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Chelsea Shoneck The Torchbearer - Providence, RI. Now booking for June/July. #teamunkindness

Closer view of one of the new catbirds currently available as prints on my webstore :)

Closer shot of the sphynxbird, which is one of the three new catbirds now available as a print on my webstore at :)

New catbird prints! 8.5x11" and $20 each 😸 Existing orders for other prints will ship this week; these ones will ship in about 2 weeks. Order on my webstore at :)

Another fun one I forgot to post - added on to this harvest mouse piece :) bottom is healed, top is fresh (and red and angry haha). Thank you so much, Laurelei!! @the_torchbearer

Tattoo from a couple weeks ago that I forgot to post :) thank you so much, Emily!! @the_torchbearer

I still have a few of these left, so if you want one, now's the time 😸 All previous orders were shipped, so if you haven't received yours, let me know and I'll look up tracking for you. (International orders may still be en route.)

I had so much fun tattooing this crimson coyote on fellow tattooer @blake.francis ! Thank you so much, Blake!! 😸 @the_torchbearer #thetorchbearer #tattoosnob #rhodeislandtattoo #newenglandtattoo

@secondskintac supports untrained scratchers who work from their homes. If you're a tattooer, make sure you buy your supplies from companies who support professional tattooing. 👍🏻

Finished this piece on the lovely Laurelei last week 😸 top half is healed. Thank you so much, Laurelei!! #thetorchbearer #rhodeislandtattoo #teamunkindness @the_torchbearer

I had the honor of doing this fun piece on the lovely and talented @bridgetpunsalangtattoos about two weeks ago ❤️ Thank you so much, Bridget! It was wonderful to finally meet you in person! #rhodeislandtattoo #thetorchbearer #teamunkindness @the_torchbearer

Finally got these made :) limited run. Only 20 of each available - once they're gone, they're gone! Visit my store at (link in IG bio) #artprints #catbirds #meowmeow

I like the way pics come out when my phone is on 1% battery and freezes while I'm taking photos.

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