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Chelsea Crockett  Love others well.♥ YouTuber⚡️Traveler 🌻 Blogger 📝 Author of “#YourOwnBeautifulBook” ↓ my videos 🌼 ↓

My neighborhood looks like a jungle and I have no idea what I’m doing in this pic but my shirt matches it!! 🌿🍃🌲
Headed to San Antonio right now to speak at the @thereelgirls14 conference and if y’all are near the area you should come out on Friday and Saturday (July 20&21)! Can’t wait to see and meet y’all, but most importantly I’m anxious to see the Lord work!! 🙌🏻💕

This is Bear, she’s super soft and snuggly and a good friend of mine :) (and this random guy I found decided to jump in too)

Thank you for being you (and giving me lots of hugs). ❤️

This picture was taken three years ago and I never want to forget moments like these. I had my YouTube anniversary on July 3rd (I’ve been posting for seven years) and I can’t believe how much has happened in that short amount of time. If you’ve been here since the brace face days, and doing makeup tutorials in the middle of the woods, I commend you for sticking with me this long. I have no idea where social media is going, but I do know that God has his hand in it all. A website I used to creatively express myself turned into a life I never knew was possible, and I’m glad God radically changed my heart in the midst of it all so I can share what really matters in life. Thankful to grow up with some rad people. Much lovvee ❤️

This girl moved out last week and I’m going to miss her laugh and funny stories. Michelle, thank you for being a great friend who truly makes everyone feel at home when they’re with you. Our house of girls will miss you in Marietta ❤️ (if y’all like aesthetically pleasing pics, follow her)

Always love seeing my favorite little when I come home and visit. He has quite the story and a bright future. Love you Robby ❤️

Life lessons learned by A 20 year old.
1. Great relationships take patience, understanding, and grace. Lots of all of those x500.
2. Push through the tough seasons. There might be more of them than you expect. 3. Living for adrenaline kicks keeps you going back to what can seem like a good/or pleasurable thing, but only leaves emptiness in the end. 4. Build your life on what lasts. Love lasts, earthly pleasures do not.
5. People are going to have their opinions on your life, and they may not even know you. Take a breath, and remember who you are.
6. Feelings can be great (and sucky sometimes), but don’t make decisions based off a feeling/s. Let yourself process before you make a move.
7. At the end of the day, social media outlets are just applications, not dictators of happiness or success.
8. You aren’t a human-doing, you’re a human being. You aren’t defined by what you do.
9. Look up more, there’s a lot to see around you.
10. You’re doing good so far, see yourself for who you’re becoming.. someone new every day. Your past isn’t who you are. ———
I feel like I could list many more, but I want to leave room for what y’all are learning and how you’re moving forward. We’re in this life togetha!! ☀️

My saving grace this summer for my dry skin has been my #beautyshrooms 🙌🏻This stuff hydrates like you wouldn’t believeeeee. Also, who knew mushrooms would be a magic ingredient!! So thankful my pores have minimized too from using this too. The Snow Mushroom can hold nearly 500 times their weight in water, creating a maximum surge of hydration and locking it in for long-term retention. #myownvolition Thankful to be partnering with @volitionbeauty and @sephora to share how I get #CleanAtSephora 🤗😋 #ad

Kenzie discovered this week that Atlanta doesn’t suck-ulent.😉On our way to home to Illinois!! Haven’t seen a lot of my friends in 7 months, soooo you can say I’m excited. 🤓

I’d recommend not eating yellow paint 🎨
I love wearing this hoodie because it’s an interesting statement that spurs up conversation every time I wear it.
In the late 1800’s Vincent van Gogh was in his prime painting days, but struggled with mental illness. He thought that eating yellow paint would bring him happiness and get him out of his depression. Crazy thought, but don’t we treat sin the same? Wether this story may be a myth (there’s many versions) or not.. We all have this painful desire for things that are toxic. We hope they will make us happy, but they only bring us harm in the long term. They look good, (just like bright yellow paint) but they aren't pointing us towards Jesus.
Don't eat yellow paint. Seek Jesus. (And get this shirt/hoodie cause they’re awesome conversation starters) 🌊 x @odgapparel

Lord bless this chicken, amen.

Colorado mountains are stunning, and the GA heat is cool, but there’s nothing like the beach. Really hit the jackpot dating a Florida boy. We’re going to da beaaaachhh this weekend!! If y’all haven’t seen our latest videos together, go watch them today. (We’ve been having a blast making them) You can watch them on my YouTube channel - 🤓❤️

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