark in the next few months. Recovery feels so good! (PS- SBD knee sleeves are worth every single penny) #goldsgym #golds


Yes, I know it’s a muddy pool of water full of germs but I’m just strengthening my immune system right? Trust me, I’m a scientician 😜

The sooner you step out of your comfort zone, the sooner you realize it wasn’t actually comfortable.

Here's some basic info to use when choosing the best laser hair treatment place: ♦️♦️DISCLAIMER: This is all based 100% on science. No gimmicky picture or fancy terminology to dazzle you into choosing one company over another. Just cold hard facts! ♦️♦️•••••••••••••••
✅Lasers destroy hair photothermally by emitting wavelengths within the range that the chromophore melanin absorbs. Melanin will absorb light energy, convert it into heat, and then diffuse it, which then damages the cells. •••••••••••••
✅Fluence AND pulse duration (amount of time spent at a given temperature) determine the amount of heat absorbed. This means that the pulse rate of the laser determines how well you get rid of hair. ✅Long pulse lasers perform in the millisecond range best, which is approximately the thermal relaxation time of hair (~10-100 ms). •••••••••••••
✅Both your skin AND your hair follicles have melanin. Epidermal melanin will compete to absorb the same laser wavelength used for hair removal. Ideal candidates for hair removal have fair, untanned skin, and dark hair. •••••••••••••
✅Lasers with longer wavelengths (i.e. 810 and 1064nm) effect less epidermal melanin absorption and have fewer potential adverse events than lasers at lower wavelengths. •••••••••••••
✅Intense pulse light (590-1200nm) and alexandrite (755nm) are the BEST lasers for light skin types (I to III) because they do not penetrate as deeply. LONGER wavelength ones are best for dark skin. (1060+nm) •••••••••••••
✅For my extremely fair skin, the BEST and most effective laser to get rid of hair is a long pulse alexandrite (755 nm wavelength) or intense pulsed light (590-1200nm), a fluence of 15-25 J/cm^2, and a pulse duration of 5-20ms. I was able to find an AHHHMAZING place (Capital Laser Hair Removal) that has the perfect laser for my skin type. 👩🏻‍🔬👍🏻😊 ❇️Ask a company what laser brand and type they use. Don’t believe those places that say “Our laser works for all skin types!” That means “Our laser will technically get rid of hair for everyone but a lot of people will barely see results b/c it’s not meant for their skin type. But that’s okay because you will do 10+ treatments, which means more 💲 for us!”

Another laser hair treatment today! So naturally the scientist in me (okay, let’s be honest, the scientist in me is like 99% of me) wanted to share the science behind these lasers. These procedures are expensive, so I did A LOT of scientific literature research before choosing a specific laser hair removal place. Not all lasers are made equal and where you choose to get your hair removal done really does make a big difference in the results you’re going to see. Stay tuned for my in-depth analysis!!

While not everyone has an opinion about politics you will hardly find a person who DOESN’T have an opinion about nutrition. Some opinions are validly based on science, while far too many hide behind thinly veiled quackery with little more than “this doctor said so” to back them up. 🤷‍♀️. •••••
What about the alkaline/basic water trend? To their credit these water companies HAVE clearly used a little science mixed with marketing to push this new fad. So how are they making water MORE basic? They can either take away extra hydrogens with an ionizer or add something like hydroxide that will take those hydrogens away (like soda bicarbonate). 💧💧💧💧
After doing a lot of scientific literature research I was only able to find a handful of studies that mentioned anything about the actual benefits of basic water. While a couple of studies were directly funded by the water companies (that makes them a little more suspect), the others hinted at possible benefits but contained no conclusive evidence. 🧐🤨.
So at the end of the day Essentia is an expensive water bottle not backed by the science needed to justify the steep cost. 👩🏻‍🔬👍🏻

Looks like it is ALMOST 9.5 like they claim. Picture shows I calibrated the meter right before taking the measurement, so it’s likely the discrepancy is because I had it opened to air and drank about half the bottle before testing it. But does any of this mean you SHOULD be drinking alkaline or “super pure” water? Hmmm well let’s see!

It looks like the amount of total dissolved solids (any minerals, anions, cations, or metals) in their water is below the threshold of the litmus paper for accurately measuring the pH. It came out saying the pH is ~5 compared to the TGS buffer I use to run protein gels in, which I know to be between 8 and 9. But what about the pH meter? Let’s see!

Gimmicky marketing statements like this really annoy me. So while drinking water I decided to test this statement or for myself! The important distinction here is that they say ph STRIPS (aka litmus paper) not ph METER can’t accurately give the pH of their water because it’s “so pure”.

Look at these stone cold foxes- 30 years ago today my parents got married! They have truly shown me what it means to hang onto that special person who is willing to put up with your bs 😜 But seriously, through the joy and the pain they persevered. I ❤️ you guys and wish you all the best!

Filling out our spartan trifecta plate this year! After the sprint yesterday I realized I need to kick my training up a notch. Time for more cardio and more back training 💪🏻#roadtotahoe

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