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Chelsey Korus  3x major | @adidas athlete | @wanderlustfest TV teacher | Mission: AWAKE with Chelsey Korus

4:45am was the time my alarm went off yesterday. I wanted to hit snooze. I wanted to stay in bed with my adorable puppy and keep snuggling. But I realized that waking up was the first thing I had to do, and if I procrastinated that, well—it was only going to snowball from there. Even before I believed it, I started saying to myself (out loud) “Chels, you are the person who gets up early and trains.” Over and over until it became a habit. Win your morning, win your day! #praciceuntilyoubecomeit #awakeaf

Sisters— May I show up in a way that allows you to feel more fierce and free in your own skin 👊🏽. #always #awakeaf PC: @mike.aidala

The deal is— YOU MATTER. There is a real reason why you were called to the life you’ve chosen. And why you didn’t laugh it off or dismiss it, but instead— you followed the call. Can we all take a beat today to honor the work that’s been done. At the end of the day, no one really knows besides YOU what it took to get to where you are right now. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the next place, that you forget to give yourself a high five for a life well-lived thus far! #awakeaf @adidaswomen

Yesterday I found myself having “a day”. Everything seemed to annoy me. I grew irritable and some may say a little sassy haha. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and do something to take back my day. So I decided I needed a challenge. I borrowed @mike.aidala weight vest and went for a hike with my pup, Lozen. I knew every labored step I took up that mountain would annoy me more than anything that had previously happened that morning. But it was the perfect place to rewire my thinking. I’d say to myself— Chels, you can’t control the outcome of any given event. But you CAN control your response! Step by step I proved to myself that I could do hard things with a good attitude. Just to make sure I got the lesson —I accidentally forgot my sunglasses at the top of the mountain and didn’t realize they were missing until I was already half way down.Yep that means I had to hike to the top— TWICE. 🤦‍♀️😂. #awakeaf (P.S that armpit sweat was earned and I’m proud of it 😆🤣.) .
Coming up: I will be heading to Austin, TX on Oct. 20th! I am honored to be teaching at LUNA NATIVA. Link in bio to register. 🙏 @blackswanyoga @swaylonights

“She who learns to howl will find her pack.” -Clarissa Pinkola Estés. .
This October is my birthday month AND a time to gather with some of the most influential, badass women around! In other words, My Dream Team. Join me for @wanderlustfest Wellspring in Palm Springs. The list of amazing women at this event makes me giddy just thinking about it. @glennondoyle @marybethlarue @mariannewilliamson @kkellyyoga @seanecorn @yogawithbriohny @elenabrower @yoginiontheloose @schuylergrantyoga @chelsealovesyoga @aliciasilverstone @robinnyc and more. #awakeaf PC: @jennasaintphoto @adidaswomen @wanderlustfest #adidaswanderlust
Also happening in October, @mike.aidala and I are excited to get back to one of our favorite places - Kaua'i! The lovely people at @kukuiula have invited us to lead a private retreat for their members. We are so excited. Plus, Mike just told me that we are going to stay a few days after so we can celebrate my birthday in Hawaii!!! 🙌

I wonder what @mike.aidala is thinking 🤔. Maybe it’s: “Y’all should come with us to Bali for New Years!” (Link in bio to sign up.) @soulshinebali #awakeaf PC: @jatecson

A lyric that chokes me up every time I hear it is by @nahkobear —hidden in a song called “Die like Dinoz.” It goes, “And if that fire goes unattended
I will gather kindling.” Before I met @mike.aidala I would listen to this song as a single person, and those words painted a picture for me. A picture of a relationship that was past the fire-filled beginning and into a season of deeper knowing. And because of that, certain fires went unattended. I wanted so badly to be the gatherer of more kindling. To have someone in my life that was worth fighting for! At that time, I didn’t know if I would ever meet that person, but I knew if I ever did— and our fire was dwindling—I wouldn’t quit, I would gather kindling. #awakeaf @mike.aidala #myfiance

One more from yesterday’s training sesh. .
Just thinking about Bali and New Years and how life changing that week is going to be. If you are on the fence about it, I encourage you to DM me or @mike.aidala with any and all questions that you have. As for Mike and I— we’ve never been to Bali. So we are even more excited to experience it all with you for the very first time! (Link in bio to snag your spot.) #awakeaf@soulshinebali

P.S Should we go to Australia afterwards? 🤔

First ever Kipping Muscle Up! I’ve been dreaming of doing these since the first day I walked into this gym! #awakeaf @adidaswomen (My Training Partner, otherwise known as the one who never let me give up on these: @mike.aidala ❤️).

NEW PODCAST just dropped today at @1111podcast (link in bio to give it a listen.) I shared a story close to my heart about this one right here (@theyogimatt ) and how our friendship has changed my life. Thank you @rachelhunterx & @emma.mildon for having me on. It was such an honor 🙏❤️. #awakeaf

🎼 Great spirit, for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks, the rocks that bind her
Carry, I'll carry 🎼:@nahkobear .
Some nights are for undoing. To get out of my own way. To send up prayers for the women in my life that continue to carry me with their guidance and their unapologetic self expression. Sisters- I am in awe of you and the way you are rising up. I love you all, Keep going. 🙌#awakeaf .
Just a reminder to sign up soon for the New Years Bali retreat at @soulshinebali (link in bio.) I want to ring in the New Year with you in paradise. 🙏

I absolutely LOVE teaching in New York. This city. The people. The energy is tangible here. Such a powerful place! Thank you to everyone who came out and braved the elements today for the @wanderlustfest 108. I’d also like to Thank @swisseusa for coming all the way from Australia to set up such a beautiful wellness experience for us. I loved the meditation dome! #awakeaf #destinationhappiness

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