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ChelseaKauai  Hawai'i-born creative🌺 Currently 🗺: Cape Town, SA Live simply, explore often, consume mindfully. Present over perfect. ✨🐳🐴⛺️🏝🌿📷

Nine hundred years ago a river slightly changed course...and this dry destruction created one of the most beautiful monuments to time I have ever seen. Endless dunes, very little sleep, and lots of wonder over empty spaces on this trip. #Namibia
Thank you @gondwanalodges for having us, and @craighowes for snapping this one of me :) #gondwanacollection #Deadvlei

Always outside for sunset. @djiglobal just launched the Mavic Air commercial @sam_kolder and I are featured in!☺️ Have you guys seen it already? So much fun to be a part of and two months of hiking, flying and safariing with it all through the Caribbean + Africa, I can wholeheartedly say it’s such a portable and powerful tool. DJI is giving away three of them away in celebration of the launch, more info and link to the full video in my stories!
Photo from a darn good day in #Hawaii last month by @everchanginghorizon shot on the Mavic Air

You’re beautiful and awkward and I like you so much more because of it.☺️ On safari with @livetheadventure we came around a corner to this mama giraffe and her baby (hiding behind the bushes).💕🦒🦓🦏
Thank you for capturing a life long dream of mine @funforlouis :) #southafrica #GIRAFFE #🦒

This is for all the strong women out there. With big, wild hearts and bigger dreams. I am endlessly inspired by the example so many of you have set for me, by the grace and ferocity with which you walk through the world. I saved this photo for months because it was so special to me, this felt like the right day to celebrate the thing that makes me feel the most beautiful and capable. Also, hi mom. I love you, you make me want to try to be better every day.💗
Swimming with smart women and underwater mavens @aliciaunderwater and @jillyfish831. Photo by one of the most supportive humans I know @travisburkephotography #PADIwomen #bettertakesaction #Internationalwomensday

“The definition of humanness is the opportunity to marvel at the majesty of creation.✨
Unedited perfection from last night’s drive from Cape Town with the @livetheadventure crew. What a treat to be both squished in a small van for 12 hours with amazing beings talking about creativity, self improvement, God, life, the space in each of us that seeks love...annnnd to get to run around under an exploding orange sky. I like being human so so much sometimes.
Happy dance capture by @jbxcreative @sam_kolder
Song “Truth” by Shallou #southafrica #livetheadventure #sunset

I’ve been horseback riding since I was six and I finalllly had an excuse to get my dream riding off into the sunset drone shot.☺️ filmed on set with @djiglobal’s super portable #MavicAir. Feeling really lucky and excited for you guys to see the commercial we filmed!!
🎥 @kylormelton
Song: Alina Baraz “Make you Feel”

Rule number one: Don’t sleep through the magic. What an incredible reset to wake up to wild flowers, light rays, and misty mountain peaks.🏕🌸
Thank you @jacques_crafford for the rad overnight mission, I am so grateful I got to put in some miles and see your home through your eyes!! Song by Ben Howard “These Waters”. #southafrica #ourcamplife #createplaygrow

Day one Cape Town, and already hard not to fall for you💛 Perfect weather, incredible food, powder soft white sand beaches, biiiig mountains and empty hikes. So looking forward to getting a bit lost, seeing my friends and three weeks of new mountains and memories!
Thank you @theblondeabroad for snapping this one, for being the bestest human and making sure I don’t have to be unclothed running around SA waiting for my luggage to arrive😂💕 loves you #capetown #thisissouthafrica

Just for a moment let’s be still✨ One of five natural hot spring pools in the middle of the forest of @peninsulapapagayo fed by geothermal activity of Rincon de la Vieja. We stayed here all afternoon and didn’t see another person. @fscostarica can’t wait to come back one day soon💕
#sponsored by #fscostarica #papagayoexplorersclub

Oh rainy days how I adore you. Bet you guys can’t guess where this is😋 Also, yes, I posted a carousel of almost the same image because I couldn’t decide which one I liked more.🙈 #indecisive
UPDATE: haha you guys are awesome. Correct answer was Alaska!! I took this last summer and these waterfalls are fed by a glacier/snowmelting at the top of these mountains. I was freaking out and wanted to paddle across the river to explore them more. Alas we needed to make it to our next camp spot by sunset so I had to be content admiring them from a distance :)

You probably think I’ve gone off the deep end. I can hear the critics in my own head. A mediocre unedited phone photo? Oh gosh so not what she usually shares. Not “postworthy”. I cringe when I hear that phrase, from my own mouth and from others. Yet I get it, I feel this intense pressure to be more creative, more artistic, more epic, just more everything to be successful in this space.
But I want to share this from tonight, so I am, because I love the half of me that’s so good at seeking joy just as much as the half of me that adores excellence. And I believe they’re both worth celebrating even if one creates better photos than the other.
I want you to know from experience that you can be just as happy on your own roof as you are halfway across the world. I want you to know it does not lessen you as an artist to share what is not your best work if it is something that feels true. I want you to know you do not have to be one thing even if it’s better for your “branding”. Mostly, I want you to stop apologizing for sharing the things you love. You are here to be your whole self. Be that and stop worrying about the rest. #notestoselfseries #Kauai

Right now my job requires that I fly a lot and I get questions about how I reconcile that increased carbon footprint as someone who cherishes our environment. As more of us fall in love with traveling one fairly straightforward way that I’d like to share on here is the idea of carbon offsetting. There are quite a few services (I use one called Terrapass) where you can calculate your CO2 footprint from transportation, electricity, etc and pay to offset that amount through funding things like tree planting and alternative energy projects. I think a few airlines allow you to directly purchase credits against each flight, but I’ve found it easier to just do it for the entire year. Not a perfect system, but thought it might be something you guys are interested in. Or maybe you know more/better ones that I can implement into my life :) update: you guys mentioned two other ones @mossy.earth and @treeeraco
Sunrise at Delicate Arch shot by @travisburkephotography

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