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Angela Belic  🏠From TN -->Washington, DC • 3 years into a chemistry PhD 😳 • Science, fitness, travel, ice cream, animals, & the outdoors ❤️

Ew, look at how cute these are 🤮😉

When you’re doing sequence alignments and notice that one protein’s domain begins with its amino acids spelling “FEAR”. This protein is overexpressed in cancers like breast, lung, bladder, and pancreatic. Hmmm is nature trying to tell us something? 😂🤔

Oh look, all of my favorite things in one picture 😻💪🏻 #golds #goldsgym

Mmkay whoever is responsible for this can stop now. Ughhhhh #sickofbeingsick

Discovered the most surprised squirrel ever outside the White House today 😂❤️

@smoothieking HELP US! 😫

Tonight I discovered that the “wall” I thought I had hit with my squats was completely in my head. 🙄
Squats have always been the scariest lift for me. Maybe it’s the fear of having to bail out or that people will see me fail or just the fear the moment I realize I can’t lift the weight back up. Whatever it is I have been keeping myself from reaching my full potential. TONIGHT I got fed up with that and decided to push myself. It took about 15 minutes of self-motivation and pump up music but I went from a comfortable 135lbs to 160lbs for 2 reps. I. Am. So. Freakin. Excited.
I’m may never be a “powerlifter” but damn, strong feels better than skinny ever did 💪🏻 (and yes I realize this picture only show 155lbs but I hadn’t added the extra 5lbs yet 😉)

Late Sunday night Ethiopian food cravings 🤷‍♀️

I’m collecting hiking buddies 🤗😍👍🏻 I do love spending my weekend scurrying over rocks and running into spider webs 😂

Up to 35lbs per arm now 💪🏻 I loooove anything overhead lift related and this is a cool way to get my whole body involved.

Sometimes this guy gropes me at the gym 😉

I would say I’m sweatin for the wedding but honestly we started this journey of kicking ass over a year ago and it feels ahhhmazing not to count calories or stress about fitting into a dress in 6 weeks. Healthy is a lifestyle, not a short manic sprint to your wedding day!

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