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c h e l s e y r e i s t  - 'Harper' in CW's 'The 100', Chelsey in real life - twitter: @chelseyreist

i’m going to pretend that i’m not fan girling over being on the same poster as @thegiancarloesposito .
come not-fangirl this weekend with me and this exciting crew from #breakingbad #gameofthrones #thewalkingdead #the100 in #münchen !
it’s the #munichmarperreunion at @germancomiccon
who’s coming? 😎


little sis = big brat.
she started it!!
happy birthday to you, beautiful @edmonton_jenna
you are fiercely intelligent, relentlessly funny and incredibly driven... and i’m not just saying this cuz i’ll likely need you as the lawyer on my side one day 😉
I LOVE YOU, ANNEJ! i look up to you always and i can’t wait to see you soon. my heart is overjoyed watching you flourish every year.

#throwdembows (can you tell how used to this behaviour mom is in the background)

#the100season5 was just released on american @netflix ... 🤫 woo!
i have been waiting with the heavy spoilers so those subscribers could catch up; i have many reflections and ruminations (and many beautiful BTS!) to share in the coming weeks when i feel it’s right for me. stay tuned.
for now know that i feel special comfort from your messages 😘❤️ y’all SO good to me. i love you! #reistmode

the most wonderful support, on and off screen.
i love you, my friend @christopher.john.larkin ❤️ #marper #marperthe100 #montygreen #harperthe100 #the100season5

SPOILER ALERT REGARDING THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST. don’t look :) that time i had undies made with @Christopher.john.larkin ‘s face on them and casually wore them around set. and then that other time when i posted the evidence five months later to encourage him to wear them for #the100finale
#onscreencouple #onbuttface #harperthe100 #montythe100

my empathic energy > anything. #goals


been lost in rosé & regal ruins. contemplation in italy feels rich.
#viewfrommykitchen #travelitaly #fullheart #florence #travelphotography

feelin’ free.

#sunset #fullheart #thislifeilove #unabashed (i appreciate your big hearts @krystalkaju @joshbachh )

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