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Chelsea Stratso  📸Destination weddings, elopements + couples 📍Oahu, Hawaii + California ✈️ LA 10/22-10/28 🏝Surf, dive, cruise 😎

“In the islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiiiii”

The elopement that almost wasn't... Hurricane Lane was a threat to all of the Hawaiian Islands. As it came toward us, weddings were rescheduled, vendors were scrambling, and honestly the island had a very panicky vibe. Tara and Mike contemplated canceling their trip to Hawaii all together, but decided to chance it for their elopement, and boy am I glad that they did! Oahu ended up being just fine during the hurricane, and they had an awesome beach side elopement. Tara and I still message each other about how much we love their images, they are so full of happiness and love! Go see my latest blog at to see why we are so obsessed!

When you’re just so stoked to be married!

I have no words for yesterday’s wedding. The sweetest couple ever. The friendliest family ever. I left feeling like I was part of the wedding and a friend, and that is what I love about my job!

Probs what my face looks like right now because I just booked my flight for my "surprise" trip home to Texas for a few days next week!! I say "surprise" because I was too excited to keep it a secret and ended up telling everyone!
I've been incredibly homesick the past couple of weeks, and since I'm already going to be on the mainland, I couldn't help myself! I want to get in as much hugs as possible while I'm there! Photo by @ashleyjoannaphoto

Switching up my normal light and airy feed for this image from yesterday’s day before session - because I had this photo in my head all day yesterday and we nailed it!

Jenny and Scott are getting married today, double tap to show them some love!

Ps, I want to give a little bit of inspiration credit to my friend @angelanelsonphoto because she’s got the sunset silhouette game on lock!

4:30 am alarm for today’s cliffside proposal shoot with the most adorable couple... so worth it. Congrats to Becca and Sumner, I can’t wait to share more images!

Is anyone else just straight going through some shit right now? I know I am, and preeeetty much everyone else I know is, too. It's a crazy time of year right now and it seems like everyone is dealing with changes, whether it be in their personal or professional life. For me, it's on the personal side. While a lot of it has been new and difficult to go through, I feel like I am growing so much by just embracing this time of my life and all of the emotions that come with it. I'm learning a lot about myself, how I deal with change and how I interact with people around me when I'm going through a big change, and how I can do better. I guess this is what your late 20s feels like!
So even though it might be a painful time, I know that when I get through it I will be a better person and have better relationships because of it. I'm not a big fan of putting my personal life online, but I thought this might resonate with someone. If you can relate to this or if you are just straight up going through it right now, I'm here to say hang in there. You are going to get through it, learn and grow, and the painful parts of it won't last forever. You got this!

I'm so excited to head back to Cali to attend @hustleandflowofficial and I can't wait for them to kick my biz booty into shape!
Other things I'm looking forward to on the mainland:
In n Out
Breakfast burritos
Yes this list is all food
I guess I want to see my friends, too
Eaze (yes I said it)
Taking an Uber to get food (this just absolutely doesn’t happen here on the north shore)
Riding Birds to get food
Am I missing anything?

It was right here at this surf spot, almost 4 years ago when I came to a huge realization.
Happiness is happening right now. It isn't when you get that job, when you get that car, when you get that house, when you move to a new place, when you meet "the one", when you take that trip, anything that is taking your mind off the moment that you are living right now is not the source of happiness. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing right now, live in it. Live in that moment, because it's the only thing that exists.
I had been surfing for a few months when I realized this, but for some reason paddling out that day, all the anxieties I had just melted away, and for the first time I could really see what matters the most. RIGHT NOW. So stop stressing about tomorrow and thinking you'll be happier if you just get one more thing, and be grateful for where you are right now and what you have. Photo by @ashleyjoannaphoto

I've been going back and forth between Oahu and Maui a lot this year and I'm not mad about it!!
Over the summer I hopped over to Lahaina for the day for Kailee and Brendan's intimate oceanside wedding. I can't say enough good things about these two and their friends and family. It was an awesome day that ended with an epic sunset. Head over to my blog to see my favorites from their beautiful Maui wedding! (or click the good ol' link in bio!)

Hanna and Wallace are my kind of people!
Their love of adventure brought them together when they met in Hawaii. Now they are getting ready to travel the world together. Literally they are packing their bags and have no set plans except to take Wallace to see snow for the first time in his life. Everything else will be winging it and I absolutely love them for it. They were so freakin' adorable during their elopement and we went on a celebratory hike for the rest of their photos - guys I can not wait to share more images!

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