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🌻 ॐ 🌎 ¢нєℓѕιє мυℓℓєтт 🌎 ॐ 🌻  ɑɾʍվ ωιfє αи∂ мσтнєя. եɾíҍҽ օƒ 5. ωαииαвє нσмєѕтєα∂єя. νєggʝє єαтєя. мαѕтєя gαя∂єиєя. уσgι. ϲяσ¢нєтєя. вαяєfσσт нιρρу. օIIIIIIIo յҽҽթҽɾ.

Just being attacked by a giant eagle, nothing to see here.

Dreaming of Summer time and crocheting up lots of tops! [Link to order in my profile]

There's no one else I'd rather spend a silly night out with than my husband.

This is what my crocheting space usually looks like. Puppy + Yarn. #raeandlunaacd

It's onesie crawl time! Merica!

Who wouldn't love to be a unicorn? Finished up this cute hooded scarf for an order today. [Link to my shop in profile.]

Having to think quick on our feet to keep her cast dry with this fun winter weather. #raeandlunaacd

Bam!! I've still got it. Take that winter!

Trying to keep these two calm while Rae heals is exhausting. #RaeAndLunaACD

Three months old and we have our first broken bone. Our poor baby. 😥 #RaeAndLunaACD

Championship meet marks the last meet for the middle school season. Go ER and our favorite swimmer!

Got to the gym on time this morning, a way better atmosphere.