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Chelsea Yamase  Lover of adventure, words, & water Hawaii heart, traveling 👣 Currently 🗺: Kaua'i Live simply, explore often, consume mindfully.

This is a photo from the first commercial job I ever did on my own. I was terrified. I even made some panicked phone calls to other photographers trying to get them to fly in last minute. Point of this story is I'm uncertain. All the time. And I think life has this weird way of fooling us into thinking we're the only ones. (Even writing this I feel kind of silly, I second guess myself and why I think it's necessary to be open or talk about this when there are so many other important issues to address in the world.) And I don't know why except that it feels like the truest thing I can share in this moment. When I want to hit delete or when the voice in my head says I'm not good enough I've been trying really hard to acknowledge the fear and keep going. I tell myself the world does not need more epic photos or flawlessly structured sentences - there are piles of books, endless imagery. No, the world needs me to show up, try my best, and be honest. To create because I feel called to and to allow myself to struggle and learn and get messy and unsure and be proud sometimes too :) Proud of things that are so far from perfect. So that is what I did and it's the hardest, best thing I'm continuing to try to do. I'm uncertain all the time and maybe, possibly one of you out there is too.

Through rain, wind, and lightning, it was the hail that finally had me running and @travisburkephotography pulling out his camera😂 We stood there and shot portraits of all things. It was 80% laughing 20% photos. Somewhere there is a pic of me looking like a cartoon character with my hair standing straight up and out to the sides from the static electricity in the air. Ahhh life :) I remember the silly stuff so much more than the summits. #hiddenlake #glaciernationalpark #gopro #itsamazingoutthere

To stop time or learn to fly? Photo @christopher.james
Thank you to @HawaiianTropic for partnering with me this summer and making it possible for me to spend more time at home. It was a fun, creative challenge to translate the feel and delicious smell of their Weightless Face sunscreen into a collection of photos and videos. Check it out if you're looking for something moisturizing and light that works well under your daily routine. #levitation #ad

Meditation in motion. Gloriously clear morning swims where nothingness is more than enough. One of the strangest lessons I learned while diving was that people can get disoriented in extreme clarity. My teacher told me if that happens, relax and watch your bubbles to find the surface. In life and in water, your breath will always lead you where you need to go.💙
Pc: @jdbaluch #PADI #freedive

I never noticed the heart until I was editing this, another reason why photography has become one of my favorite things :)
A team of us have been in #Cuba this week learning how to optimize our workflow and edit completely mobile with Adobe @lightroom (I highly recommend downloading the app and the photoshop fix app!). Shot this one with @kylormelton on our first day just after dawn. Cities tend to make me uncomfortable, but gosh it's beautiful to watch them wake up.💕 #beboundless Edited in and #sponsored by Lightroom. #Havana #cottoncandysky #lightroommobile

A lesson in tones and textures, courtesy of every building here in Havana. 4 days and I'm still enchanted by morning light in these streets🇨🇺☺️ #Sponsored by + edited completely mobile in Adobe @lightroom #beboundless #Havana
pc: @kylormelton

I have arguments with inertia. With gravity. And comfort, sleep, fear and everything else that tempts me into stopping halfway through, or from starting to begin with. Keep going. Inertia works both ways - bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. I for one was not born to sit still. @keen #KeenAmbassador
Leaving my beautiful home state for another island...20 hours away. Any guesses where? Photo by @everchanginghorizon #ridgelife #oahuhikes #humanpoweredadventures

Creation is messy. In life, in art. I forget that sometimes. I get upset with myself because I forget that our path is not always linear. Creativity does not live in a neat little box. It's something you express not something you own. Be kind to yourself my fellow creators. No matter what someone's life looks like on the outside we're all just spinning in circles trying to find our way :)
Uploaded the Iceland blog yesterday along with questions that some of you asked in the comments of my post (like 2 weeks ago, I'm a terrible person). I tried to make up for it by posting a bunch of good podcast links🙈 Photo collab with @frankframesthings #hotspring #iceland

This lush corridor marks the first mile of one of my favorite hikes on the whole island. 22 grueling yet insanely gorgeous miles in total. I can’t remember the last time I was here without an enormous backpacking bag! Enjoying hiking light and smelling sweet on our last day shooting for the new @HawaiianTropic weightless face. Photo by @captain_potter #partner #trailfit #Kauai

Of all the photos I shot in Iceland this is one of my favorites. I have no idea why, it simply is. The art and love of the unexplainable. #Iceland

Happy birthday mommy!!! So happy we got to camp with you in one of the most beautiful places in the world☀️ Thank you for being your organized, brave, insanely beautiful self and passing down your long legs and love of all things outdoors. Love you so much!! #Kauai

Friends are people I can be entirely my weird self around🤓 Summer days with the sister and friends before we each leave to our corners of the world. We came, we played, we conquered. Gorgeous oasis in the mountains @thepalmwood, and wearing super smell good Weightless Face by @Hawaiiantropic.
Also, there's a link to a survey in my bio, if you have a few minutes I would love to hear your thoughts on this video series. I'm sort of in the midst of changing the path I'm on so feedback in general is very welcome. I've never done something like that before so excited/nervous to read them! :) Video @captain_potter #sponsored #ThePalmwood #Kauai

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