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✨Chelsea Xeron  💍 @drewxeron || mama to @nikoxofficial CEO: @studio52dc 🧘🏾‍♀️Kundalini Yoga for Peak Performance 👀 in Yoga Journal, Mantra Mag, ESPN, + more

Every action (big or small) has a ripple effect. Don’t doubt your ability to make a difference.

✨✨The light of my life ✨✨ #sneakpeek from our newborn session with @taraolsonphoto . #newbornphotography #babyboy #cutebabiesofinstagram

Meet our new addition. Niko Andreas Xeron born 3/10/19 at 6:52pm. 8 lbs 10 ounces and 21 inches long. Jen, @dcbirthdoulas , I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. It truly meant the world to me to have you there throughout the twists and turns of my birth experience (story coming later). @taraolsonphoto , thank you so much for the beautiful photo session last night. I can’t wait to see and share the photos! @drewxeron I love you more than words. You were my rock yesterday and I couldn’t have done this without you 😘😘We made a beautiful boy! #nikoandreas #firsttimemom #loveofmylife #momboy #cloudnine #nogreaterlove

Tired of hanging on to things that have happened to you? Now is the perfect time to let it go. Mercury retrograde is right around the corner. Aside from communication challenges and electronics going haywire, you can guarantee that unfinished business and unresolved stuff from your past will pop up. See my stories for my super easy process (literally 30 seconds) you can do to let all that stuff go so you can grow. I’m starting today and will go until March 28th. Want to join me? #letgoandgrow #mercuryretrograde

Niko mou, I can’t wait to meet you. You have already brought me so much joy these past 9 months. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. Any day now, my love ❤️. 📸: @shotbydrewx @drewxeron #39weekspregnant #firsttimemom #soinlovewithyou #radiantpregnancy

#TBT throwing it back a few years with @drewxeron . I can’t believe we’ll be parents soon!! Love you 😘Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

🙌 #Repost @mindfulmft ・・・
You are not lost, just buried. You don’t need to be found, just uncovered. The work has always been to explore and challenge the conditioning and programming, and to reevaluate the conclusions you came to as a young one in order to remain protected.
Here’s the news, we were really resilient little beings who were super observant and aware of our surroundings. We figured out who and how we needed to be in order to try to protect ourselves the most. And here’s some other news - a lot of those same qualities are qualities that we cherish present day too. They made us direct, hard working, independent, attuned, mindful, and aware. But the flip side (because there is one) is that who and how we became in order to stay protected in this world can also be the same things that block us from intimacy, trusting others, allowing them to have a role in our lives, and being deeply integrated into relationships. It’s the conflict of “I’m totally fine on my own” and “I crave a relationship.” “I can’t trust anyone” and “I want desperately to be able to trust someone in this world.” It’s the extension of “I don’t need anything...except I actually do. I do need...I just don’t know how to trust it.” We can understand our story all we want, but if we don’t start doing something with it then the story will continue to lead our lives. What’s the story you want in the driver seat? Keep the qualities that “made you who you are” (you know the ones you really like) but get rid of the counter qualities that keep you in the dark. The ones which block you from the opportunity to be seen, understood, acknowledged, loved. What protected you before might be blocking you today. Yes, it’s a careful, deliberate unveiling, but a process that requires our attention.

I’m 32 days away from meeting my son! I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the things I want to teach him and the type of man I want him to be. What are your tips for raising boys? Comment below :-) #boymom #countdowntobabyx #momtobe2019 #piscesbaby 📸: @shotbydrewx

The new exhibit at @artechouse is stunning. Go see it! It officially opens tomorrow :-) #artechouse #dccool #dcmuseum #dcart #thingstodoindc #pregnantAF

It takes time to see results. Be patient and stay the course. #laserfocused #dothework #progress #motivationwednesday

I can’t believe that I’m 54 days away from giving birth. I literally have to pinch myself. My journey to getting pregnant was long and filled with heartbreak and uncertainty. I’ve never shared my story publicly before but I hope that this gives hope to other women out there. Here’s part 1 of 2:
5 years ago, I was diagnosed with precancerous cells on my cervix. They considered me to be a high risk for it turning into cancer and wanted me to have surgery right away. The main risk of the surgery was that I probably wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and if I did the chances of my body being able to carry the baby to full term were slim. Drew and I had only been together for a year at the time and we both were devastated. Despite Drew wanting kids, he married me anyway a few months later knowing that it may never happen for us 😢. *
I sought other opinions but every DR said the same thing - get the surgery. My naturopath was the only one that said an alternative treatment may be my only hope. But this treatment was only legal in NYC and in some states on the west coast. I rolled the dice and decided to try it. If I was going to get cancer then why not try something before I faced the inevitable outcome? *
Drew drove me to New York every week for months to get this treatment. After 8 months, I saw a specialist from John Hopkins that told me that I was no longer a risk for getting cervical cancer. I thought it would have been so easy to get pregnant after that but man, I was wrong. My journey was only just beginning #pregnancyjourney 📸: @shotbydrewx

There are so many people that made my baby shower dreams come true! I cannot thank @sarahkhaneventstyling for the beyond gorgeous handmade center pieces, cascading flowers out of the piano, and so much more. You are a creative genius and one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. A big thank you to @chrysisevents for all of the furniture and the baby grand piano. Jordan, your kindness blew us away. Thank you @geniennewithag for MCing and coming up with fun games everyone loved. A huge thank you to my Mom - you always go above and beyond for @drewxeron and I. We love you! #studio52dc #mybabyshower #eventdesigners #eventprof #dcvenues #dcdesign

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