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Chelsea Yamase  Lover of adventure, words, & water Currently 🗺: New York City Live simply, explore often, consume mindfully.


Answer this: How have you made the world a better place today? It was an incredible evening @glblctzn festival #sponsored by @citibank. My favorite part was the people. It’s so apparent how beautifully cohesive art and social action can be. They are universal treasures, rights, longings. We sing and speak out, sometimes alone and sometimes together, about struggles and loves so personal, and yet so infinitely the same.
So sing with abandon, speak with passion. Close your eyes and listen with your whole heart. We have so many challenges that require both in this world. Thank you to the musicians, but also to the incredible list of doctors, governors, UN representatives, women, girls, poets, and other guest speakers. So many languages spoken, so many stories that reached into my core and really asked me to never stop believing that my words - spoken or sung - have immense power to create change. Long after the music quieted, their voices are the symphony still ringing in my ears. #GCFest #takeaction #NYC

My one of 60,000 pairs of feet hanging out in Central Park today at the @glblctzn for a weekend of music + collective action #sponsored by @Citibank.
If you’re here, leave me a comment and Iet’s say hi in person! 😊You can also tune in to the Facebook live stream (link in my bio) for interviews with artists/special guests and a closer look into the collective impacts of the festival. #GCFest #CentralPark #NYC

I’m excited to be in NYC for a week of advocacy and music with @Citibank at the Global Citizen Festival. #sponsored
@Glblctzn celebrates the intersection of art, individual action, and social change. It will be my first time here, learning and listening alongside tens of thousands from the #GCFest community tomorrow! Anyone in NYC taking action to come out?🙋🏻

Update: Wow so that was way funnier/more awkward than expected. I was going to delete this but some of your comments are making me burst out laughing here in the airport. Thanks for putting up with my weird requests. Ps: size 9 is sample size for men's shoes, this is for a photo shoot so need a human with the right size feet😊 #randomfacts -
Hi friends! So any of you guys a size 9 and available for paid international travel Oct. 4-12? Super random, but I've texted all my close friends and I can't find anyone so🤷🏻‍♀️ thought it might be cool to invite one of you! Please read specification below, tag yourself (or nominate someone else) but please READ:
You: male 23-30s, speaks English, SIZE 9 shoe, current passport, adventurous, likes the water, comfortable being in FRONT of the camera, and must be a nice, fun human. Sort of like the lovely @travisburkephotography here, but with smaller feet lol. This kind of sounds like personals ad😂 it's definitely not. #onthesearchforsize9 #whitefacemountain #adirondacks

Hold your breath and follow me☺️ 🎥@jdbaluch
Song "Howling" by @ryxhart #freedive #PADI #Hawaii

Storybook scenery💚 Heading back to New York in a few days and can't help but think of the early fall leaves fluttering, entire valleys of chartreuse turning red and gold. 📷@travisburkephotography shot this of us on last autumn's road trip with a tripod. I was there, still doesn't seem real. #🍂 #Newyork #Iloveautumn

Dear miracles, I see you.
To last minute hikes, the serendipity of passing showers, and friends who share your sense of wonder. 📷 @noel.alva #🌈 #protectwhereweplay

Morning light pours over the mountains, cool night air merging with warm honey sunshine on this windless day. Little feet on bare earth, both mine and the mouse's, off to find some breakfast.
Photo by my friend and beautiful gem of a human being @noel.alva, you're so good at capturing the littlest moments, their softness and goodness. Thank you.💛 #Hawaii #wakeupearly #ourcamplife

Where water meets wilderness, our home for the night.
Day 6/13: on my road trip last month with @bejamin. We are not currently in Canada (sorry for the confusion to everyone messaging me!). We went offline for the time I was there so I'm only now getting around to sharing some of my favorite moments. This was definitely one of them. #roadtrip #canada #hellobc

Day one memories.
@bejamin capturing me putting thoughts to paper. Side note...I spilled water on this notebook yesterday and the stories of our trip are now blue ink pressed on facing pages, blending together. C'est la vie. The most beautiful things in life can never be lost🌸 #Banff #canada150 #roadtrip

25 years ago today my little sister turned one as our island was hit by a Category 5 hurricane. Whenever I think of one I can't help but think of the other, both incredible forces of nature in their own right.

We huddled in a closet and blew out birthday candles. We lived without electricity, ate canned corn and beans. Our house needed to be rebuilt. Our economy was in shambles. These are some of my earliest memories, but not the things I tend to remember. I remember finding three girls who were living in the same complex as me. We rode our bikes all over those cracked sidewalks and are still best friends decades later. I remember years of rebuilding that ultimately, I think, preserved the quiet character of Kauai.
To the islands, places and people affected by hurricanes, by hardship, by things you can't control - I will not pretend to know your loss. All I can say is I hope that, like my experience, your tragedy has a duality. And to those of us who woke up to a glorious day, happy and healthy in this crazy world - enjoy it a bit extra. Give help where you can. Do a small thing to make someone smile. Just think cake in the closet :) It is always ok to celebrate and give thanks, even in the eye of the storm.
#hurricaneiniki #hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey

A few clips from the best day of diving I had all summer. When I'm down here, I'm all here, nowhere else. Shot by @jdbaluch for @paditv.💙
If you're just getting into diving or even snorkeling in Hawaii please make sure you're very comfortable with buoyancy control so you don't kick/stand on/grab any live parts of the reef🤗 The struggling corals thank you :) #freediving #padiambassadiver #Hawaii

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