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The Chemical Guys 1-inch Boar’s Hair Detail Brush is truly the “Best Detailing Brush” you will ever buy. Chemical Guys designed and developed the full synthetic brush with the detailer in mind, and perfected it to a premium level. The Best Detailing Brush delivers the durability, accuracy, precision, and versatility needed to clean the filthiest, most delicate, and hardest to reach surfaces, nooks, and crannies. Genuine boar’s hair bristles ensure no surface, including paint, get scratched or marred while you clean. The durable all-natural hairs are chemical resistant and work with every Chemical Guys cleaner and degreaser. Easily clean brake calipers, wheel crevices, emblems, grilles and grates, buttons, cupholders, and engine components with the Best Detailing Brush. The thin profile and long handle makes it easy to clean any interior or exterior spots where dust and grime collect and hide. The bright plastic handle and ferrule construction removes any metal from the equation, saving sensitive surfaces from scratches and the brush from rusting over time. When dirt, grease, and grime give you a hard time, scrub them away for easy cleaning with The Best Detailing Brush.

#Repost from @chromaticautodetailing - No matter which detail package you choose, our initial wash process will always be the same! No areas skipped over.

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Want suds like this ? Check out our wide range of foam cannons or foam blasters avalaible @chemicalguyscanada
Video credit to @dresdetailing dresdetailing
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New Product Alert 🚨! Citrus Wash Clear is the gentle car soap for weekly washing and detailing. Add just 1 ounce to your wash bucket for mountains of soapy suds to carry away dirt, grime, and debris. Wash any exterior car part like paintwork, wheels, glass, and exhaust systems with Citrus Wash Clear. The added cleaning power of natural citrus extracts cuts through thick grease, bug guts, and filth from normal driving in the city and on the highway. Love car wash foam? Add 1 - 3 ounces of Citrus Wash Clear to any garden hose foam gun or pressure washer foam cannon for thick foamy suds and added lubrication. Unlike low grade car wash soaps and caustic dish detergents, Citrus Wash Clear will not strip wax or sealant coatings when used for normal weekly maintenance car washes.
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New Product Alert 🚨!!! Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax will change the way you wax your car forever! Blazin’ Banana brings the shine in half the time. Give your vehicle the brilliant shine, reflection and feel of a just-waxed carnauba finish, just spray and wipe. It’s bananas - a liquid car wax you simply spray on. Spray it on anytime for a fast shine or use right after you wash, while the surface is wet, as you dry for a popping brilliant shine. Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax gives you the control to keep your car looking amazing with a deep, glossy shine anywhere you may be. While traditional paste and cream waxes are time-consuming to apply, the application process of Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax merely takes a few seconds with every spray. Now, everywhere you go, your car rules the streets as contamination slips off of the paint with the power of Chemical Guys Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax.

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That Chemical Guys Canada Shine @rogerscenterdome
Chemical Guys Canada EcoSmart is a complete waterless detailing system that cleans, shines, and protects any vehicle.

#Repost from @northernexposureauto - @hondacanada doubleheader of the best selling car in Canada for 20 years and the 2018 Canadian car of the year are ready to watch the @jays doubleheader today. #honda #civic #accord @ajacanada #caroftheyear #jays #toronto #bluejays #the6ix @chemicalguyscanada #chemicalguyscanada #showshine #hinchtown

That Chemical Guys Canada Shine!

#Repost from @david_haughan - Quick detail today with @chemicalguyscanada honeydew snow foam and jet seal sealant. First time using jet seal, very easy to apply and remove. Impressive stuff. Results speak for themselves 😎👍 #golfr #vw #mk7 #dasauto #chemicalguyscanada

Experience the durable protection and brilliant shine of Chemical Guys Jet Seal. Jet Seal is easy-to-use and lasts up to 12 months for the highest level of durability.
#Repost from @dresdetailing - GLK 250 BlueTec Received a Paint decontamination overhaul followed by Jet Seal!
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Red and Black bucket dollies are back in stock @chemicalguyscanada ! Get yours today!
#Repost from @chavesautodetailing_519 - Extremely happy with this purchase. Thanks @chemicalguyscanada !

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The moment when your detailing arsenal shows up and you cannot wait to get started!!! #Repost from @bold_detailing - More product showed up today! Book now to have your car detailed! #bolddetailing #detailgaragemississauga #detailing #chemicalguyscanada #interior #exterior #detailingsupplies

Loving my chemical guys foam cannon paired with Mr Pink Soap❤️😍 #Repost from @anthony9923: “Who loves foam ? I know I do. Summer is on its way : using @RepostRegramApp - Who loves foam ? I know I do. Summer is on its way :) #chemicalguyscanada #lexusis350 #lexuscanada @detailgarage @chemicalguyscanada

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