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Chelsea Frames  Full service custom framing studio located Chelsea, NYC.

Freddy, after me, is the true Veteran at Chelsea Frames. He joined our team in 2002, when we moved from 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue, almost 16 years ago. He handles the general maintenance and makes sure our studio shines. His tasks, besides cleaning up and helping us recycle, include repainting our gallery space regularly. He is truly family - Mi Hermano.
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Rachel originally joined our team in 2015 and then left to attend to family matters. Happy to say she is back ! As an experienced framer her talents blend and echo with the CHELSEA FRAMES FRAMING CHOIR !
Glad you are back !!!
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Gaby is training in our wood shop and helps with our general maintenance. He came to us via one of our long term team members after recently moving to the USA.
We enjoy being able to teach someone a trade and he is learning quickly !
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I framed this as a gift for my newborn nephew. It is his first piece of art and is made by a dear friend of mine to celebrate her own family, heritage, and identity.
Everyone at Chelsea Frames was incredibly helpful and eager to bring our vision to life.
Artist: @glorimargarciaart
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Alcides is our amazing Woodshop manager and recently started his 7th year with us. Not only does he regularly make framing magic happen, he shares his knowledge with and has a skilled team which he has trained in the art of frame construction. Fun fact - Alcides is an amazing artist who uses his family trade of tailoring to produce amazing fabric and wood installation art. He has sold many pieces to collectors at our annual group show as well as at a solo show held in our space.
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Marc joined our Team in 2005. As a photographer and Graphic Designer he brings his talents to and now heads our Marketing Department and Corporate Branding. He supports our Design team by doing virtual mockups of framing projects before they are actually framed and helps me with special projects for our Corporate clients as well as our Interior Design Clients. He also works on a host of projects for the Global Framing Industry.
I think he's a pretty big deal (but then again, he is my husband!)
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Carrie is a veteran framer who joined our Team in 2018. She generously shares her experience in the industry and is much appreciated for her thirst of framing knowledge.
Fun fact - she is also a musician - a drummer to be exact and spends her free time pursuing her musical dream!
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“The design perfectly compliments the history of the piece, from the small gold beading to the repetition of the flowers found in the frame and skirt.”

Ren joined our Team in the spring of 2017 and contributes daily to operations as a fitter. You can see Ren carefully planning his week and he's usually always ahead of the game. A real asset to our family!
Add to that his success as an artist - one of his pieces sold at our last Staff Gallery show and now graces the home of a collector in New Orleans.
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Dáreece is our veteran framer. He helps Operations in the daily flow of the framing process and distinguishes himself with his can-do approach. Not only does he contribute to our team spirit, he is always willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile. He is an accomplished artist who's work astonishes us daily in it's sophistication and mastery, not to mention its strong and important social message.
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Alex has been one of our designers for almost three years. In September of this year, he was appointed as key person for special projects, working directly with our Operations Manager Allison. Even though he still designs with clients, he now assists Operations with specific projects which come in to our studio. His attention to detail allow these projects to flow through smoothly. You will often see Alex wearing hand painted shirts, belts and even shoes. These are his own art projects and we think they are AWESOME.
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Indigo just celebrated her one year anniversary with Chelsea Frames. Known as the STYLE GURU, if its happening, she knows about it and can explain it ! The team she led in our 2018 Design Challenge also won. Check out My Chemical Frameance's Design on our Facebook Feed.
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