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Playing hairdresser with my best bud

Just taking it easy today with this sweet chicken.

Got lucky with the @cjsw funding drive swag this year 👸🏼

When you realize your cat matches your decor.

Hey, me too 👯

Sometimes being an adult is garbage but then sometimes I eat this for dinner and I'm like yeah, okay.

Today felt significant. Privileged to have been able to march in solidarity with women all over the world. Proud of my city.

Caved and bought this sweet chicken some furniture. 🐱👵🏻

Chilly morning, buds

Spent the night with my sweet niece, Brooklyn. My sister in law told me that she hadn't warmed up to her uncle over Christmas. When asked why she didn't have fun with her uncle, Brooklyn said "because I'm shy around him and I don't like how I feel when I'm shy". Maybe one of the best descriptions I've ever heard of how it feels to be an introvert and how exhausting some social situations can be when you are. While I don't want to project my anxiety on her, it was so refreshing to hear this complex feeling put into such simple terms. I get it little pal.

Little lion