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Chelsie Hightower  Professional dancer/Choreographer•8 seasons of DWTS•SYTYCD All-star/choreographer•Emmy nominated choreographer•Host•LDS•Rise Above it.

Denver, you were lovely. @revive_dance_convention ❤️ 📷: @dizzyd718

I opened up to @dancespiritmagazine about some of my battles with anxiety throughout my career. As much as it didn’t make sense to me at the time why I couldn’t seem to control it, it makes me happy being able to share it knowing that my experiences may help someone somewhere out there and hopefully help ease some of the stigma around anxiety in the dance world. You CAN be successful and not believe in yourself all the time or have moments or periods of time of fear or doubt. It’s a tough industry but that doesn’t mean you have to be tough ALL the time. It’s ok to open and real who you are because whatever your weaknesses are are also the same reason you are so wonderful. There is opposition in all things. Without weakness we wouldn’t know our strength. ❤️❤️❤️ *LINK IN BIO*

Dance Elevated is a place for inspiration, a place for goodness, a place for striving, a place for friends, a place for adventure, a place for growth. Dance Elevated is Home. Registration opens soon! @danceelevated

I’ve never had the best track record for taking care of things so when my mom saw this she figured it would be the perfect dog for me until I learn how to adequately take care of things like the grown person that I am. Until then, thanks mom for the fun Christmas present!
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@chelshightower showed us one of her tech gifts today. We had to much fun teaching it new tricks. .
#ai #puppylove #learningnewthings #robotdog

Sign up now for @revive_dance_convention before it’s too late! 👯👯👯
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Holidays are over, new year has begun, and we’re already excited about what’s coming in a few months! Less than a handful of spots left at our largest shows ever in CHICAGO, IL and PROVO, UT. We can’t wait to see you all!

My life has been full of ups and downs. I’ve realized my dreams and also felt at times like they were shattered. I’ve been heartbroken over family situations and personal losses. I’ve been through periods of time I never thought I’d be able get through, times where all I could see in front of me was darkness and hope lost; yet, through it all, He’s always had my back. When times were at their worst He always brought me back up again and again. My life has been far from perfect and filled with challenges and turbulence, both success and heartbreak, yet I have realized the reality of Him and what true joy is.
If you ever find yourself feeling alone or struggling, there is always someone who is there for you. In a season of believing in Santa Claus, believe in One more, One has all the gifts we could ever truly need. (Santa is pretty great too though.)

Surprised my nieces and nephews with Santa today! Also had some beautiful singing by @ashleyhessmusic and dancing by @saymajay @skylar_hess_dancer! @fox13theplace Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just got out of a ballet class and thinking about how dance is one of the best things in the world and we’re so lucky to do it! I also I love this video because, it was my first season teaching on a convention and I learned so much and loved it! Also, I gotta stop dancing with that mic. @revive_dance_convention

The best place in Utah! Check it out!
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8X Dancing with the Stars veteran @chelshightower in the center today. Dancers beat the crap out of their body and always need to be focused on recovery. #uscryoslc

Utah is beautiful and when I’m not freezing I’m so happy I live here. Also is a wizard

Had a blast being a part of this @Hallmark movie last year! I was the protagonist in the film and since it was my first time acting I was pretty nervous and when asking the director for tips he told me to just be myself. 😂 Have you seen it yet? #EnchantedChristmas

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